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Broadcast Pix Unveils Multi-Screen Support at InfoComm 2012

PowerAux and Multiple Panels Drive Three ‘Program’ Outputs

Billerica, Massachusetts – Broadcast Pix™ will introduce new multi-screen support for its 1 M/E Granite™ and Mica™ Video Control Centers™ at InfoComm 2012, which runs June 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nev. (Booth C7345). Now, three “programs” can be generated using the system’s program output and two enhanced PowerAux outputs, and each can be controlled by a separate panel or Soft Panel.

The new multi-screen technology is ideal for driving three image magnification (I-MAG) screens, as each enjoys patented technology to maintain one frame of constant delay for continual lip sync throughout a presentation. In contrast, other systems have variable delay that changes depending on format/aspect conversion, effects, picture-in-picture (PiP), and other actions, plus many start with high delay as well. With PowerAux, additional outputs from the system stay in sync, even when different content is being displayed.

PowerAux can also be used to produce any combination of I-MAG screens, Internet feeds, and live television productions. Each new PowerAux output can switch between any camera, clip, graphic, or even program, and then add up to six keys on top. For example, while the program out provides I-MAG on one screen, one PowerAux can provide different programming to another screen while the second PowerAux can be used to feed different content to a streaming appliance for online distribution. All outputs can be controlled through the system control panel – for richer productions, each PowerAux output can be individually controlled through a Soft Panel, iPad app, or another physical control panel.

“Switchers don’t have to limit you to creating for one screen. Now, thanks to our multiple panels and our new dual PowerAux, you can create compelling video on three screens at once,” said Ken Swanton, CEO. “With our exceptional low constant delay, it’s great for the booming I-MAG market, plus Internet and television audiences, too. Producers can optimize their compositions for all audiences on any size screen.”

PowerAux is a free download available in Beta now, and will be available for all Granite and Mica customers with the release of Video Control Center 3.1 software in July.

About Broadcast Pix Broadcast Pix is the leader in live video production systems. Its Video Control Centers™ empower operators with patented techniques that combine cameras, clips and graphics to create compelling live video. The integration of a multi-format switcher, clip store, graphics system with a Harris or Chyron CG, and device controls provides the lowest cost of ownership at a fraction of the cost of a conventional control room to buy, staff and operate. Systems range from compact systems controlled by a touch-screen or voice-automation to sophisticated 2 M/E control panels. Customers include leading broadcast, corporate, education, religious, government, webcast, entertainment and mobile studios in more than 100 countries. Learn more at www.broadcastpix.com.

Broadcast Pix, Granite, Mica, PowerAux, Fluent, and Video Control Centers are trademarks of Broadcast Pix, Inc. Patented.

WorldStage Devises Smart Solutions for National Tour of “American Idiot: The Musical”

Hailed as “the first great musical of the 21st century” by the Toronto Star, “American Idiot: The Musical” is now on national tour with AV support from WorldStage, the new brand for Scharff Weisberg and Video Applications. Playing dates in Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco in the recent and upcoming months, the tour commenced directly after the Broadway run of the show, which is based on Green Day’s Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album.

“American Idiot: The Musical” features an extensive amount of video with more than three dozen flat-screen monitors, provided by Vizio, suspended in frames throughout the obliquely angled warehouse-like living space by set designer Christine Jones, who netted a Tony Award for the Broadway show. The set’s walls also serve as large projection surfaces.

WorldStage was tasked to provide a cost-effective video package that would satisfy and support the sophisticated design requirements and which could also withstand the harsh and rigorous environments of a touring show. In the end, the delivered package was comprised of a specialized playback system, a high-brightness projection configuration, and a one-to-one signal distribution system capable of delivering the bold and brilliant imagery created by projection and video designer Darrel Maloney.

Maloney crafted hundreds of video images for the show. The stream of images conveys the influence of media on society, set an emotional underscore and help tell the story. Imagery for each song ranges from Iraq war footage and clips of Britney Spears to graffiti art, home movies, test patterns, paint splatters, color bars and live video.

“I’ve always respected WorldStage a lot, and when it was time to do this show I had to put together a package that would be extremely road-worthy,” says the tour’s technical supervisor Rhys Williams. “I needed a team that could support me and everything I needed to get accomplished. WorldStage, with Lars Pedersen and TJ Donoghue, was the perfect complement to what I needed.”

According to Williams, all the video elements “make a really strong impact on the show.” Before the tour’s current technical team came on board it had been determined that front projection could not be used for the show. But Williams thought that point deserved reconsideration. After meeting with Maloney and members of WorldStage’s New York City office, Williams felt it was indeed feasible to do front projection for a tour that would play a variety of different theatrical venues from coast to coast.

The president of Charleston, South Carolina-based Technical Theater Solutions, Williams set up the show’s walls and a trio of Christie Digital S+16 projectors from WorldStage near his shop to test the projection system they devised. “I felt we couldn’t do front projection from a balcony rail since we wouldn’t always have a balcony rail in the theaters on the tour,” he notes. “We needed a system that would work and be within our envelope. WorldStage instantly translated our desires into a working system within our budget.”

He points out that the stage set used on tour, which is black with gray and white elements, is “much darker” than the one used on Broadway. “We had to have projectors strong enough to pop against the dark background,” he says. One of the Christie S+16 projectors is mounted stage left and projects onto the right wall of the set. Two S+16s are mounted stage right and project onto the larger left wall. “Nobody can tell that there isn’t one projector shining from the front,” says Williams. “Three images appear on stage as if they are one – it’s pretty amazing. I have no idea how they do it, frankly.”

A major dilemma for the WorldStage team centered around finding an economical solution to meet Maloney’s desire for an independent feed for each of the monitors and projectors. In total, 40 channels of video were required to feed the various display devices. Initially, budgetary constraints looked as if they would restrict the design to just six or eight discrete feeds to the monitors – a major limitations for Maloney’s design. “But by working with Lars and other members of the WorldStage team we were able to get 37 discrete images on 37 monitors,” says Williams. “It’s amazing what that does visually for the production.”

WorldStage’s solution? Three United Visual Artists’ D3 4ru quad-output media servers each outfitted with a 4x multi-display adapter. Two United Visual Artists’ D3 2ru machines served as main and backup masters and provided additional video feeds. WorldStage also designed the signal distribution system including the aforementioned 4x units, a large matrix router and various signal converters. Since fragile and expensive fiber optic cable was not a practical option for a touring show, the company opted for HD-SDI via coax, which is proving to be a robust choice.

“Thanks to the collaboration of Darrel, WorldStage, D3 and [UVA’s] Ash Nehru we were able to come up with an extremely good solution,” says Williams. “The system is rock solid and does more than we ever hoped it could. We believe we’re doing more video more aggressively on tour than on Broadway. That’s partly because the set’s walls are a little over half as tall as they were, but there are still the same number of monitors so their density is greater. As a result, they have a bigger impact.”

Williams reports that every time he sees the show he’s amazed by “the quality of the production and how solid it has been – we’ve had very few issues on the tour. We’ve got a system that works, is within our budget and delivers a product that’s just unparalleled.”

At WorldStage Lars Pedersen was the account executive on the project, TJ Donoghue was project manager, Barry Grossman design engineer, Raoul Herrera media server technician and Dennis Alfonso projectionist.

Robert Allen is the touring video manager for the show.

WorldStage Inc., the company created by the merger of Scharff Weisberg Inc and Video Applications Inc, continues a thirty-year legacy of providing clients the widest variety of entertainment technology coupled with conscientious and imaginative engineering services. WorldStage provides audio, video and lighting equipment and services to the event, theatrical, broadcast and brand experience markets nationally and internationally.

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Visual Unity and Salam Media Cast Announce An Innovative New Partnership

The need for broadcasters to integrate multiscreen IP solutions and mobile content delivery into their existing workflows has led to a ground-breaking partnership between Visual Unity and Salam Media Cast – two leading systems integration companies in the Middle East.

Under the terms of the new cooperation, broadcast and multiscreen system integrator Visual Unity will work alongside fully integrated broadcasting solutions provider Salam Media Cast (SMC) to provide its renowned multiscreen expertise in managing content across the networks and solutions that SMC installs.

This innovative arrangement covering the Middle East and North Africa will allow SMC, which already has a significant presence in these regions, to enter new markets and develop its business in the burgeoning multiscreen environment. In return, Visual Unity, which recently established an office in the Middle East, will have the opportunity to leverage SMC’s regional presence and facilities.

Based in Dubai, SMC has been serving the media industry in the Gulf region for nearly 40 years. It represents many worldwide manufacturers such as Avid Technology, Quantel, SeaChange, Leitch, Drake Electronics, Vinten Broadcast Ltd., Strand Lighting, Telestream, Vizrt and EVS Broadcasting. It also serves TV channels and networks, movie studios and network operators in the region, providing telecommunications, broadcasting, integrated systems and state-of-the-art security.

Under the direction of newly appointed CEO Paul Hennessy, the company is making a shift that reflects the dynamics of the industry with the aim of bringing innovation and the latest technology to the region.

Visual Unity, which also has an office in Dubai, is already helping broadcasters and operators worldwide to deliver the premium viewing experience that their audiences demand. Clients such as Al Aan TV and government agencies across the Middle East and Asia are reaping the benefits of solutions provided by Visual Unity, efficiently delivering content to any screen. Recently established PoPs in UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia now enable Visual Unity to offer the benefits of its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) to Middle East customers, providing cost effective, secure and robust content distribution across the region.

Commenting on the new arrangement between the two companies, Paul Wallis, Head of Business Development at SMC, says: “Visual Unity’s expertise in multiscreen systems integration, combined with its powerful vuMedia™ platform that allows broadcasters to manage and monetize multiscreen content, provides SMC with a complimentary addition to our existing business model. SMC is targeting growth across a number of new business areas and this collaboration with Visual Unity opens up exciting possibilities for us.”

Tomas Petru, Managing Director of Visual Unity, says: “Visual Unity will provide SMC with multiscreen IP solutions, software development and mobile delivery knowledge in a way that compliments SMC’s existing offerings. From our perspective, this arrangement brings enormous benefits as it will enable us to extend our reach via one of the largest and well-funded integrators in the Middle East region.”

Jamal Bnari, Visual Unity’s Head of Sales and Marketing for the Middle East and Asia, adds: By working with SMC we can engage in opportunities that require both traditional linear and multiscreen systems integration input. We are already collaborating on large tenders for IPTV, application development and digital signage tenders.”

Both Wallis and Petru believe the synergy between the two companies will benefit broadcast customers as they move into the multiscreen broadcast market.

“Over 100 clients across the Middle East are already using broadcast systems installed by SMC,” Wallis adds. “We are able to design and build full turnkey system solutions using our team of international and local talent. With Visual Unity by our side we can now extend modern thinking and expertise in managing content for multiscreen environments to our customer base. The way audiences view content is changing dramatically – and fast. I hope that, together with Visual Unity, we can present new and exciting solutions that enable broadcasters to maximize content revenue.”


Notes to the editor:
About Visual Unity

Visual Unity is an international Systems Integrator bridging the gap between linear broadcast, IT and IPTV to help clients reach and engage audiences on any screen. Since 1991, the team has been designing and delivering turnkey broadcast and complex multiscreen solutions worldwide – from HD Outside Broadcast vehicles and major playout facilities to live internet streaming and Video on Demand services.
Visual Unity’s award-winning vuMediaTM platform helps broadcasters and content owners control how their brand and assets are managed and monetized in the multiscreen environment. Highly scalable and flexible, vuMediaTM delivers a cutting-edge live viewing experience on the web, mobile or any connected device, comprehensive Video on Demand services, social network integration and secure robust content distribution – all of which can be deployed into existing workflows and business processes.

Visual Unity is based in Prague, London, Cologne, Moscow, Bratislava, Belgrade, Nairobi and Dubai. For further information, please visit www.visualunity.com

Visual Unity: Na Hrebenech II 1718/8, Prague 4, 147 00, Czech Republic
T: +420 271 742 111 F: +420 271 742 112 E: info@visualunity.com

About Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group Holdings
Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group Holdings (GSSG) was founded by Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad in 1993 and incorporated in 2007. Today it is one of Qatar’s most successful private sector business groups, making a major contribution to the country’s economic growth.
GSSG has enjoyed steady growth and success in many fields and industries locally and international. GSSG’s diverse portfolio gives its strength and enables its companies within the group to maximise global business opportunities wherever and whenever they arise.
The founder, Mr. Ghanim bin Saad al Saad, has enabled the group to grow to over 40 companies around the world. As an inspirational business leader, he has steered the group to achieve its success in industries that include aviation, maritime, automobiles, oil & gas, real estate, manufacturing, contracting and trading, finance & asset management, engineering, education, fitness, hotels, hospitality and fashion, information technology and telecommunications.
In addition to its corporate headquarters in Doha, GSSG also has five international offices located in London, Zurich, Cairo, Singapore and Dubai. info@gssg.com; www.gssg.com

Salam Media Cast (SMC)
Salam Media Cast is a fully integrated broadcasting solutions provider, serving the media industry in the Gulf region for nearly 40 years and a proven local systems integrator for broadcasters and media companies. In 2010, SMC joined GSSG Holdings as part of its Media Group, with offices in Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.
Salam Media Cast pioneers not only in equipping professional television stations and studios, master control rooms, newsrooms, concert stages and theatres providing light and sound technology but equips a whole multivendor environment. But also provides solutions from safeguarding national security such in government operations, creating the best venues for education such as museums and classrooms, enhancing sports environments, revolutionizing health facilities and satellite telecommunications.
To support the workflow and innovation demands of our valued customers, we have recently expanded our team with new local and international talent. We use our expertise to help realise your goals and ambitions – we listen, advise, design and build great workflows that work for you. Our ambition is to be your trusted partner in the Gulf region. Website: www.salammediacast.com

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**** Photo: D.A.S. Audio Artec 10A Loudspeaker ****

Valencia, Spain – June 2012 … D.A.S. Audio, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to announce the introduction of the second generation Artec series loudspeakers. Available in both powered and passive configurations, the new Artec series loudspeakers encompass ten models designed to address a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. Featuring wide bandwidth and high SPL in a visually discrete package, the new Artec series can be installed on walls, ceilings, or columns thanks to an extensive selection of optional mounting accessories—and they are an ideal choice for under balcony, area fill, and near field applications. With reduced dimensions and sleek styling, they fit perfectly into multiple surroundings including hotels, restaurants, and convention facilities. more

ABS Updates Pierce County TV Master Control to Support Third Channel, Eventual Move to HD

SEATAC, WA — Professional video and audio systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) today announced it recently completed a master control upgrade for Pierce County TV (PCTV), which operates two government channels and one educational channel from its facilities at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Wash.

Overseen by the Rainier Communications Commission (RCC), a cooperative of Pierce County and cities and towns within the county, PCTV creates and manages government access programming for the area. It maintains a busy production schedule, including Pierce County News, a weekly news program produced in its studio, andRainier Country, an Emmy-nominated newsmagazine. PCTV also provides coverage of government meetings for Pierce County and six local cities. Programming is available via cable television and at www.piercecountytv.org.

The previous master control supported two-channel SD composite video output for PCTV and University Place TV (UPTV), a channel dedicated to the city of University Place. However, the new master control also needed to support Clover Park Technical College Television (CPTC Television), an educational channel with its playback equipment located in a separate room in the same building.

Another important requirement of the new master control was that it could eventually transition to full HD-SDI. “We saw on the horizon the opportunity to move to HD,” noted Ben Ramsey, PCTV cable operations specialist. Currently, studio and field footage is shot in 1080i using Panasonic AG-HPX300 P2 HD cameras, then downconverted for cablecast. However, PCTV recently received confirmation from Comcast that PCTV will be distributed in HD starting next year.

ABS arranged for meetings with equipment manufacturers at the 2011 NAB Show last spring so PCTV personnel could research their options. PCTV then designed the system and put it out to open bid. After winning the bid, ABS worked with PCTV to refine the system and made suggestions for improved operation. Installation of the new master control began in October 2011. After several weeks of testing, the three stations were switched to the new system in February 2012.

Based around PlayBox Technology automation, the new master control includes three AirBox playout servers and Capture Box capturing . Other new equipment includes Tektronix test and measurement tools, a Blackmagic Design router to handle the new SDI signals, and Blackmagic OpenGear A/D and D/A converters. “We still have a lot of legacy equipment,” Ramsey noted.

The upgraded space is “a lot more productive,” according to Ramsey. It includes a separate control station; previously, all work was performed at the equipment racks. A Harris Predator multi-display controller feeds two 42-inch Panasonic LCDs at the control station. PCTV also plans to install walls around the new equipment racks to reduce fan noise.

PCTV has maintained a long relationship with ABS, and Ramsey said the entire upgrade process went very well. “As a government entity, all equipment projects go out on open bid, but ABS is very helpful when we’re looking for new equipment, whether they win the bid or not,” he said. “They are experts in this field and we enjoy working with them.”

About ABS:

Based in SeaTac, WA, ABS (Advanced Broadcast Solutions) delivers customized, technologically superior solutions for broadcast, corporate, house of worship, entertainment, government, and educational facilities – from design and integration to installation and support services. Since 1982, its experienced technical staff has installed more than 700 systems for clients including Fisher Communications, Cowles California Media, Real Networks, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft Studios. For more information, call 206-870-0244 or visit www.advancedbroadcastsolutions.com.

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*** The Grund Audio Design GT-LPB-24C subwoofer. ***

Council Bluffs, IA – June 2012 … Grund Audio Design, a pioneering manufacturer of loudspeaker and signal processing products for the audio professional, is pleased to announce the GT-LPB-24C subwoofer—the company’s latest addition to their popular GT Series product group. Featuring a lightweight, compact form factor and a host of additional attributes, the GT-LPB-24C subwoofer makes an outstanding choice for both fixed and portable sound reinforcement applications.

With a power rating of 800W RMS, the new Grund Audio Design GT-LPB-24C subwoofer is a high power, low profile sub bass system that is uniquely qualified for sound reinforcement applications where small format point source or line array loudspeaker systems are deployed. Because the GT-LPB-24C is comprised of two 12-inch low frequency transducers, this subwoofer has a frequency range that extends from 40 Hz through 250 Hz. As a result, the subwoofer has the ability to provide both the low end support characteristic of a sub bass system as well as the fundamental frequencies (80 Hz to 250 Hz) that are frequently diminished in smaller format point source or line array loudspeaker enclosures. The result is a subwoofer that nicely complements these smaller format loudspeaker systems—delivering a warm, full-bodied sound in the process. more

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ESPN STAR Sports Deploys Haivision’s Low-Latency, High-Performance H.264 Encoder and Decoder to Support Live Multilingual HD Sports Broadcasts

MONTREAL and CHICAGO — June 5, 2012 — Haivision today announced that Asia’s No. 1 sports content provider, ESPN STAR Sports (ESS), is using Haivision’s Barracuda(TM) H.264 encoder and Makito(TM) decoder at its Singapore and Taiwan facilities to support live sports commentary in multiple languages. The extremely low latency of the Haivision encoder and decoder enables ESS to adopt an exceptionally fast and cost-effective model for delivering quality HD content in which commentary is closely synchronized with the video. more

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Extron Now Shipping Low Profile, Fast-Installing Speaker with SpeedMount™

Extron Electronics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the SM 3, a compact, fast-installing flush mount speaker featuring the Extron SpeedMount System. This 8 ohm speaker features a 3″ (7.6 cm) full-range driver and tuned bass port, a wide frequency response of 75 Hz to 18 kHz, and a power rating of 15 watts continuous pink noise, 30 watts continuous program capacity. The enclosure for the SM 3 measures less than 4″ (10.2 cm) deep. SpeedMount is an Extron-exclusive, concealed mounting system designed to speed up installation. During rough-in, electrical contractors can install a 0° or 10° mounting plate on the wall and terminate the speaker cable to the mount’s integrated wiring contacts. Later, installers can slide the SM 3 speaker onto the mount and secure it into place with a “click,” automatically connecting to the wiring contacts on the mounting plate. more

Matrox Announces Thunderbolt(TM) Docking Station at $249

Matrox DS1 Brings Unprecedented Convenience and Connectivity to MacBook and Ultrabook Users

TAIPEI — June 4, 2012 — Matrox today introduced Matrox(R) DS1(TM), a Thunderbolt docking station that brings all the productivity benefits of a desktop computer to MacBook(R) and Ultrabook(TM) users. From a single Thunderbolt connection, users can add multiple peripherals including a large DVI or HDMI(R) display, a full-size keyboard, and a mouse. A gigabit Ethernet port provides connectivity to a wired corporate network, enabling data transfers 18 times faster than Wi-Fi(TM). One SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone input, and a speaker/headphone output are also provided. With its solid aluminum construction, yet sleek design, Matrox DS1 is ideal for office, dorm, or home use. more

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PESA Showcases easyPORT Compact ‘Throw Down’ Multi-Format Converter Boxes at InfoComm 2012

Huntsville, Alabama – PESA, a leading U.S.-based custom design and build manufacturing company for professional audio and video signal distribution, will showcase its new easyPORT series of “throw down” multi-format converter boxes at InfoComm 2012 (Booth N1327), which runs June 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nev.

At the heart of the easyPORT concept is PESA’s compact four-port utility switch, which incorporates standard SFP-type pluggable module card cages. The easyPORT card cages can be populated to fit practically any combination of input and output signals, including HDMI/DVI, 3G-SDI, ASI, NTSC/PAL, and IP-to-ASI conversion. An internal switch fabric allow users to select which input goes to which output. The module can also be set as a distribution module, allowing any single input to be transmitted to up to four outputs.

All video formats are transcoded or converted internally, and signals can be distributed over several possible transmission paths, including coax, fiber, and CATx for IP. easyPORT is currently available in 22 different configurations to handle a wide range of video conversion and distribution needs, but “blank” boxes can be customized for specific I/O applications. For example, HDMI can be converted to 3G-SDI, NTSC/PAL can be encoded to SDI, ASI can be converted to an IP transport stream, and coaxial cable runs can be converted to fiber optic transports. With a 3G-SDI backbone, signal quality up to 1080p60 can be supported.

With built-in Ethernet and USB connectivity, easyPORT modules can be controlled over a network or locally. Each module includes PESA’s user-friendly CATTRAX software, which provides a simple interface for diagnostics, setup, and switching. Both USB and network connections can be displayed simultaneously, and multiple easyPORTs on the same network can be controlled and managed from a single software session. Changes for networked modules can be done anywhere on the network, but if a local check is required, the module can be simultaneously connected to a PC via USB.

The compact easyPORT can be mounted under a table, on the wall, or in an optional 1 RU power distribution frame. Up to four modules can be installed in a frame for shared power, reducing the need for multiple AC power plugs.

About PESA

As a leading provider of audio/video connectivity, PESA offers a wide selection of routing switchers, matrix switchers, extenders, converters, media extenders, and signal processing gear to support government, military, industrial, commercial, broadcast and mobile truck applications. PESA offers one of the widest ranges of AV products – from large scale fiber optic routing to single-point CAT-5 DVI extenders – each with the integrity and innovative high performance technology expected from PESA. Our products are available around the world from a leading team of channel partners offering local support and installation; and all of our products are supported by 24/7 technical support. To learn more about our technologies and services visit www.pesa.com. PESA is located in Huntsville, Alabama with regional offices throughout the United States.

All products mentioned herein are trademarked property of their respective owners.

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