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A virtual press conference from Sound & Video Contractor

Archive for February 15th, 2013

Snell at the 2013 NAB Show:

Snell solutions are used worldwide in every size and scale of broadcast and media operation. At NAB 2013 the company will feature new and enhanced products for a vast range of Live TV and TV Everywhere applications. These powerful systems offer greater automation, improved reliability, higher quality, and more flexible media handling for today’s SD/HD/1080p environments as well as future Cloud, IP, and 4K UHDTV-based operations.

Kahuna 360 — Now Supporting 4K Operations
Snell is ushering in the era of 4K operations with the Kahuna 360 multi-format switcher. With its exclusive FormatFusion3 technology that supports a mix of SD, HD, 1080p, and now 4K, Kahuna 360 is the ultimate live production switcher — providing unmatched creative power and flexibility. Kahuna 360 can now accept incoming 4K UHDTV feeds, mix them with 1080p, and output as either 4K UHDTV or 1080p, at no additional cost — helping broadcast and media organizations to adopt these new workflows easily as opportunities arise.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/kahuna360.zip
Photo Caption: Kahuna 360 Switcher

Kahuna Flare — Midrange Multi-Format Production Switcher With 1080p Standard Functionality
Kahuna Flare is the first midrange switcher to offer standard single-link 1080p support alongside SD and HD formats at no extra cost — making it ideal for over-the-air broadcasts, IP or Internet delivery platforms, and even large progressive-screen presentations. With versions ranging from 2 M/E to 4 M/E, Kahuna Flare offers four keyers per M/E and two channels of 3D DVE, all in a single 6-RU frame. The system comes standard with 48 inputs and 24 outputs, with the option to upgrade to 60 inputs and 32 outputs. Snell’s unique FormatFusion3 technology gives Kahuna Flare users exceptional versatility in working with multiple signal formats, enabling them to mix SD, HD, and 1080p inputs and outputs simultaneously as required to meet any distribution need.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/kahunaflarefront.zip
Photo Caption: Kahuna Flare

ICE Channel-in-a-Box — We Thought About the Channel, Not Just the Box
New features to ICE further extend Snell’s channel-in-a-box cost benefits by allowing up to four channels of HD per unit depending on the channel configuration. Plus, with a focus on incorporating more of the channel into the box, Snell’s ICE now includes powerful, integrated 3D and 2D graphics, CG functionality with timeline editing control, and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation schedule events or external data sources. Complementing ICE’s HD and SD simulcast capabilities is the addition of a delay service, which provides the ability to record the output of a channel for delayed playout services. ICE also boasts newly enhanced audio processing and Panoplay multi-system, multi-site redundancy to deliver a channel-in-a-box platform with unmatched functionality, usability, and reliability.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/ICEicons.zip
Photo Caption: ICE Channel-in-a-Box

New Morpheus User Interfaces — World-Leading Automation That Decreases Cost and Stimulates Revenue
Understanding the need for clear and simple graphical representation of multiple channels of playout, Snell has introduced new user interfaces that make Morpheus even easier to use and allow a single operator to monitor the highest number of playout channels. Morpheus v3.0 boasts full virtual machine support to allow operation in the cloud and private data centers, facilitating lower space and power requirements while improving system resilience.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/dark-normalplaylist.zip
Photo Caption: Morpheus Version 3.0

Momentum — Powerful Workflow-Automated Media Asset Management
Momentum is a breakthrough in workflow-automated media asset management and resource planning. With Momentum’s highly intuitive GUI, users can edit and control their workflows on demand. Momentum delivers maximum control and flexibility to media and broadcast operators, enabling them to reduce operational costs by allocating resources more efficiently and making content more accessible. Momentum can deploy on standalone hardware, on virtual machines in the cloud, or in private data centers.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/MomentumMonitorscreens.zip
Photo Caption: Momentum

KudosPro MC500 — Low-Cost Signal Processing Platform
New at the 2013 NAB Show is the KudosPro MC500 — the world’s most affordable motion-compensated frame rate converter. The MC500 is available at an exceptionally low price point, making it ideal for the many broadcasters, news agencies, and content providers that must consider cost and space issues while also ensuring high-quality delivery of large numbers of channels to domestic and international audiences. The MC500 provides up, down, and crossconversion from any broadcast standard (50Hz or 59Hz) to any other broadcast standard, with optional composite and fiber connectivity. A wide range of audio options is available, including embedded, AES, analog, and Dolby(R) E, as well as extensive utilities such as ProcAmp, enhancer, and closed caption handling.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/mc500.zip
Photo Caption: KudosPro MC500

Introducing: Luna Series Router Control Panels — High Density in 1-RU
At the 2013 NAB Show, Snell will launch the Luna Series of 1-RU router control panels, including four LED models and two LCD models. The LED panels include a high-density version with 78 button keys, 72 of which can be configured as source or destination keys for increased flexibility. The LCD panels include a rotary encoder control knob for user-friendly “paging.” The new Luna Series models are compatible with all current Snell routers, feature an ultrashallow rack mounting depth of less than 2 inches (50 mm), and can be powered from an external +12V DC supply or using POE (Power Over Ethernet).

Sirius 800 Series Routers Add Frame Syncs to Built-In Advanced Hybrid Processing Technology — Taking Routing/Processing to a New Level
The Sirius 800 family of enterprise-class routing switchers has been enhanced with the availability of frame synchronization on the units’ AHP (Advanced Hybrid Processing) input and output cards. The resulting router architecture enables independent processing of audio and video signals with no restrictions on signal formats, timing between signal types, or number of audio channels. Building on the Sirius 800 series’ audio de-embedding, embedding, and audio processing capabilities, this new functionality allows all inputs to be retimed before switching, and supports synchronization of incoming lines to a local studio reference.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/siriusrange.zip
Photo Caption: Sirius 830 Router

IQ Modular Range of Format Converters
At the 2013 NAB Show, Snell is introducing a new IQ format converter range that provides outstanding quality conversion at an affordable price. These cost-effective video format converter modules provide high-quality conversion of common SD, HD, and 3Gbps formats for broadcast systems. In addition to conversion, the new modules can perform a host of video, audio, and metadata functions. Snell is also unveiling the IQQSM range of 3Gbps/HD/SD-SDI quad split monitors, ideal for local monitoring with LCD displays. These IQ modules enable local monitoring of four 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signals along with bar graph displays of eight channels of embedded audio. Perfect for monitoring studio or outside broadcast camera feeds, they also have an SDI output that allows the signal to be routed to other areas in the facility or to storage.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/IQReflection.zip
Photo Caption: IQ Modular Infrastructure

Hyperion — New 3Gbps Intelligent Monitoring
At NAB 2013, Snell is showing its range of 3Gbps-capable Hyperion monitoring solutions engineered to meet the need for increasingly advanced monitoring capabilities in a multi-format system environment. Hyperion is a signal monitoring technology that helps operators to monitor content more efficiently and, in turn, ensure that contractual and legal obligations are met. The technology’s combination of subjective and extensive monitoring — including low-bit-rate IP video “confidence” thumbnails with user-definable graphical warnings and alarms — provides operators with live system data in a way that allows large and complex operations across multiple sites and continents to be simply and reliably monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/snell/Hyperion.zip
Photo Caption: Hyperion

Company Quote:

“At this year’s NAB Show, we’re looking forward to showcasing innovations ranging from the 4K capabilities of the Kahuna 360 switcher and a newly enhanced ICE Channel-in-a-Box, to the all-new KudosPro MC500 — making the industry’s most advanced motion-compensated standards conversion more affordable than ever. Attendees will see firsthand why Snell continues to be the leading provider of digital media solutions to support the complex multi-format, multi-platform media operations of today and tomorrow.”
– Holly Walker, Group Marketing Manager, Snell

Company Overview:

Snell is a leading innovator in digital media technology, providing broadcasters and global media companies with a comprehensive range of solutions for creating, managing, and streamlining the distribution of content for today’s multi-screen world. Specializing in TV Everywhere and Live TV applications, Snell provides the necessary tools to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to 4K UHDTV, file-based, and 3Gbps operations, while enabling broadcasters to monetize and deliver their media assets across multiple distribution platforms. Headquartered in the U.K., Snell serves more than 2,000 broadcasters, post facilities, and global media companies in more than 100 countries through its worldwide team of sales and support personnel. More information is available at www.snellgroup.com.

All trademarks appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Extron DMP 128 Wins InAVation Award at ISE

Extron Electronics is proud to announce that the DMP 128 family of audio digital signal processors has been honored with an EMEA Technology InAVation Award for the Most InAVative Commercial Audio Product – non-loudspeaker. The award was presented during Integrated Systems Europe 2013 in Amsterdam. The EMEA InAVation Awards celebrate all that is best in the pro AV industry throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and globally.

“We are extremely pleased to have been recognized by InAVate readers with an award that validates our powerful configuration approach to DSP in the DMP 128,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “This capability simplifies the design and integration of audio systems, from small single unit installations to large environments with a network of DMP 128 units.”

The Extron DMP 128 is a 12×8 audio digital signal processor featuring Extron ProDSP, automixing, and flexible I/O expansion capabilities. The DMP 128 Series includes six models available with AEC – acoustic echo cancellation, Dante audio networking, and POTS. Two models, the DMP 128 and the DMP 128 C featuring AEC, are now shipping.

The DMP 128 Series simplifies mixing, routing, conferencing, and room optimization with quick and intuitive configuration using the DSP Configurator Software. This allows the DMP 128 Series to be installed in very little time, with easy-to-learn adjustments that can be heard in real-time. I/O expansion is available by linking two DMP 128 units together through their digital audio expansion ports. Even more expansion capability is available with Dante audio networking, which provides a very wide range of possibilities for large-scale audio system designs and future system expansion. The DMP 128 is ideal for presentation and conferencing applications in boardrooms, courtrooms, and conference centers that require advanced matrix mixing with DSP.

Visit our Web site at www.extron.com for more information.

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New Wohler Products at the 2013 NAB Show:

RadiantGrid(TM) New Media Automation Platform
The Wohler RadiantGrid(TM) New Media Automation Platform offers a highly efficient solution for transcoding, standards conversion, and audio processing in applications including loudness correction, quality control, and distribution of media while also integrating with traffic, businessprocess, and rights management systems. At the heart of the platform is RadiantGrid’s TrueGrid(TM) parallel-processing engine, which excels at providing faster-than-real-time content transformation, particularly for long-form content requiring multiple processes to be run concurrently. Intelligent automation of workflow processes coupled with close integration of best-of-breed plug-ins such as Cinnafilm’s Tachyon(TM), Interra’s Baton(TM) and Linear Acoustic(R) AERO.file(R), enables the versatile operation needed to manage everything from multiplatform transcoding and standards conversion to more complex processing such as mixed-cadence correction, video optimization, and audio-loudness conformance.

Wohler will also demonstrate its newest file-based appliance solutions, including WohlerLoudness, WohlerCoder, and WohlerConverter

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RadiantGridDashboard.zip
Photo Caption: RadiantGrid(TM) Dashboard
Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RadiantGrid_speed.zip
Photo Caption: RadiantGrid(TM) New Media Automation Platform

AMP1-MADIe Audio Monitor
The Wohler AMP1-MADIe is an in-rack portable MADI unit with Ethernet control and configuration. Ideal for sports production and other live broadcasts, the new system can be connected in series with a 56- or 64-channel MADI stream for individual volume adjustment and audible monitoring of any eight selected MADI channels at once. Designed specifically for customers requiring unique functionality equivalent to a MADI audio hot-mic mixer, Wohler’s new AMP1-MADIe simplifies rapid selection and monitoring of MADI signals in fast-paced, live-to-air production environments. Two models will be on display, demonstrating support for either multimode or single-mode fiber connections in addition to standard copper on BNC.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/AMP1-MADIe.zip
Photo Caption: Wohler AMP1-MADIe Front Panel

AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor
Wohler’s new dual-input SDI audio monitor offers broadcasters high-performance monitoring of embedded audio in two 3G/HD or SD-SDI streams at an attractive price point. The 1-RU system de-embeds and provides metering and monitoring of any or all of the 16 audio channels in the selected 3G/HD or SD-SDI stream. It offers intuitive operation and clear display of levels and other critical information using bright 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays, enabling one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected pair(s) to built-in speakers, headphones, or XLR balanced analog outputs. The monitor offers a number of convenient capabilities including remote access for setup and storage of user-defined presets via Ethernet and USB connections, gain adjustment/trim on individual audio channels with the ability to assign channels to either or both analog outputs as well as select or deselect channel pairs, pass-through of both SDI inputs, and reclocked output of the selected monitored SDI stream.

Image Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/AMP1-16M_New.zip
Image Caption: AMP1-16M

New Additions to the DVM MPEG Video Monitor Line
At the 2013 NAB Show, Wohler will showcase three new additions to its DVM family of video monitors including the new DVM-5210, a 5-RU system with two 10-inch screens; the DVM-4290, a 4-RU system with two 9-inch screens; and the DVM-3270, a 3-RU system with two 7-inch screens. All of the DVM MPEG monitors provide convenient, at-a-glance monitoring of program content from 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, and MPEG-2/4 ASI and Ethernet IP streams. The DVM broadcast-quality video monitors decode and display MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals via BNC or Ethernet inputs while giving users the ability to browse the PAT, PMT, and PID tables for each selected stream. In addition to MPEG ASI and dual-input 3G/HD/SD-SDI with loop-through, the DVM monitors also accommodate HDMI(R) video and audio with level meters, GPI, and tally.

Photo link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/DVM-3270.zip
Photo Caption: Wohler DVM-3270 MPEG Video Monitor

HDM-170 Full-HD Wide-Viewing-Angle Monitor
Offering a full feature set, the Wohler HDM-170 is a cost-effective, reliable 17-inch HD/SD-SDI video monitor that is perfect for viewing the many feeds in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, duplication facilities, and postproduction houses. The HDM-170 offers display features including in-screen labeling, tally, time code, format display, waveform, vectorscope, and safe area/title display markers, and it provides a host of audio tools including level metering, headphone output, and built-in speaker monitoring of its dual stereo analog inputs or SDI embedded audio.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/HDM170.zip
Photo Caption: HDM-170 Full-HD Wide-Viewing-Angle Monitor

Multi-Display Solutions
Wohler will showcase several multi-display solutions that simplify configuration and layout in space-constrained applications. The RMQ Series quad-split video monitors allow users to watch video and monitoring data in up to four display windows on a single 1920×1080 LED backlit screen. RMQ Series monitors enable broadcasters to mix and match 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, and HDMI(R) inputs in varying configurations tailored for different monitoring applications and are available in 23-inch, 20-inch, and 17-inch screen sizes. Wohler’s RMV16 multiviewer supports a cost-saving approach to monitoring while giving users the freedom to change their screen configurations on a dime. The unit accepts inputs including analog composite video, component, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and even 3G, and it can provide outputs in VGA, DVI, and HDMI formats. The 1-RU model supports up to 16 inputs and eight outputs. With no restriction on signal source grouping, the operator can send any signal to any display at any scale. Each screen layout and configuration can be stored to a given preset.

Image Link: http://www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RMQ-230-3G.zip
Image Caption: RMQ-230
Image Link: http://www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RMV16Series.zip
Image Caption: RMV16-4C

Company Quote:
“As broadcasters and other media companies take on the challenge of multiplatform content delivery, they are using the Wohler RadiantGrid content transformation solution to establish intelligent file-based workflows with faster-than-real-time transcoding, conversion, and QC. At the 2013 NAB Show, we’ll demonstrate how, with the unparalleled speed, agility, and scalability of this powerful tool, users are well-equipped to meet the growing demand for multiplatform delivery of digital media.” — Don Bird, Chief Marketing Officer, Wohler

Company Overview:
Wohler’s tradition of innovation began with the creation of the industry’s first in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring category, and it continues today through the company’s development of signal management and monitoring solutions for video, audio, captioning, and loudness applications. Wohler’s 2012 acquisition of RadiantGrid Technologies extends this award-winning product line to include the Wohler RadiantGrid(TM) New Media Automation Platform for efficient file-based content creation and distribution, quality control, and faster-than-real-time transcoding and standards conversion. This new offering, combined with the company’s proven, cost-effective confidence monitoring, compliance recording, and content management solutions, ensures high-quality media production across any platform and delivery to any device. More information about Wohler is available at www.wohler.com.

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Sonnet’s High-Performance 6Gb/sec SATA PCI Express 2.5-Inch SSD Cards Now Support Booting in Mac Pro

Tempo(TM) SSD and Tempo SSD Pro Let Users Select and Mount Their Own 6Gb/sec solid-state drives on a PCIe(R) Card; Also Bootable in Thunderbolt(TM)-to-PCIe Expansion Chassis and in Windows(R) PCs

IRVINE, Calif. — Feb. 13, 2013 — Sonnet Technologies today announced an upgrade to its Tempo(TM) SSD and Tempo SSD Pro 6Gb/sec SATA PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) 2.5-inch SSD cards to support booting in Mac Pro(R) computers (early 2008 and newer). With the update, users can boot from a Mac Pro even in a RAID 0 configuration with two solid-state drives (SSDs). Booting is also supported for Windows(R) 7 and 8 computers as well as Server 2008 and 2012 (although not from a RAID drive).

With the Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro, users can purchase one or two SSDs separately and then easily mount them on PCIe cards. Unlike other PCIe SSD cards, the Tempo SSD Pro and Tempo SSD utilize widely available 2.5-inch SATA SSDs (sold separately), giving users great flexibility in selecting the SSD capacity and performance that best suit their needs and budget, as well as the option to upgrade easily as required. With the ability to boot from attached SSDs, Mac Pro users can now extract the best performance possible from their systems with significantly faster operation.

Delivering performance that cannot be matched by spinning-disk drives, SSDs have become important components in systems requiring extremely fast data transfer speeds and large numbers of I/O operations. Instead of relying on proprietary SSD modules, Sonnet chose to support standard 2.5-inch SATA SSDs to allow users access to the most common SSD form factor, which is generally available at better prices than proprietary SSD modules. The Sonnet Tempo 6Gb/sec SATA cards offer twice the bandwidth of the Mac Pro’s native 3Gb/sec SATA bus for superior performance.

The Tempo SSD card uses a high-performance 6Gb/sec SATA controller and a PCIe 2.0 interface. It features a unique modular design that supports one SSD with the card at half-length, or two SSDs with an included bracket that extends the card to full length. The Tempo SSD supports sustained read speeds of up to 500 MB/sec from a single SSD or up to 660 MB/sec from two SSDs configured as a RAID 0 set.

The Tempo SSD Pro card can mount two SSDs in a full-length PCIe slot, such as those in the Mac Pro. The Tempo SSD Pro features a higher-performance 6Gb/sec SATA SSD controller that supports sustained read speeds of up to 960 MB/sec from two SSDs configured as a Mac Pro-bootable RAID 0 set.

The Sonnet Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro cards install into a Mac(R) or Windows computer’s PCIe slot, or into a Thunderbolt(TM) expansion chassis for PCIe cards such as Sonnet’s Echo(TM) Express line, or the xMac(TM) mini Server PCIe 2.0 expansion system/1U rackmount enclosure. With SSDs attached, both cards are narrow enough to occupy the space of only a single-width card.

“Our Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro cards have enabled users to install ultra-fast SSDs in their computers or Thunderbolt-to-PCIe expansion chassis to take advantage of SSDs without cables, adapters, or cases, while providing them complete price/performance flexibility in their choice of high-performance SSDs,” said Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies. “Upgrading these cards to support booting from attached SSDs in the Mac Pro enhances their usefulness and flexibility.”

As a benefit to all previous purchasers of Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro cards, Sonnet has posted software on its website that enables users to update their cards to gain the new capability. Users will find the software at www.sonnettech.com/support/.

Compatible with OS X(R) 10.6.8+ (including Mountain Lion); Microsoft(R) Windows 8, 7, and Vista(R); and Server 2012 and 2008; the Tempo SSD (part number TSATA6-SSD-E2) is available now at a suggested retail price of $149.95, and the Tempo SSD Pro (part number TSATA6-SSDPR-E2) is available now at a suggested retail price of $299.95. More information on the Tempo SSD is available at www.sonnettech.com/product/tempossd.html. More information on the Tempo SSD Pro is available at www.sonnettech.com/product/tempossdpro.html.

More information on Sonnet and its other products is available at www.sonnettech.com.

# # #

About Sonnet Technologies
Sonnet Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of storage systems, Thunderbolt(TM) technology PCIe(R) expansion products, interface cards, and media readers for professional users in the audio, video, and broadcast industries. Sonnet’s Thunderbolt expansion products enable the use of pro audio I/O and DSP cards, pro video capture and transcoding cards, interface cards, and other high-performance PCIe cards with mini, portable, and all-in-one computers. The company’s product line features a range of high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable portable, desktop, and rackmount RAID storage solutions. For more than 25 years Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market numerous innovative and award-winning products that enhance the performance and connectivity of Mac(R), Windows(R), and other industry-standard computers. More information is available at www.sonnettech.com.

All trademarks appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/sonnet/tempo_ssd_single_and_pro.zip

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Belkin Tablet Stage Named One of 20 Hottest EdTech Products at TCEA 2013 by K-12 TechDecisions

PLAYA VISTA, CA – February 14, 2013 – Belkin today announced that its recently announced Tablet Stage was named by K-12 TechDecisions as one of the 20 Hottest EdTech Products at TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) 2013 which took place last week. The Belkin Tablet Stage is an ergonomic stand for tablets that makes classroom presentations easy to deliver and, coupled with the Belkin Stage app for iPad, reduces the expense of outfitting a digital classroom. 

More than 400 companies at TCEA 2013 featured products that included tablets, interactive projectors, a 3D document camera, iPad accessories and interactive displays. Many of the products were designed to leverage the use of mobile devices in the classroom.

Tablet Stage allows teachers to use their tablet as a document camera and securely holds tablets with or without cases for effortless document projection and convenient use. It has an adjustable platform and LED lights and is compatible with devices from seven to 11 inches. 

Teachers can also download the Belkin Stage app which allows them to annotate directly over live video and images just as they would with an interactive whiteboard. By displacing expensive and cumbersome technology such as document cameras and interactive whiteboards, Belkin Stage engages audiences with real-time video without the high cost.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this recognition from K-12 TechDecisions,” said Jon Roepke, senior product manager, Business Division, Belkin International. “As  schools embrace the interactive power of the iPad, they look for ways to make it more of a collaborative tool. We designed the Belkin Tablet Stage and Stage app so that teachers and administrators can integrate iPads into their curriculums in a way that is engaging and makes both teaching and learning easier and more fulfilling. Being honored as one of the 20 Hottest EdTech Products at TCEA 2013 is a testament to the care and dedication we put into understanding technology challenges in the classroom and developing innovative products that enhance the learning environment.”

The Belkin Stage app and the Tablet Stage are Belkin’s latest solutions designed to serve the growing needs of school districts and educators, both in and beyond the classroom. For more information, please visit: http://www.belkincampaigns.com/edumobility/.

Tweet this: @belkinbusiness for education – Tablet Stage named one of 20 hottest edtech products at TCEA 2013 – http://bit.ly/12AFQuW

About Belkin Business

Belkin Business, a division of Belkin International, offers technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments. A proven technology leader for more than 30 years, organizations worldwide trust Belkin for its unwavering commitment to product quality, and expertise in creating solutions designed to address customer requirements in business, government and education. With a global supply chain and broad provider network, Belkin commands a purchasing power that delivers greater value and unparalleled execution advantages to customers. The company’s line of commercial products are available through Belkin’s global network of distributors and resellers. Headquartered in Playa Vista, California, the company is represented in more than 25 countries and can be found on the Web at http://www.belkin.com/us/business/enterprise.

Tags: interactive whiteboard, SMARTboard, document camera, education technology, classroom technology, education apps, iPad app, K-12 technology 


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Brazil’s National Soccer Team Debuts New Uniforms at Rio de Janeiro Nike Event With HARMAN Soundcraft Vi6 Consoles at Front of House

Eder Sousa of Gabisom with a pair of Soundcraft Vi6 consoles.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Soccer (football) is ingrained in Brazil’s spirit. The Brazil national football team (Seleção Brasileira) is the most successful men’s soccer team in the history of the FIFA World Cup with five championships, and Brazil is the only national team to have played in every World Cup. Everything the team does is passionately followed by Brazilian soccer fans, so when the team debuted their new uniforms with classic yellow and blue styling, it was an occasion for a big party. The launch event was hosted by Nike at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and featured Brazilian singers Seu Jorge and Naldo and the Escola de Samba Mangueira samba school dancers and musicians, with two HARMAN Soundcraft Vi6 digital consoles providing the live sound mix.

The Soundcraft consoles were provided by Brazil-based Gabisom Audio Equipment, one of the industry’s biggest tour sound companies. “This wasn’t your typical launch party—the Brazil soccer team event was held in a large outdoor space, with a full stage and lighting,” said Eder Moura of Gabisom. “To enable us to mix the show most efficiently, we brought in two Soundcraft Vi6 mixing consoles. We had plenty of room in the front of house tent, so we decided to use two Vi6 consoles at FOH, one just for Seu Jorge and one for Naldo and Escola de Samba Mangueira.”

Both singers have distinctive styles. Seu Jorge’s music is a mixture of MPB—Música Popular Brasileira or Brazilian popular music—samba, rock, soul and other genres, and Naldo is a Brazilian singer, musician and producer who is deeply into reggaeton and rock. “Rather than change console settings between acts, even though this is relatively easy on the Vi6, we decided it would be even easier to just swap out consoles for each artist,” noted Moura.

“We mounted the two identical Soundcraft Vi6 consoles in a ‘V’ configuration, one directly in front of the stage and the other at 90 degrees to the left. Although having a console on the left of you might seem a little unusual, the Vi6’s open, uncluttered layout gave the FOH engineer easy access to all the controls and faders and we knew exactly how the console was set up from previous gigs, so the engineer basically just had to adjust some faders and bring a few effects in and out here and there rather than hover over the board frowning in concentration.”

“We were able to easily switch between consoles and it was seamless and effortless,” Moura said. “You can’t get a better-sounding digital console and its built-in effects make the Vi6 perfect for live sound use.”

The new Brazil national soccer team uniforms feature the team’s classic yellow and blue colors and reflect Brazilian soccer’s storied heritage combined with modern touches like recycled material construction.

HARMAN (www.HARMAN.com) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets — supported by 15 leading brands, including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon® and Mark Levinson®. The Company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 13,400 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and reported net sales of $4.4 billion for the twelve months ending June 30, 2012.

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Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s Light Up The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s are lighting up The Joint, the concert venue for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where 16 fixtures were recently acquired and hung above the stage.

The Joint is an intimate 4,000 capacity space known for delivering unforgettable live music experiences. With a commitment to remarkable sound, it has earned a reputation as one of the most authentic venues in Las Vegas.

“We used to rent lights then decided to buy them. When we started looking at fixtures we had three lights in mind, including the HPE 1500,” says Christopher Lose, lighting designer for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. “We’re a rock ‘n roll venue and need all the bells and whistles and versatility we can get. We have 10 lighting designers a month who come in wanting different things. So the more tricks our lights have the better.”

Lose reports that the HPE 1500s “destroyed everything else” when he explored potential fixtures to add to his inventory. “We chose the light based on its autofocus, beam macros and intensity. The autofocus and beam macos were features only Clay Paky offers. And in terms of intensity, the HPE 1500s were much better than the competition.”

Another deciding factor was the support forthcoming from A.C.T Lighting, the exclusive distributor of Clay Paky fixtures in North America. “A.C.T has always treated us well for everything we’ve bought from them,” says Lose. “They offer great service and 24/7 availability. All these factors combined meant Clay Paky blew the others out of the water.”

The Alpha Spot HPE 1500, a 1500W moving head, is the most impressive graphic effects spotlight available with an incredible array of color and imagery devices, including 20 gobos on three wheels, animation disc, rotating prism and the exclusive Automated-Star-Gobo (patent pending). All devices are fully combinable with limitless rotation and morphing possibilities. The zoom has an extreme aperture range from 7° to 57° (1:8 ratio) with an amazing 120 bpm speed. An auto-focusing function combined with the Dyna-Cue-Creator make programming and operation easy and creative. A special high definition iris, the advanced Zoom-Tracking-Diffuser and silent operation position the Alpha Spot HPE 1500 at the edge of show lighting technology.

Lose reports that the HPE 1500s are “working wonderfully” in their workhorse capacity at The Joint. “We had a demo unit here for six months, and it’s still working perfectly.”

A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for Clay Paky.

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Area Manager for North and Latin America, adds, “The Joint is a great concert venue and I know the HPE’s will be perfect for location. We’re proud that they were selected.”

About Clay Paky
Headquartered in Seriate (Bergamo), Italy, Clay Paky SPA has a history of designing and manufacturing innovative professional show lighting. The company was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur Pasquale Quadri who anticipated the enormous impact the evolution of technology would have on the show and entertainment worlds.

For more information on Clay Paky products, please contact:
Francesco Romagnoli francesco@claypaky.it
Davide Barbetta webmaster@claypaky.it

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About A.C.T Lighting

A leading importer and distributor of lighting products, A.C.T Lighting, Inc. strives to identify future trends and cutting-edge products, and stock, sell and support their inventory. The company provides superior customer service and value for money to all of its clients.

For more information call 818-707-0884.

The Joint is a 4,000-person capacity venue that serves as a sophisticated, intimate and unparalleled entertainment destination. The Joint features seven Luxury Suites, a VIP Studio Level, state-of-the-art sound system, superior video system and a production package tailor-made for artist comfort. It has received numerous accolades including “Best Concert Venue” in Las Vegas Review – Journal’s “Best of Las Vegas” awards 2010 – 2012, “Best Music Venue” in 2012 Las Vegas Weekly Awards, “No. 1 Hottest Club in America” award by Billboard Magazine in 2011, “Best Live Music Venue in Las Vegas” by MetroWize.com in 2011, “Best New Major Concert Venue” at the 2010 Pollstar Awards, and “Best Live Music Venue” in AOL City’s Best 2010 awards. The Joint delivers unforgettable live music experiences with performances by both legendary and ground-breaking artists including Paul McCartney, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Arcade Fire, Avenged Sevenfold, Rise Against, Paramore, Muse, Drake and No Doubt. The venue created the successful concept of rock ‘n’ roll residencies with Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits, Mötley Crüe in Sin City, Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Democracy and Def Leppard VIVA Hysteria! (spring 2013) as well as Tiësto In Concert, featuring the world’s No. 1 electronic DJ and producer Tiësto. For additional information, visit www.thejointlasvegas.com or call 702.693.5583 or 702.693.5000.

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