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tt01b.jpgThe following information is courtesy of the 2007 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers’ Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit www.cedia.org or call (800) 669-5329.
2007 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Awards Entry: Best Theme Theater

Our client came to us as an avid science-fiction enthusiast who wanted an over-the-top home theater. Conversations focused around a spaceship theme, and initial concepts and plans for a theater that replicated the bridge of the Starship Enterprise-Voyager were created. The client’s requirements were to incorporate 11 seats, a very large screen, and complete state-of-the-art electronics. Using sophisticated design software that interfaced with 3D machining tools, we successfully created the unique compound radii of the soffit and ceiling elements. Addition of computer-controlled LED lighting allows the entire theater to change mood at the touch of a button, and even go to “red-alert? when a battle is imminent.

It seems like we always start off with a room that is smaller than needed to meet the design preferences. We had to fit the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise in a space that was about two-thirds the size of what it was on the TV show, and that room didn’t have to hide a JBL Synthesis system with four subwoofers. We also had to squeeze a D-Box system under the curved back row of seats. The builder had already poured the concrete floor in the room. So we had to get the floor marked and cut with a great deal of precision and also build a custom aluminum frame to support the new floor with attachments for the D-Box actuators. Aside from that it was just your average, everyday recreation of one of the most famous sets in TV history for someone who was a die hard fan of the show.
This room was the most important room in the whole house as far as the owner was concerned. Details were vital, like making sure the automated doors made the proper “pssssht” sound when they opened and closed. We used a Crestron TPMC-10 and several Crestron TPS-2000s to simplify the various functions of the theater and lobby. Everything in these two rooms was Star Trek themed, even the graphics on the touchpanels. We also installed dummy displays that rotate through various images of Star Trek-themed control stations to make sure it looked as authentic as possible.
As the theater was in an outer corner of the house, multiple layers of sound control—including mass loaded barrier and differing materials—were required. Carefully placed absorption mixed with diffusion through the use of architectural elements and compound radii provide for a pleasant, balanced sound field. Front, side, and rear imaging are exceptional as well. Seating placement was guided by locations of modal peaks or dips. The room is able to handle in excess of 130 decibels of sound pressure. Dedicated HVAC control with hidden returns above the transparent fabric ceiling and supply located along the face of the soffit radii provide a system capable of cooling and circulating air in an efficient yet unobtrusive manner.
The video system was calibrated by an ISF trained technician using Sencore equipment. The main challenge was a result of the projector being placed above the top of the screen to allow enough headroom to walk under it when entering the room. As a result, we tilted the screen approximately four degrees to prevent the occurrence of any keystone. Fortunately we realized the situation while the room was still in the design stages, so it was integrated into the front wall of the room and it is almost impossible to tell that the screen is angled at all. The JBL Synthesis system was calibrated by JBL factory technicians using their proprietary equipment. This was followed by very subtle tweaks to make it pleasing to both humans and test equipment.
Time and Expertise Worksheet
Task Hours
Client Interviews: 20
Electronic Design and Engineering: 120
Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 20
Project Management: 100
Pre-wire/Rough-in: 32
Trim-out: 24
Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 24
Programming: 56
Final Installation and Calibration: 315
Client Instruction: 4
Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 0
Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 450
Project Management by Others: 200
Other time: 0
Total Hours to Complete: 1365
Equipment List
Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Sony Model#: Qualia 004 SXRD Projector

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Sony Model#: VPLLZP550 LT Lens

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Stewart Filmscreen Model#: Ultramatte 150

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: SDP-40 Processor

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: SDEC2500A Digital EQ

Qty: 9 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: S800 Amplifier, 2-channel

Qty: 2 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: K2S9800DG Front Stage Speaker

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: K2S1000DG Center Channel Speaker

Qty: 4 Manufacturer: JBL Model#: S1A Surround Speaker

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Algolith Model#: Mosquito

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Key Digital Model#: KD-MSW8x3 Matrix Switcher

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Gefen Model#: EXT-HD-441 Video Switcher

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Kaleidescape Model#: KPLAYER-2500

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Marantz Model#: DV9500 DVD Player

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Hughes Model#: HR10-250 HD Satellite Receiver

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Pioneer Model#: DVL-909 DVD/LD Player

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Model#: HSU748 VCR

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Custom Model#: Computer Gaming System

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Crestron Model#: PRO2 Control System

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Crestron Model#: TPMC-10 Isys Touchpanel

Qty: 9 Manufacturer: Panamax Model#: MAX4400 Surge Protector

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Panamax Model#: M1500-UPS Battery Back-up

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: Richard Gray Power Company Model#: RGPC1200 Power Conditioner

Qty: 2 Manufacturer: Pacific Digital Model#: MF-810SW Digital Picture Frame

Qty: 2 Manufacturer: Middle Atlantic Model#: Custom Rack System

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: D-BOX Odyssey Model#: 4600p Motion Simulator

Qty: 1 Manufacturer: D-BOX Odyssey Model#: 340c Controller

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