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A virtual press conference from Sound & Video Contractor

Archive by David Steinberg

Alcorn McBride’s Touch for iOS with iBeacons make INFOCOMM Debut

Now iOS devices can react automatically to locations throughout a facility using Alcorn McBride’s Touch for iOS and Apple’s new iBeacons. Maintenance and Operations personnel equipped with an iPad or other iOS device will be presented with an automatically selected user interface, depending upon where they are. Alcorn McBride will be showing Touch for iOS with iBeacons at InfoComm14 where the company will occupy booth # N427 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18-20

iBeacons allow any iOS device such as an iPad running Alcorn McBride’s Touch user interface to react automatically to their location within any facility. For example, diagnostic screens can appear automatically as maintenance personnel move from one piece of equipment to another. Or a museum docent conducting a guided tour can be presented with screen tailored to their needs as they approach each exhibit.

iBeacons are tiny devices that require no external power source and can be located anywhere throughout a facility. Alcorn McBride’s touch software makes it easy to configure what screens appear when near each iBeacon.

Touch for iOS allows users to create beautiful graphical interfaces to control an entire facility by communicating wirelessly with Alcorn McBride show controllers such as the V16 Pro, V4 Pro or V-Core.

Touch for iOS is available in the Apple App store for $10. iBeacons are available from a variety of sources, and cost about $35 each.

About Alcorn McBride:
Founded in 1986, Alcorn McBride is the leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, and a rapidly growing provider of audio and video systems for retail environments and transportation applications. Staffed by some of the industry’s best engineers and backed by outstanding customer support, the company has demonstrated great agility in bringing new designs to market. A hallmark of Alcorn McBride products is their durable, zero maintenance design. The company’s products provide consistent, reliable operation for audio and video playback applications worldwide. For more information, visit www.alcorn.com.

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HRS Control’s HRS-eTouch Touch Screen Controllers Makes InfoComm14 Debut

HRS Control’s HRS-eTouch touch screen controllers, available in wall-mounted and desktop configurations for pro AV control, will make its InfoComm14 debut at the HRS Control booth # C4834 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18-20. The new device utilizes HRS Designer software to build completely customizable controllers featuring graphics, branding and system design tailored to the user.

“We’ve been moving more and more into commercial integration, and as we work with clients on projects in commercial spaces a common request has been for in-wall mount touch screens,” says Drew Taylor, director of sales and applications for HRS Control.

HRS-eTouch can be used with a UDC Pro ECS-Raptor or other HRS Control servers in an environment with multiple touch screens controllers. It also features a built-in control server in a single controller application that requires no additional hardware or software investment so it can run as a stand-a-lone touch screen with built in controller. “Even though Raptor has iPad and Windows RT apps as well browser support, people have been asking for a dedicated device to perform this sole function,” Taylor explains. “So we’re excited to introduce this option.”

HRS-eTouch works with a UDC Pro ECS-Raptor as an efficient, custom control interface to the AV and IT equipment such as video processors, video routers, video conferencing, audio processors, lighting dimmers, video and audio playback and record, displays and more.

Fast and easy deployment is assured with HRS Designer software; no complex coding or programming is required. The wall-mount and desktop units are available in 4 inch and 7 inch models with supported power over Ethernet injector options.

The wall mount kit is shipping now; desktop kits will be available soon.

About HRS Control

High Resolution Systems known as HRS Control is a company with a strong systems engineering and applications background. Its founders have decades of experience in the audio visual rental and staging industry, broadcast applications, A/V installations and system design. This combined experience allows them to provide the highest possible quality solutions to its customers in the most efficient manner. For more information, visit www.hrscontrol.com.

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Lightware Bolsters Support of HDBaseT: Will Demonstrate at INFOCOMM 2014

Lightware Visual Engineering has furthered its support of HDBaseT with its HDBaseT-enabled 65×65 and 80×80 modular matrix switchers and the new UMX-TPS product family, featuring HDBaseT extenders. Live working demos of the entire product line will be shown in the Lightware booth at InfoComm 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 14-20.

The HDBaseT connectivity standard for whole-home and commercial distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content has become “increasingly popular and is an exciting step forward for the industry,” says Drew Taylor, director of sales and applications at Lightware U.S.A., the US distributor for Budapest-based Lightware Visual Engineering products. “HDBaseT is playing an important role in the capabilities of Lightware’s growing product range.”

HDBaseT’s 5Play feature set, which delivers uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power and control signals over a single CAT5e/6 cable, makes it ideal for commercial integration, Taylor says. “By supporting HDBaseT Lightware is responding to needs from the integration space for remote power and the ability to extend RS232 and Ethernet from the matrix to all end points. Our UMX transmitters also can support any connection type.”

The new UMX-TPS product line includes HDBaseT extenders with wall and floor plate models. Targeted to environments such as small boardrooms and classrooms, these devices transmit universal video at resolutions up to 4K, audio, and control up to 180 meters over one CAT cable. The UMX-TPS-TX140 transmission unit is compatible with both Lightware’s HDBaseT extenders and matrix switchers.

Lightware’s own Hybrid architecture is an equivalent of HDBaseT technology delivering video, audio, Ethernet, IR, RS232 and power over a single CAT cable.

“Where Lightware separates itself from the competition is with its 65×65 and 80×80 matrix switchers, which offer Hybrid architecture with HDMI local inputs and outputs mixed with TPS boards,” says Taylor. “No other company provides that kind of solution. And Lightware switchers support 4K today – none of our competitors are shipping products with 4K capabilities yet.”

About Lightware U.S.A.

Lightware U.S.A. is the US distributor of professional AV products manufactured by Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary. For more information on these products, visit www.lightwareUSA.com.

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A.C.T Lighting Approved for Membership in the Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partner Program

A.C.T Lighting, Inc. has been named a member of the Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partner Program. The program, piloted by the utility’s Green Team brand, benefits A.C.T Lighting and its customers as its members participate in protecting the environment. It directly relates to the GDS ArcSystem of auditorium, retail and commercial LED lighting for which A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor in North America.

The Market Partner Network is comprised of contractors, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of energy efficient equipment. It also includes skilled professionals such as architects, engineers and energy consultants who assist Con Edison commercial and industrial customers in meeting their energy savings goals.

Partners receive numerous advantages from the program, including the potential to broaden their customer base and increase sales. One of the primary benefits is the financial incentives offered by Con Edison to replace less efficient incandescent, T12 fluorescent and standard metal halide technologies with energy efficient alternatives such as LED lighting.

“We discovered ConEd’s Market Partner program at a recent global energy conservation trade show we attended,” says Chris Patton, systems specialist at A.C.T Lighting. “We were impressed by the financial incentives offered to those who want to implement energy efficient measures. We are very happy to have been accepted into the program. Now, when an interested party like a theater or entertainment venue contacts Con Edison for energy efficient lighting solutions the utility can refer them to us and our GDS ArcSystem.”

Designed as an LED lighting system for new and retrofit applications, the UK-made ArcSystem is available in a range of configurations that serve as truly viable replacements for traditional incandescent sources. With a CRI in excess of 90, the ArcSystem produces an incredibly rich, warm light. It offers extremely smooth dimming from 100 to zero – a feature that’s hard to find in LED fixtures. The system can also be operated wirelessly for easy installation in existing buildings without the need for rewiring with control cable.

“The ArcSystem has been in production for over two years and has hundreds of completed installations worldwide, including many in the U.S.,” notes Patton. “The ArcSystem has just received UL 924 approval for the dual input, emergency version of its fixtures. That’s particularly important for venues looking for an all-in-one solution since it’s now possible to use a fully-listed house light product for both main house lighting and emergency lighting.”

Patton says that A.C.T Lighting is “confident that our acceptance into Con Edison’s Market Partner program will help us promote the ArcSystem’s exciting, green energy alternative to theaters and other entertainment venues in the New York metropolitan area.”

About A.C.T Lighting

A leading importer and distributor of lighting products, A.C.T Lighting, Inc. strives to identify future trends and cutting-edge products, and stock, sell and support their inventory. The company provides superior customer service and value for money to all of its clients.

For more information call 818-707-0884.

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Alcorn McBride Announces Unprecedented Five-Year Product Warranty

Alcorn McBride Inc. has announced that it is extending its standard product warranty from two years to five years. Alcorn McBride is the leading manufacturer of control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry as well as for retail environments and transportation applications,

In a world where some manufacturers offer 90-day warranties, Alcorn McBride is well known for a straightforward warranty policy that’s distinctly lacking in fine print. Previously, if an Alcorn McBride product broke within two years of its purchase and the breakage was not due to abuse, the manufacturer would repair or replace it. The customer paid only for shipping to Alcorn McBride.

Now that warranty period has been extended to five years, demonstrating the confidence that Alcorn McBride has in the reliability and durability of its products.

“The Alcorn McBride brand is known for rock-solid reliability and unsurpassed customer support,” says CEO Steve Alcorn. “We’ve always had a two-year product warranty and the industry’s most customer-friendly support policies. Now we’ve decided to increase that to an unprecedented five-year product warranty.”

“Frankly, our existing customers have always known they can expect that level of support from us, so we’ve decided to make sure the rest of the world knows, too.”

About Alcorn McBride:
Founded in 1986, Alcorn McBride is the leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, and a rapidly growing provider of audio and video systems for retail environments and transportation applications. Staffed by some of the industry’s best engineers and backed by outstanding customer support, the company has demonstrated great agility in bringing new designs to market. A hallmark of Alcorn McBride products is their durable, zero maintenance design. The company’s products provide consistent, reliable operation for audio and video playback applications worldwide. For more information, visit www.alcorn.com.

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WorldStage Supports World Premiere of “Kung Fu” at New York City’s Signature Theatre With Projection and Playback Equipment

“Kung Fu,” the new play from David Henry Hwang, the Tony Award-winning author of “M. Butterfly,” introduces audiences to a Bruce Lee they probably don’t know. Fusing dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and drama into a bold, new theatrical form, “Kung Fu” showcases Lee in his journey from troubled Hong Kong youth to martial arts legend, husband and father. WorldStage supported the production with projection and playback equipment during its world premiere at New York City’s Signature Theatre.

WorldStage provided projection designer Darrel Maloney with eight Christie projectors, a mix of M Series HD14K and HD10K models, plus a d3 Technologies video playback platform so he could pixel map the entire set.

Maloney’s diverse array of animated projections transformed the martial arts studio set, featuring concrete-like side walls, wood paneling, cinderblocks and an archway into a back room, into a backdrop for many scenes from Lee’s life. A proscenium arch, projected around the arch in the set, added grandeur to a Chinese opera sequence. Shadows of telephone poles and other exterior elements created a Hong Kong alleyway for a street brawl. Vintage ’60′s graphics and a show open styled on “The Green Hornet” TV series recreated Lee’s American TV debut. And training drawings, based on Lee’s diagrams of martial arts moves, accented his amazing athletic ability.

WorldStage worked hand-in-hand with the production staff at Signature Theatre on projector placement. “We had to squeeze a slew of projectors into a relatively confined space,” says WorldStage director of emerging technologies, Lars Pedersen. “We needed to provide an image canvas that covered all the scenic surfaces, all the nooks and crannies, without being obtrusive and with minimal impact on the lighting, props and scenic departments.

“We were fortunate in that we were able to place the projectors in close proximity to their respective optimal positions,” Pedersen continues. “The other departments were very accommodating and attuned to our needs. In those few instances where location was less than ideal, the outstanding warp and geometry correction features of the d3 playback system made pixel mapping a pretty straightforward process.”

Maloney, who previously worked with WorldStage on “A Night with Janis Joplin,” at Broadway’s Lyceum Theater, likes the confident feeling that comes from working with WorldStage. “I really like knowing I’ll get a complete package that will work from Day One,” he says. “And if I run into any problems I know they’ll be there to support me.”

“‘Kung Fu’ was one of our larger productions, and the projections were integral to the piece,” notes Paul Ziemer, director of production at the Signature Theatre Company. “WorldStage and Lars did a great job. WorldStage is a top-class organization, and it was great to do business with them. We’re an off-Broadway theater with big desires in terms of what we want to do. WorldStage was incredibly helpful in keeping costs down and maximizing our budget.”

WorldStage Inc., the company created by the merger of Scharff Weisberg Inc and Video Applications Inc, continues a thirty-year legacy of providing clients the widest variety of entertainment technology coupled with conscientious and imaginative engineering services. WorldStage provides audio, video and lighting equipment and services to the event, theatrical, broadcast and brand experience markets nationally and internationally.

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New 3D Show Presentation System Designed by Electrosonic Marks 700th Anniversary of Scotland’s Iconic Battle of Bannockburn

In the lead up to the 700th anniversary of Scotland’s Battle of Bannockburn, a new visitor centre at the historic site in Stirling has become the first in the world to use fight choreography and motion capture techniques to immerse visitors in a realistic 3D medieval battle. The complex projection system was designed by Electrosonic’s Design Consulting team and engineered and installed by Electrosonic’s Edinburgh office under sub-contract to lead design consultancy Bright White Ltd.

The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 was one of the most decisive battles of the First War of Scottish Independence and an iconic cornerstone in Scottish history. It pitted King Robert the Bruce of Scotland against the English King Edward II and resulted in a complete Scottish victory. The National Trust for Scotland’s new Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre opened on 1 March 2014, transporting visitors back in time to the 1314 battle and has been an instant success.

Electrosonic was called in at the early stage of the design process to give advice on the most suitable technology to fit the space and budget and most importantly to verify that the technology could achieve the design ideas.

3D Show Presentations Highlight Battle Start to Finish

Electrosonic and Bright White Ltd. partnered to design and engineer the centre’s fully automatic life-size 3D show presentation systems. They begin with the Prologue’s puppet theater-style 3D presentation, which introduces visitors to some of the main characters and circumstances leading up to the battle. Next, four large screens in the Prepare for Battle exhibition use Panasonic projectors to present a continuous sequence of spectacular, life-size 3D images.

Visitors are placed right in the middle of the action. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with warriors and weapons, visitors not only learn about the medieval battle but really experience the emotions of war as they duck longbow arrows shot across the space.

Behind two of the screens are five Character Stations showing ten historical or generic fictional characters who played a part in the battle. Each Character Station uses two narrow-bezel 46-inch NEC LCDs to produce a life-size 2D animated portrait that comes to life when the visitor stands in front and gestures.

The films shown in Prepare for Battle and in the Character Stations were developed by 3D modelers at the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV), a partnership between the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio and Historic Scotland, under contract to Bright White Ltd. Although the films were computer generated, all live action was based on real people using both laser scan and motion capture techniques and authenticated using an Academic Panel featuring some of the UK’s top historians.

Battle Room

A circular space houses the signature Battle Room. Visitors can choose to watch a 10-minute Battle Show or they can play or observe a 40-minute Battle Game, in which advanced booking is necessary for participation.

Visitors enter the Battle Room at an upper level so they can look down on the battle map. Game participants who have entered the space at floor level take command of the knights and soldiers competing on the virtual battlefield. Up to 30 visitors can play the game, which is controlled by the Battlemaster who also offers visitors advice. The Battlemaster operates a twin Winsonic touch screen console. The interactive elements of the game allow visitors to make ‘battle decisions’ that will affect an entire army, an experience that they will not forget.

A massive 3D map of the Stirling landscape gives a bird’s-eye view of the battle. The Battle Game is based on a relief representation of the terrain, onto which two projectiondesign projectors map terrain details and all the troop movements in a 2.5D technique that mimics a three-dimensional display.

At the conclusion of the game, visitors finish their tour with the Epilogue show, which follows the same format as the Prologue and is equipped with Panasonic projectors for 3D projection and a 7thSense Delta Duo media server.

Quality Installation, AV and Control Systems

“There are very few companies who have the technical expertise and experience to be able to design, install and maintain such a sophisticated and immersive audio visual experience that involves synchronised systems,” commented Tom Ingrey-Counter, Interpretation Sub-Project Manager for the visitor centre. “For the National Trust of Scotland this has been a very adventurous project and we’ve really relied on the expertise of Electrosonic to deliver it and I testify to the quality of the service provided.”

Each projection screen for 3D images is equipped with two projectors with appropriate filters. The screens themselves are part of the exhibition structure painted with a special Ultra Silver 3D Goo paint to preserve linear polarization.

All 3D images are sourced from dedicated twin-channel 7thSense Delta Duo media servers providing uncompressed image storage. The four main show servers are synchronized. Other interactive exhibits use high-specification DVS computers with appropriate graphics outputs. The Battle Game uses two DVS Hydra 3 computers to provide real-time graphic images; another computer runs the game and supports the twin touch screen display used by the Battlemaster.

To ensure the continual and reliable operation of the Battle Game, Electrosonic installed dual PCs in a redundant configuration of primary and secondary. The PCs run the Battlemaster control and feed graphics to the projectors; the Battlemaster can switch between them within seconds at a touch of a button from the console and continue the game without disturbing customers should anything happen.

While the visitor centre visuals are impressive in their own right, audio also plays an important part in the overall experience. The main show uses a 7.1 multi-channel surround sound system with Tannoy speakers and T&TM amps. The Character Stations have 10 highly directional Panphonics Sound Shower overhead loudspeakers. Mood images surrounding the Battle Game space also have 7.1 multi-channel surround sound.

All equipment have a network connection for control and monitoring, and overall system control is by a standard AMX room control system. A wireless AMX touch panel allows for remote control anywhere within the exhibition.

The source and control equipment are rack mounted in a central control room. The installation follows Electrosonic’s preferred practice for sites of this kind with all site cabling terminated in suitable socket boxes. This allows all site cables to be properly terminated and tested in advance. The racks were factory built at Electrosonic’s Dartford office and arrived on site with cable and plug assemblies that plugged into the waiting sockets. This minimized installation time and provided a more reliable and maintainable system.

“The quality of Electrosonic’s technical design for resilient systems is excellent, and is a key aspect of the project; no matter how creative the team is, if the system doesn’t enjoy 99%+ uptime, then all is lost,” commented Chris Walker, MD of Bright White Ltd. “Electrosonic worked admirably with the designers, the operators and Bright White’s media contractors to provide one of the most intelligent and advanced AV systems we are aware of in the museums sector.”

About Electrosonic
Electrosonic, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is an international audio-visual company that creates tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of markets including theme parks, museums, control rooms, and corporate meeting rooms. Since its founding in 1964, Electrosonic has built a strong reputation for working on complex projects, both large and small, and has developed lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. Beyond complete integrated systems, Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of services including technical design, projector lamp sales, maintenance and operational support.

Learn more about Electrosonic. Visit http://www.electrosonic.com

About the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre
A new look for 2014: The National Trust for Scotland’s Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre opened on 1 March 2014 in time for the 700th anniversary of the battle this year. An innovative new visitor centre and sensitive landscaping are changing the way that visitors experience Bannockburn, making it a truly world-class site for this defining moment in Scotland’s history.

The new Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre uses state of the art installations to interpret and explain the circumstances that led up to this pivotal event in our history and its consequences. The Scottish Government has committed £5 million through Historic Scotland, and £4.1 million has been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The design team include:
• Architectural Team – Reiach and Hall with Sinclair Knight Merz (Engineer), Turner and Townsend (QS) and KJ Tait (M&E Engineers)
• Interpretation: Concept and Design – Bright White Ltd
• Landscape Architects – Ian White Associates
• 3D Media Research, Development and Realisation – Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV)

Find out more at www.battleofbannockurn.com

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Lighting Designer Jason Liggett Goes Interactive with grandMA2 light On Innovative Mike Gordon Tour

It’s certainly not your grandma’s jamband tour. Nevertheless a grandMA2 light, manned by lighting designer Jason Liggett, is critical to band-audience interaction on Phish bassist Mike Gordon’s solo tour in support of his album, “Overstep.” A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor of the MA Lighting in North America.

Gordon has conceived the show as something of an interactive art installation. One of his gags to encourage audience participation is a massive digital keyboard, called the EEL, stretching across the front of the stage. It has 55 keys and, at certain points in the show, the EEL illuminates and catches the attention of concertgoers in the front of house. Then it goes mostly dark with only a few keys remaining lit or active. Fans instinctively reach out to touch them and when they do they hear a bass, a snare drum, a piano. As they start to tap the keys the sounds take on the rhythm of the song played onstage and the fans get about 30 seconds to jam with the band.

‘For two bars we’re playing, then for two bars we go quiet and the audience plays, then for another two bars we play something that complements what they just did, and so on,” Gordon has said. “We’re having a duel with the audience.”

Liggett, who heads Liggy Lighting Design LLC, has been a grandMA user since 2009. He transitioned to the grandMA2 for Gordon’s tour “for its power and ability to handle anything externally and trigger devices,” he says. “The ability to create MIDI triggers is great on that system.”

The lighting designer worked with Andy Cass (http://www.andycass.com/) to tie in MIDI components with lighting and video elements. “Any of the commands running from the EEL goes through MIDI and the grandMA2 while I’m running the lights. It amazed me how easy it was to set up MIDI on the grandMA2 and get everything to talk nice.”

Liggett uses between three and five universes per show, plus MIDI. “It’s been great,” he reports. “I’ve fallen in love with the layout view in the grandMA2. And the cloning is amazing. Using the layout view and cloning together I’ve cut hours and hours from my focus time in production.”

He also gives kudos to the system’s converter. “I’ve been able to bring over all the effects I’ve created since 2009,” he says. “I really appreciate that. This board does it all for me, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. A.C.T Lighting has been great in supporting the grandMA2 as well.”

Atomic Pro Audio provided the grandMA2 light for Liggett. BML provided all lighting and video gear.

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Applied Electronics Names Max Wilson as Sales Manager

Applied Electronics, a leader in entertainment structural solutions since1984, is pleased to announce that Max Wilson has joined the team as Sales Manager responsible for developing sales and enhancing customer relations. Wilson was most recently Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tomcat USA.

Newport News-based Applied Electronics offers genuine American-made craftsmanship that defines its comprehensive truss, ground support, roof system and electronic product lines. It supplies equipment to production professionals, rental companies, arenas, motion pictures and television, educational institutions, houses of worship, retail, and trade shows.

“We are delighted to welcome Max to our team,” says Mike Rampmeyer, COO of Applied Electronics. “We’re confident that his experience, knowledge and expertise will enable him to serve the demanding needs and expectations of our customers. His reputation and passion for helping customers with their structural needs are perfect fits for our team.”

In his role as Sales Manager at Applied Electronics Wilson will also represent partner Staging Dimensions, the New Castle, Delaware-based manufacturer and distributor of quality, versatile, portable staging products and accessories. Its modular product line may be configured for both temporary and permanent stage installations.

Wilson spent the last 10 years working in various sales capacities for Tomcat USA. Prior to that, he worked in automation for Cirque du Soleil’s KA and served as Assistant Head of Automation for Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage.

“My 20-plus years in the entertainment industry has allowed me the privilege of knowing Applied Electronics and respecting the excellent services they provide to customers worldwide,” says Wilson. “I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and experience to this exceptional team to help continue moving the company forward in product innovation and customer service.”

About Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics manufactures and distributes trussing, portable crank lifts, ground support systems, roof systems, dimmers, lighting controllers, power distribution and other accessories for production professionals, rental companies, arenas, motion pictures and television, educational institutions, houses of worship, retail, and trade shows. For more information, contact Mike Rampmeyer at 757-591-9371 or email mike@appliednn.com. Visit our websites at www.appliednn.com and www.stagingdimensions.com.

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Vista Systems’ Spyder Forms the Core of Extensive Technical Component at New Preston Trail Community Church in Texas

There’s a Spyder inside Preston Trail Community Church’s new facility in Frisco, Texas, and it’s definitely meant to be there. The Vista Systems Spyder 344, which will migrate from the church’s existing space, is at the heart of a high-end roster of equipment in the media-savvy house of worship.

“We are very media driven,” says Preston Trail’s tech director Jerod Chambers. “We’re relocating the Spyder from our current church and upgrading everything else around it.”

Chambers notes that the non-denominational church, which celebrated its first public service in September 2002, has grown from 200 members to over 5,000. The current facility opened in December 2006 and offers three Sunday services. The new facility site was dedicated May 18, and the congregation will move in this summer.

“We’re doubling the size of the venue,” Chambers says. “The Spyder has served us well as our church has grown. Now, we’ll be able to use it in our new facility with all updated equipment.” That equipment will include a complement of studio cameras, RenewedVision’s ProPresenter church worship software, Blackmagic playback devices, alpha keyers and a routing system, which will distribute signals around the campus and also tie feeds to live streaming.

The Spyder will work in conjunction with a par of 18K projectors and a 30K projector. “To facilitate our creativity we need all our projection surfaces to act as one,” Chambers explains. “The Spyder will be operated by volunteers, and while it’s very cutting edge it’s also incredibly capable and volunteer-friendly.”

He praises the “world-class support” Preston Trail receives from Vista Systems. “When you call, you get a real person,” he reports. “At the end of the day, the most important thing a vendor can supply is a good relationship, and Vista Systems really delivers on that.”

About Vista Systems
Vista Systems’ switchers have become the industry standard for live multiple-destination video and data mixed signal switching with real-time windowing and composition. For more information on Vista Systems, visit their website at www.vistasystems.net

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