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A virtual press conference from Sound & Video Contractor

Archive by Megan Clifford

Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule Now Shipping

Milford, NH – July 26, 2012 – After 14 months of development, the Earthworks WL40V Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule is now shipping.

The WL40V is a wireless microphone capsule head suitable for use in a variety of live sound applications. The capsule head has a three ring bulls-eye connector and is interchangeable with any of the screw-on-type handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3 mm / pitch 1.0 mm.

Ideal for live performance, stage and broadcast use, the WL40V delivers a detailed and realistic vocal sound that requires little to no EQ. Its textbook perfect hypercardioid polar pattern and extended flat frequency response translate to a natural on- and off-axis performance coupled with benchmark levels of clarity and detail.
MAP pricing for the WL40V is $899.


Earthworks Upgrades Measurement Microphones

M23, M30, M30BX, M50

Milford, NH – July 5, 2012 ― Earthworks has upgraded its measurement microphones to include electronic calibration files in addition to the accessories previously offered at no additional cost.

With the purchase of any Earthworks measurement microphone beginning on July 1, 2012, customers will receive an electronic calibration file, mic clip, ½ inch calibrator adapter and case. Customers will receive their ECF via email after registering their Measurement Series microphone on the Earthworks website.

Together with the provided sensitivity of your individual microphone, the ECF can be used to calibrate your specific microphone to your measurement software or system.

Hand built, tuned and tested in the Earthworks facility in Milford, NH, the Measurement Series includes models with upper frequency responses of 23kHz, 30kHz and 50kHz. Each microphone’s capsule is hand tested and matched to its circuitry to provide the most accurate responses.

MAP pricing: M23 – $459; M30 – $649; M30BX – $799; M50 – $1299


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Earthworks Extends FlexMic Series of Podium Microphones

Milford, NH, June 21, 2012 – Earthworks introduces the newest model in the FlexMic Series, the FMR600 FlexMic, designed for permanent installation in podium applications. With a 23.62 inch total length, the FMR600 is ideal for most podium and house of worship applications.

The FMR600 features a rigid center with flexes at both ends that have no handling noise, allowing seamless and quiet repositioning.

The FMR600 also includes Earthworks’ patented polar technology, which allows orators to move as much as 90 degrees off-axis and still maintain the same pristine sound quality and high intelligibility. It is available in both cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns.

MAP $559. Shipping July 2, 2012.


Earthworks Installation Series Debuting at InfoComm

Earthwokrs IM3 and IM6

Milford, NH – June 5, 2012 – Earthworks introduces two microphones from the new Installation Series, the IM3 and IM6, designed for permanent installation. The primary applications for the IM3 and IM6 include ceiling mounted teleconferencing, distance learning, surveillance, boardrooms, government facilities, and ambient room miking.

The IM3 and IM6 both feature a 30Hz to 30kHz flat frequency response and patented polar technology, allowing orators to maintain the same high intelligibility throughout the room without a reduction in sound level or a loss of high frequencies. The Installation Series microphones come standard with a cardioid polar pattern, 4.495 inch body, and white finish on exposed sections. The IM3 has a 3 inch gooseneck and the IM6 has a 6 inch gooseneck.

Pricing for the IM3 is $659 and $699 for the IM6. Volume pricing discounts available.



Kimbra’s energetic live performances and powerful vocals reproduced by Earthworks microphones without missing a beat as she tours the globe.

Milford, NH, April 11, 2012 – Kimbra is quickly becoming somebody that you ought to know. With a slew of SXSW showcase gigs, nationwide tours in support of Gotyé and Foster The People, tens of millions of views on YouTube, and a cover of the hit Gotyé song she lends her powerful vocals to, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” performed on Fox’s hit show Glee, Kimbra is bringing her music to the masses, one powerful performance at a time. And Earthworks is there to capture that sound all along the way thanks to Kimbra’s FOH Engineer Angus Davidson. Covering every instrument on stage, Earthworks microphones have brought Kimbra’s lively and moving performances to the masses as the intensely talented musical force tours the globe.

Angus Davidson, FOH engineer for Kimbra and Crowded House, is no stranger when it comes to using all Earthworks microphones on stage. “Previously, with Crowded House, we also enjoyed tremendous success using 29 Earthworks mics, which we used on vocals, drums and instruments,” Davidson noted. “Everything was miked with Earthworks microphones.”

For Kimbra’s performances, Davidson went the all Earthworks route once again. The new SR40Vs are being used on both Kimbra’s and her band’s vocals. On drums Davidson uses a pair of SR40s for overheads, 2 DP30s on snare (top and bottom), DP30s on toms, SR30 on high-hat and SR30 with KickPad on kick drum. SR30s are used on the guitar amps, as well as for audience mics, and some things are fed direct. “An integral part of sound for Kimbra and her band is the exclusive use of Earthworks microphones,” Davidson remarked.

Monitor Engineer for Kimbra’s tour is Rod Matheson, who worked with Kylie Minogue for 18 years, did a world tour last year with Bristish trip hop duo Massive Attack and has done monitors for countless other artists throughout the world. “In my opinion, Rod is one of the finest monitor engineers on the planet,” Davidson said. “He has an exceptional set of ears and is a very particular and fastidious engineer who gets great results. Rod was a little dubious at first, about using all Earthworks microphones, but after using them the first time, he agreed that these mics were in a league of their own.”

The newest addition to the Earthworks lineup, the SR40V, has found a welcome home on stage with Kimbra. “The Earthworks SR40V is an incredibly flat microphone. The benefit to me is that I can make it sound any way I want, depending on the application. Because of the super fast rise time of the small diaphragm, I can add and subtract EQ without it ever sounding ‘tubby or flabby.’ Its natural presence and tightness is quite unique,” noted Davidson. “Kimbra has an incredible vocal range from a whisper to a huge full voice. Regardless of how she sings, I can always place her vocal exactly where it needs to be in the soundscape. No other vocal microphone I have used can compete with the SR40V. For me it is simply the best vocal microphone ever.”

With a background that spans three and a half decades of live and studio work, Davidson has a unique perspective on microphone technologies over that time. “When I was starting in this industry 35 years ago there was an enormous focus on the “rise time” and “transient response” of microphones,” Davidson noted. “Somehow over the past 30 years that function of microphone audio physics seems to have been lost. David Blackmer’s unique microphone technologies have allowed all of this to work really well for the first time. Earthworks microphones very clearly illustrate how important rise time, transient response, fast diaphragm settling time and extended frequency response truly are. These microphone characteristics provide an enormous depth of field, with incredible detail over the audio spectrum, not to mention their incredible phase coherency, particularly when we use these mics on every drum.” Davidson remarked on his experiences with the technologies found in Earthworks mics specifically on a drum kit, “I’ve listened very closely to recordings where we’ve used Earthworks mics on every element of the drum kit. The detail, separation, and accuracy of the stereo sound stage is unbelievable. The drums are crisp, detailed and really natural sounding.”

“In contrast, you could select a number of other ‘Specialty’ mics to use on a kick drum and get that huge round fat bottom end with the click of the beater, but it is a very one-dimensional sound,” Davidson continued. “There are all sorts of microphones out there that do a great job, specifically on one thing, but there are very few microphones that I have ever used that do “everything” equally well, like the Earthworks do. I don’t use two microphones on kick drum; instead, I use a single Earthworks SR30 with a KickPad. This combination with the addition of a little EQ makes the kick drum really beautiful and natural sounding, with no B.S. to the sound.”

Davidson continues with this natural sounding approach beyond drums to each instrument on stage. “I also don’t want to be pulling ridiculous monster sounds for every instrument that’s on stage,” said Davidson. “Instead, I feel that we should be balancing what is there, and not trying to reinvent the wheel. I like the idea of creating a sound stage that makes you feel a certain way; by the way you mix it, and not having to make every instrument and vocal sound bigger than everything else. There seems to be a trend to create thunderous bass, but at the expense of everything else. Why would you keep applying EQ, compression and all types of signal processing and not treat the signal with the respect it deserves? I want to be able to look on stage, and be able to clearly hear everything I can see. The essence of this is to pick a microphone that will do that effectively, and then place it perfectly to best reproduce the source it is hearing.”

Before turning his attention back to the demands of the tour, Davidson offered these final thoughts. “Earthworks microphones look at the sound and give it an enormous amount of respect at the start, and that makes our job ten times easier. So, when I see someone playing something, I want to be able to hear it clearly and distinctly. The Earthworks mics make that job easier than it has ever been. They are so detailed and so clear. It’s like an artist walking around all the time with dark glasses on, and then one day taking them off and discovering that it’s ‘light out there’.”

Kimbra is preparing to unleash her debut studio album Vows to the United States on May 22, 2012. For tour dates, news, videos and more, visit Kimbra online at kimbramusic.com.

About Earthworks
Earthworks manufactures extended frequency condenser microphones and zero distortion preamps that are expertly tuned to sonic perfection. Each Earthworks microphone is backed by a fifteen year warranty and is hand tuned, tested and built in our Milford, New Hampshire facility. For additional information, visit the company online at www.earthworksaudio.com.

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November 23, 2011 – Milford, NH – Coldplay’s current massive world tour is using a number of Earthworks microphones. Their live sound engineer Dan Green recently auditioned a number of Earthworks microphones from UK distributor Unity Audio, specifically for drummer Will Champion’s kit.

“Since moving to the Earthworks drum microphones my drum sound has really expanded. The transient response of these microphones is incredible. Before I use to rely on transient enhancing plug-ins to get a similar sound, now it is all from the SR40 overheads. One of the other benefits of the new DP30/C periscope microphones are their new very rugged flexible arms, this gives me so many options on placement. They are a great addition to any Studio recording or Live performance.” Dan Green – Coldplay FOH engineer.

The full complement of drum microphones includes, SR40MP (matched pair) for overheads, SR30/HC for kick and hi-hat, including the Earthworks KickPad™ for the kick mic, 5x DP30/C drum periscope mics for snare top & bottom, and all toms.

Dan also took the opportunity to test Earthworks new SR40V hand held condenser and ordered several for backing vocals and the industry standard M30 measurement microphone for analysing PA systems.

Coldplay’s use of Earthworks drum microphones now is in addition to other international artists such as Steve Gadd, Keith Carlock (Steely Dan), and The Killers.

Earthworks offers complete drum mic kits with the 3-piece DK25 and DK50 Series for live or recording, as well as the CMK CloseMic™ Series and DFK Drum FullKit™. Any of these microphones can also be purchased individually. The small diaphragm Earthworks microphones boast the flattest frequency and fastest transient response available, coupled with an unrivalled 15 year warranty.


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Earthworks SR40V Vocal Microphone Nominated for 2011 TEC Award

Milford, NH, November 17, 2011 – Earthworks Microphones’ SR40V Vocal Microphone, has been nominated for a 2011 Technical Excellence & Creativity Award in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement.

The world’s first high definition vocal microphone, the hand-tuned and tested Earthworks SR40V delivers extreme clarity and the broadest flat frequency response, as well as the highest levels of feedback resistance available in any condenser vocal microphone. The result is an uncolored high gain vocal microphone with benchmark levels of clarity and resistance to feedback.

The SR40V stays true to the Earthworks foundation of reproducing your sound with the ultimate clarity and faithfulness, from the subtlest nuances of soulful blues, jazz and folk singers to a stinging 145db blast of rock ‘n’ roll emotion. Featuring revolutionary circuitry for flawless sonic performance and a unique blend of balance and precision machining, the SR40V represents the pinnacle of technology and aesthetics in microphone design.

The 27th Annual TEC Awards, presented by the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio and NAMM, will be held on January 20, 2012 at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. The TEC Awards was established in 1985 to honor outstanding achievement in professional audio production and product innovation. Winners will be determined by members of professional audio and sound production organizations, through online voting conducted by an independent company. Voting takes place from November 1st through 30th.

The winners of the 27th Annual TEC Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held Friday evening, January 20, 2012, at the Anaheim Hilton as a special highlight of the NAMM Show, the leading international music products trade show.
The SR40V, as well as microphones from the rest of the Earthworks lineup, is handmade and expertly tuned to sonic perfection in our Milford, New Hampshire facility and comes with an unrivaled 15 year warranty.

For additional information, visit the company online at www.earthworksaudio.com.

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Earthworks Redesigns DP30/C Drum Periscope Microphone

November 2, 2011, Milford, NH – Earthworks has unveiled the new and improved DP30/C Drum Periscope cardioid microphone. After many recommendations from front of house engineers and drummers from all over the globe, the redesigned DP30/C features a thicker and more rugged gooseneck that will stay in place even when the snare or toms are struck extremely hard. Once the durable microphone head is placed in the “sweet spot”, drummers will not have to worry about the DP30/C migrating once they commence.

The new DP30/C maintains the same sound quality and craftsmanship of the original. The microphone capsule housing is designed to protect the microphone capsule and withstand a direct hit from a drumstick. The electronics are housed in a cylindrical tube attached to the end of the gooseneck and provides a high level, low impedance output that will prevent radio frequency interference.

The DP30/C has an incredibly fast impulse response that will allow the microphone to capture the full detail of the attack, while its short diaphragm settling time will allow you to hear a full bodied sound with subtle details that other microphones miss. The DP30/C will handle sound levels up to 145dB SPL with no audible distortion and its heavy construction will enable it to withstand the punishment of the road.

“All of our mics, including the DP30/C, are sold with a 15 year warranty” states Bill Norton, Earthworks Inc, COO, “and we also custom build the very robust RM1 which is the rim mounted mic holder that can be purchased along with the DP30/C from any of our Authorized Earthworks dealers.”

For additional information on this microphone and others by Earthworks, visit the company online at www.earthworksaudio.com.

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Earthworks SR20 Updated For AES


Milford, NH, October 12, 2011 – Earthworks Microphones’ hand-built SR20 cardioid condenser microphone has been updated with a metal mesh windscreen more traditionally associated with vocal microphones.

The SR20 is a powerful microphone and can be used in any miking scenario live or in the studio. Earthworks patented design delivers a warm and true vocal sound, while its uniform polar response provides the same precision and sound quality at the front and side of the microphone.

The windscreen can be removed, which reveals the small diaphragm tip Earthworks SR Series microphones are known for. The SR20 is in the very well-known class of versatile instrument microphones within the “Sound Reinforcement? series and is an economical choice within the Earthworks line at $599.

Bill Norton, Earthworks’ COO, commented on the company’s new SR20. “We have always had great success with more

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Earthworks Audio Teams Up With Alto Music to Give Away an SR40V


September 8, 2011 Milford, NH ― Earthworks Audio has teamed up with Alto Music to give away its newest microphone, the SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone™ worth $1499, to one lucky winner in September.

Engineered for use on stage or in the studio, the hand-tuned and tested Earthworks SR40V allows you to capture and reproduce your vocals with unmatched clarity and depth. With a frequency response of 30Hz to 40kHz, an extremely fast impulse response and a very short diaphragm settling time you will hear subtle details that conventional vocal microphones miss.

Alto Music, one of Earthworks’ premier dealers in New York, will host the giveaway on their Facebook page. Enter at: www.facebook.com/altomusic. The contest runs from September 1 – 30, 2011. A winner will be drawn by October 7, 2011.

A complete list more

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