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Solid State Logic Appoints HD Pro Audio as its U.K. Dealer for Live Console

“I saw SSL Live and quickly realised that HD Pro Audio had to be involved with this product”

OXFORD – Solid State Logic is pleased to welcome HD Pro Audio as its Live console dealer in the U.K. As a leading supplier of professional audio systems, HD Pro Audio has a long-standing history of delivering its live sound expertise, quality products and complete solutions to installers and rental companies for prestigious venues and major live events.

“We’re very happy to be involved with SSL in bringing this console to our U.K. clients,” says Andy Huffer, HD Pro Audio Sales Director. “When I first heard about SSL doing a live console, I thought ‘here we go, another manufacturer giving an existing product a makeover and calling it the live version.’ Then I saw SSL Live at Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound and quickly realised that I was completely wrong and that HD Pro Audio had to be involved with this product. Building on the company’s established history of manufacturing high-quality analogue and digital mixing consoles, with rock-solid reliability for the demanding broadcast market, the SSL Live console is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond the outstanding control surface ergonomics, high channel count, routing flexibility and superlative audio quality, there are some unique features on this console that instantly make it a prime contender for a wide range of applications.”

“A well-established distributor in the field, HD Pro Audio is the ultimate choice for establishing the Live console in the U.K. live and installation markets,” says Mike Banks, U.K. Sales Manager, Solid State Logic. “HD Pro Audio’s reputation in the U.K. as the leading live sound provider precedes it, and its extensive customer base offers an unparalleled opportunity for SSL. We’re pleased they have signed on as our primary U.K. distributor and we look forward to working with them well into the future.”

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: www.solidstatelogic.com.

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Cerwin-Vega! P-Series Boosts the Audio at Hollywood Music Venue Amplyfi Powerful, Portable Speaker System Provides Sound Superiority

Popular Hollywood music venue AMPLYFi recently upgraded its PA system with units from Cerwin-Vega!®’s new P-Series Professional PA system and CVA Active Series Speakers. Though the all-ages nightclub has always had a reputation for unfaltering, high-quality sound, when owner Kota Wade first heard the venue’s bands through the P-Series system, she was immediately in awe and knew she had to switch over to Cerwin-Vega!

The Cerwin-Vega! setup at AMPLYFi features two P-Series stacks, which each include a P1500X two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker and a P1800SX powered subwoofer. Equipped with a large woofer and amplifier, each P1800SX offers Cerwin-Vega!’s signature high-level bass punch with extreme low-end response to all musicians who play at AMPLYFi. The sleek and sufficient hemi-conical horn of the P1500X, meanwhile, gives the venue an enhanced sound clarity over an even and wide coverage area.

“Changing the entire sound system was a huge decision for me,” says Wade, who is also a musician and AMPLYFi’s front-of-house engineer. “It’s like a model cutting off all her hair. It may look great, but it’s a big decision. I was just so stunned with the clarity I heard from the P-Series and CVA at every volume level, even when I ran it through multiple music genres. That was when I knew I had to make the switch to Cerwin-Vega! The sound of this place is critical, so I did not make the decision of switching over to Cerwin-Vega!’s P-Series lightly. But, I don’t regret it for a minute!”

Rounding out the audio setup at AMPLYFi are several Cerwin-Vega! CVA-28s, two of which are strategically facing the audience at center fill, and four being used as sound monitors.

Primarily a live music venue, AMPLYFi is home to several renowned artists, such as Echosmith, The Maine, the Brobecks, the Bolts and, of course, Wade’s two bands – Girl Radical, a 12-member pop music super group managed by ‘N Sync’s JC Chasez, and Bad Wolf, an alternative rock band. The 800-square-foot space features music of varying styles, including ambient, electronic and rock, and groups of all sizes, from acoustic outfits to big bands, which is why Wade especially loves Cerwin-Vega!’s sound control.

“When I decided to make the switch to the P-Series and CVA, I didn’t just change my gear, I changed my setup,” adds Wade. “I included subwoofers, which I had never used in this space before, because I felt safe knowing that the P-Series allows me to have total control over the sound, which is very important in a room this size. People of all ages can stand less than a foot away from the speakers when a band is playing, and I know that I won’t blow out their ears because I can control the sound levels.”

Wade isn’t the only person to notice the new-and-improved sound that AMPLYFi has to offer. “It’s just a different feel to it, and I am constantly amazed at how loud the P-Series can get while maintaining such clarity,” says Wade. “Our bands have all noticed the difference and love the new improvements that Cerwin-Vega! has made to AMPLYFi.”

The audience also loves the sound quality that the P-Series provides, which Wade jokes is an especially important element at her club, since it is an alcohol-free venue. “AMPLYFi is completely dry because I wanted to create a space where teenagers could party and listen to good music in a safe environment,” concludes Wade. “But, when you can’t hide behind your customers’ ‘alcohol ears,’ the sound has to be really good. It definitely is with the P-Series.”

The Cerwin-Vega! P-Series delivers a new standard in power and bass punch and is suited for any sound reinforcement application, from live performances to public speeches. The P1500X speaker is the most powerful PA product in its price class, employing a 15-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom 1500W Class-D amp. The P1800SX powered subwoofer features an 18-inch woofer with a custom 2000W Class-D amp. Both pieces include a built-in mixer with I/O connections, allowing for simple and fast setup, while enhanced EQ, VEGA BASS boost and high-pass filters enable exact tuning and exceptional performance for any event.

Situated in the heart of Hollywood, AMPLYFi is an all ages live music venue. Over 1,500 bands have graced the club’s stage since its opening, with many more scheduled to perform in the upcoming months. Due to AMPLYFi’s location, celebrities are known to frequent the club, particularly Dallon Weekes from Panic! At the Disco, as well as JC Chasez. To learn more about the space and upcoming artist performances, visit: http://www.amplyfi.com.

About Cerwin-Vega!
Cerwin-Vega!, part of the new Gibson Pro Audio division, is a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of loudspeakers for the home and professional audio markets. Designed in the pursuit of dynamic, accurate sound reproduction since 1954, Cerwin-Vega! products are distributed throughout the world via a network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries. For additional information on all Cerwin-Vega! products, please visit us online at www.cerwin-vega.com.

About Gibson Guitar Corp.
Gibson Guitar Corp. is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. The Gibson Les Paul Guitar is the bestselling guitar of all time and is a tribute to the late, famed musician of the same name. Collectively, the Gibson Robot Guitar, Gibson Dark Fire, Gibson Dusk Tiger and the Gibson Firebird X represent the biggest advances in electric guitar design in more than 75 years. Through the Gibson Foundation, Gibson Guitar Corp. has become equally known for its philanthropic efforts on behalf of music, education, health, and human services. Founded in 1894 in Kalamazoo, MI, and headquartered in Nashville, TN, since 1984, Gibson Guitar Corp.’s family
of brands includes Epiphone, Dobro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatiron, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Baldwin, Sunshine Piano, Take Anywhere Technology, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton, Wurlitzer and Gibson Pro Audio. Visit Gibson’s website at www.gibson.com. Follow Gibson Guitar at www.twitter.com/gibsonguitar and www.facebook.com/gibsonguitar.

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Trew Audio Relies on Optocore to Streamline Audio Transport for Live, Reality TV Productions

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 7, 2013 — When Gary Vahling, CTO, Trew Audio, a leader in the sales, rental, and service of audio equipment for professional film and video production in a various markets, first came to the company in 2011 as its Los Angeles rentals manager, he was seeking an audio transport system that was versatile enough to work with a variety of production setups, but also one that would be budget-friendly. He found the flexibility and future-proof technology he required in a system from Optocore, the leading provider of scalable, high-bandwidth, low-latency fiber-optic networks for the transmission of audio, video and data in a variety of markets.

While Trew Audio (formerly known as Coffey Sound) is mainly geared towards production sound for live events and permanent installations, the team also branches out into broadcast and film, for which he knew the Optocore system, would be perfect for. “Optocore is a natural fit when it comes to transporting audio for live productions, however it is just as strong in a broadcast environment,” says Vahling. “We’ve been using it for all different types of projects and are always happy with the results.”

Essentially an audio network based on fiber optic cabling connectivity, the Optocore system replaces copper based connectivity with a redundant, low latency, fiber optic backbone with multiple devices capable of routing audio and control signals between different devices on the network. The Optocore system that Vahling chose consists of the super reliable X6R-FX series audio network boxes, including the analog mic and line I/O, digital and intercom versions. Optocore’s YG-2 and YS-2 Yamaha Mini-YGDAI cards are also part of the company’s inventory allowing seamless integration with production audio mixing consoles.

This ability to route and transport intercom over the Optocore network is what prompted Vahling and his team to put the Optocore system to use for the first time last year, when it was tapped to work on MTV’s hit reality TV show, Punk’d. As the show famously uses a hidden camera to capture the practical jokes played on unsuspecting celebrities, the production team needed a way to keep themselves in constant communication with one another in different situations. To make that happen, Trew Audio configured an intercom system that consisted of a Clear-Com Eclipse PiCo and Encore intercom, along with high-speed Optocore V3R-FX-INTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM interfaces that were connected along with all other audio channels, via fiber and CAT5. Together, allowing the team to centrally manage and monitor all of the shows audio and intercom connectivity.

“This was one of the first instances, at least in North America, that utilized Clear-Com and Optocore together,” explains Vahling. “To have that seamless connectivity on a production sound event was a true boost to the show’s productivity—our setup time was super fast—which also helped keep costs down.”

Trew Audio’s use of Optocore technology on Punk’d is a perfect example of how an all-fiber audio network can be more beneficial than using the more traditional, expensive and inflexible copper connectivity. Something Vahling values the importance of while still acknowledging that it is taking awhile for others in the industry to get on board.

“Even though Optocore’s technology has been around for twenty years now, a system such as this is still very new,” he explains. “I believe fiber transport is going to be the standard in the future. The challenge right now is trying to get people to take the time to understand it. But once they do they’ll see the benefits of how using a fiber optic system simplifies the challenges of production and event work”.

“First, you have less cabling, which is always a plus. Also, the components have an extremely low current draw so they don’t generate a lot of heat. Optocore made sure to be very precise on their inputs and outputs so they are very easy to integrate with other types of systems, which makes connectivity and setups very quick. Essentially you can build a system to suit your needs. That’s why I think it’s a great application for rentals because it’s so flexible. You can use it in just about any type of signal transport application. Plus, following an initial setup, it’s really a plug and play type of system that any engineer can easily work with.”

Vahling has also had great success employing the Optocore system in live applications as well. He recently was hired to supply and manage all of the intercom communications for the Palm Springs International Film Festival held at the Palm Springs Convention Center. A unique situation, the hall required 700 foot-long cable runs. By utilizing the Optocore’s fiber optic technology, Vahling and his team ended up only needing to run two fiber cables between the front of house and back of house positions. He was able to manage all of the communications for the annual awards banquet from that main set-up.

In the end, Optocore has proven to be a solid investment for the team at Trew Audio. “With Optocore, you save money in the long run,” he says. “It is very advanced technology that has excellent sound quality and is certainly dependable. I’ve never had any issues with it. Their technical support team is superb—always ready to lend a hand or provide training as needed. The biggest challenge is really just getting people to jump on board, because once they do they will realize it just does so much more than you would expect.”

About Trew Audio
Trew Audio is devoted to the art of location sound recording for film and television. Founded by sound mixer Glen Trew, Trew Audio was designed to fill the widening gap between sound professionals and support services that has grown as film and video

production has become less confined to Hollywood and New York. With four locations in Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and Nashville, Trew Audio is a leader in the sales, rental, and service of audio equipment for professional film and video production in markets worldwide. Find out more at www.trewaudio.com

About Optocore
Based in Munich, Germany, Optocore is the world market leading provider of scalable, high-bandwidth, low–latency fiber-optic networks for the transmission of audio, video and data. For 20 years, Optocore has been continuously innovating and setting new standards with regards to digital network technology. Optocore builds and develops synchronous optical fiber and CAT5 based network solutions for broadcast professionals, fixed installations and live event applications. Utilizing leading-edge technology and high-quality components Optocore guarantees durability and therefore long-term market and customer satisfaction. Due to the open system architecture, Optocore’s platform offers other manufacturers the option to transfer conventional standard audio, video and data formats used in the pro audio industry, via a fiber and CAT5 network. Technical expertise, QoS and an extensive support structure are guaranteed to all customers, together with the highest level of quality controls. For more information, visit www.optocore.com.

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Clear-Com Certifies NMK Electronics Ent. in Dubai with Extensive Product and Service Training

NMK intercom customers benefit from a much richer set of support services and product knowledge

ALAMEDA, CA, OCTOBER 7, 2013 — Clear-Com® today announces it has given certification to NMK Electronics Ent., a provider of professional audio, video and communication equipment in Dubai, UAE, for completing an extensive series of intercom product and service training. With this in-depth product knowledge, NMK is the top solution provider in Dubai poised to best serve clients with communication needs for live productions.

In 2009, NMK joined Clear-Com’s global network of over 1,000 channel partners. Since then, NMK has received extensive sales and technical training on Clear-Com’s comprehensive portfolio of intercom products. The company has also undergone factory service training in Germany to extend its value-add to clients in Dubai. As a result, NMK’s intercom customers now experience a much faster service and support turnaround, as well as optimal recommendations for their communications needs.

“We do our best to offer not only products to our customers, but also solutions,” explains Moswain Antao, Head of Marketing for NMK. “This includes customer service before, during, and after the transaction. Whether it is providing a unit to demo, an emergency loaner unit, or providing technical support—keeping the customer happy is our end goal.”

NMK pre-sales support includes supplying demo systems and system diagrams, and helping clients build bills of quantities (BOQ). They make sure ample products are in stock to meet unexpected market demands—which NMK admits is “the norm” in the live performance and marine markets. Post-sales support includes responding to local service requests to ensure faster turnaround for its customers.

Additionally, NMK maintains its strong reputation in the market by hosting regular educational seminars as well as one-on-one orientations with clients. The small-group seminars include in-depth hands-on technical training and application-based learning. Customers are also invited to discuss their own projects.

“At Clear-Com we understand that our end-users prefer to deal with local experts who speak their language, understand their culture and business environment, and can support their deadlines,” says Karlie Miles, Clear-Com Director of EMEA & South Asia Pacific Sales. “This is why we have built up a network of channel partners for serving a variety of markets. NMK epitomizes the type of partner we select to promote, distribute, and service our products. They truly add value to the process.”

Miles continues, “NMK’s certification recognizes the company’s superior service and deep technical knowledge, as well as a better overall experience for its clients. Customers in the Middle East can rest assured they have a well-informed, experienced team in their locale to provide support when they need it.”

Established in 1987, NMK has been distributing professional audio, video and communication equipment for over 25 years. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, NMK clients include companies like Almoe Rentals, Artes, Creative Communication Group, Delta Sound, Evolution Rentals, Mediakraft, Prince Audio Visual, Production Technology (Protec), Shotech, and SLS Productions. While focusing primarily on the Live Performance market, NMK also serves other vertical markets such as Military, Aerospace, and Government (MAG), and Offshore.

About NMK Electronics Ent.
Celebrating 25 years in the Middle East, NMK Electronics Ent. is serving the professional audio, video and communication industry in the region. NMK is the exclusive distributor for some of the renowned brands as Shure, Roland Systems Group, Clair Brothers, Midas Consoles, Klark Teknik, Rational Acoustics, Clear-Com, Rane, Cloud, Sound Devices, D’San, Aphex, Rycote, Sabine, Vestax, Konig & Meyer, Neutrik and Van Damme Cables. Learn more at: www.nmkelectronics.com

About Clear-Com®
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since 1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast, performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communications solutions. For more information, please visit www.clearcom.com.

Brooklyn’s The Garden Adds RTW TM7 Touchmonitor To The Mix

Renowned Mix and Dubbing Studio Implements TM7 to Draw from Best of Analog and Digital Audio

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 7, 2013 – When it comes to analog and digital audio, Mix Engineer Drew Vogelman, founder of The Garden, a renowned mix and dubbing studio in Brooklyn, New York, believes in using elements of both worlds to get the best sound. Along these lines, he has incorporated a TM7 TouchMonitor from RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, into his studio. The 7-inch, touch-sensitive, 16:9-screen TM7 enables him to monitor both the analog and digital aspects of his clients’ mixes, ensuring that a particular sound, whatever its source, truly contributes to the perfect track.

Named after the outdoor garden lounge area of the Brooklyn brownstone where it is located, The Garden comprises a large control room and a dubbing room with a Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS Hybrid Console/Controller at the center of its operations. Vogelman has outfitted the studio with a large selection of analog outboard gear and instruments—everything from vintage drum kits, guitars synthesizers and amps, to plug-ins that replicate classic hardware and sound from storied music production studios and manufacturers—to give his clients a plethora of options for finessing their mixes. The TM7 takes things a step further by providing Vogelman a way to assess whether the sound of a particular analog element will complement a client’s particular mix.

“The RTW TM7 is critical to our mix process,” says Vogelman. “I’m an old-school engineer, so I’m a stickler for setting up what unit will be used on every mix. Because analog and digital are very different from one another, it’s important to go into a mix with an idea of what elements will work best for it. In a sense, we’re going back and forth between the digital and analog realms, and the TM7 helps us determine and maintain the right sound, regardless of where it comes from.”

The TM7’s intuitive graphical user interface, a feature of all models of the RTW TouchMonitor range, also helps Vogelman set up his tools for monitoring a mix. Users can control the interface with their finger, scaling, positioning and combining instruments in virtually any manner for the best use of available screen space. Multiple instruments of the same type, assigned to different input channels and configurations, can be displayed, along with other elements, such as meters, a feature Vogelman finds especially handy.

Once he sets up the GUI for a particular job, Vogelman employs the RTW “to bring everything out analog, through the desk, through the outboard. I sum everything back in through a Burl Audio ADC and I’m actually taking the digital feed from the ADC to the RTW, so I’m literally monitoring my digital mix box and my analog mix box. It’s pretty cool how it does that for me and allows me to just keep an eye on the mix, so I can really manage the analog mix head room and at the same time monitor and manage the digital head room, and the particular loudness factor.”

As for loudness, Vogelman says it is as much of a concern in music mixing as it is in broadcast, so the TM7’s ability to monitor for all major audio loudness standards, including ATSC, EBU, ITU, ARIB and SPL, as well as custom standards, is a major benefit. “Mix engineers have to be aware of and work with loudness issues, though with different set of requirements,” he says. “Artists are always aware of that loudness factor and there are lots of opinions around what loudness is. We really hear a mid-range and, so, high fidelity is kind of about getting the lows and the highs in there, but modern mixes are very pointed on the mid-range. So being a mixer is about finding a way to almost satisfy both worlds in a way, whether you’re hearing it on a laptop or ear buds, and knowing that it’s going to cut through the clutter.”

The loudness tools also help Vogelman when working with fades. “One of the things I play with a lot are fades, because it’s a way to manipulate frequency relationships, so if I have for instance, multiple tracks of things, which is much more common these days. You start blending these, and you have to create a relationship with them, so RTW is cool for that.”

As with RTW’s entire line of TouchMonitors, the TM7 TouchMonitor provides unparalleled flexibility and modularity combined with intuitive control. The software visualizes multiple sources simultaneously. It supports displaying the same signal on multiple instruments in parallel, each with dedicated defaults with both horizontal and vertical operation. The system visualizes up to 16 analog and/or digital sources at the same time.

About RTW
For more than 45 years, Cologne-based RTW has accompanied the steady technological progress in the professional audio industry with innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post production and quality control. Its state-of-the-art audio and loudness metering systems have an excellent reputation throughout the world. With groundbreaking products such as the Surround Sound Analyzer, the company has been a key vendor of professional broadcast and audio metering equipment for decades.

RTW’s range of products currently include the SurroundControl series for monitoring, controlling and routing stereo, multichannel and surround audio and the TouchMonitor range, which truly marks a paradigm shift in visual audio monitoring and loudness metering. Combining maximum flexibility and modularity with an intuitive touch-enabled surface and multichannel signal analysis, the TM7 and TM9 units are the essence of many years of experience. The attractively priced TouchMonitor TM3 entry-level system opens new markets, targeting applications such as journalist cubicles, edit suites and small control rooms.

As part of its expansion into the U.S. market, in 2013 RTW established RTW International Corp. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The new office is the first U.S. location launched by RTW, showing the company’s dedication to supporting its customers and dealer networks in the U.S. The new U.S. office will house all customer service, repair and final product assembly activities for U.S.-based RTW customers.

For more information on RTW, visit www.rtw.de, www.facebook.com/rtw.de or call +49 221 709130. For more information on RTW International Corp., visit www.rtw.com or call 877-938-7221.

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Douglas Williams, Tony Yazbeck, Will Taylor, Chris Dwan, Will Blum, and Shayne Kennon in the Alliance Theatre’s 2013/14 production of Harmony – A New Musical. September 6 – October 6, 2013. Photo by Greg Mooney.

When Tony® award-winner John Shivers, along with David Patridge were personally selected by Barry Manilow and theater veteran Bruce Sussman to create the sound design for the legendary singer’s highly anticipated new musical, Harmony – A New Musical, they turned to Masque Sound, a leading theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design company, to provide a custom audio equipment package.

Harmony, which officially opened at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta on September 15, recounts the true story of the Comedian Harmonists, six talented young men who in 1920s Germany took the world by storm with their signature blend of sophisticated close harmonies and uproarious stage antics. The Comedian Harmonists sold millions of records, starred in dozens of films and packed the most prestigious concert halls around the globe until the world they knew forever changed with the commencement of World War II.

The cast of the Alliance Theatre’s 2013/14 production of Harmony – A New Musical. September 6 – October 6, 2013. Photo by Greg Mooney.

Working with Masque Sound for more than 20 years now, Shivers most recently collaborated with the company on the Broadway smash Kinky Boots, for which he won the Tony® award for Best Sound Design of a Musical. “When Barry Manilow was in essence auditioning sound designers for Harmony, he came to see Kinky Boots,” says Shivers. “He liked the sound of the show, and the very next day I received a call from Mr. Manilow asking if I could design the sound for Harmony. Masque Sound did a great job in providing the equipment and technical support for Kinky Boots, so they were my obvious choice for Harmony. I have a great relationship with them; they are wonderful to work with and are always attentive to my needs.”

One of the biggest challenges in the sound design for Harmony was achieving full-scale production sound on a limited-engagement show’s budget. “Whenever you have a very experienced pop star like Barry Manilow personally involved in a show, expectations are very high,” adds Shivers. “Although the show is only scheduled to run for a month, we did not want to compromise the sound in any way because of financial constraints. Through our design, along with Masque Sound’s extensive inventory, we were able to put together a package that ultimately ended up sounding great and made Barry very happy.”

Shivers and Patridge designed an audio equipment package that included a DiGiCo SD10 digital console. The SD10 offers a reasonably large number of inputs and outputs, along with signal routing flexibility. “DiGiCo continues to provide valuable software as an added package to their SD consoles which is designed specifically for the theatrical market,” says Patridge. “The SD10 was provided as an “SD10T” console with this software which allows the desk to operate in a manner very consistent with the needs of musical theatre. Theatre is such a small piece of the audio market and it is great to have vendors like Masque Sound who are willing to make the effort for us.”

In addition, Masque Sound provided a large speaker array of Meyer M’elodies, which Shivers likes because they have excellent clarity and punch in a relatively compact package. Masque Sound also provided Meyer subwoofers and Sennheiser Wireless SK5212s along with frequency coordination.

“Every job and every theater has its unique challenges from a sound design standpoint, whether it be microphone placement on the actors, time constraints, room acoustics, etc.,” adds Shivers. “Masque Sound is not only an equipment provider; their on-site support and troubleshooting is second to none.”

Directed by Drama Desk Award-nominee Tony Speciale (Classic Stage Company’s Unnatural Acts, A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Harmony runs through October 6 at the Alliance Theatre and will move to Los Angeles in the spring of 2013.

Tony Yazbeck, Will Taylor, Douglas Williams, Shayne Kennon, Chris Dwan, and Will Blum in the Alliance Theatre’s 2013/14 production of Harmony – A New Musical. September 6 – October 6, 2013. Photo by Greg Mooney.

About Alliance Theatre
Founded in 1968, the Alliance Theatre has become the leading producing theatre in the Southeast, creating the powerful experience of shared theatre for diverse people on two stages. The Alliance values excellence, pursued with integrity and creativity, and achieved through collaboration. Under the leadership of Susan V. Booth, Jennings Hertz Artistic Director, the Alliance received the Regional Theatre Tony Award® in recognition of sustained excellence in programming, education and community engagement. Reaching more than 200,000 patrons annually, the Alliance delivers powerful programming that challenges adult and youth audiences to think critically and care deeply. Each year, the Alliance Theatre Acting Program and Education Department reaches 50,000 students through performances, acting classes, drama camps, and in-school initiatives with programs like the Collision Project for teens and the Theatre for the Very Young for audiences 18 months – 5 years old. The Alliance also nurtures the careers of playwrights through the Alliance National Graduate Playwriting Competition, producing a premiere for the competition winner as part of the regular season with national networking opportunities for four finalists. www.alliancetheatre.org

About Masque Sound
Founded in 1936 by a trio of Broadway stagehands, Masque Sound evolved into one of NYC’s most successful theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design companies specializing in theatrical, house of worship, sporting, corporate, TV broadcast and live concert events. Celebrating more than 75 years in the industry, the company is lead by Geoff Shearing, the firm’s 3rd generation owner, and Vice President and General Manager Stephanie Hansen. The company also operates Florida-based Professional Wireless Systems, a leader in the development and implementation of wireless technology. Credits range from major Broadway shows and tours including “Phantom of the Opera,” “Mamma Mia!,” “Lion King,” “Jersey Boys,” “Memphis,” “The Book of Mormon,” “Newsies,” “Once” and “Kinky Boots” to yearly Super Bowl broadcasts and installations of varying sizes, including New York’s New Victory Theater and historic St. Bartholomew’s Church. Masque Sound’s 70,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters and main assembly facility is located at 21 East Union Ave., East Rutherford, NJ, 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan. For more information, call (201) 939-8666 or visit www.MasqueSound.com.

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Clear-Com Showcases Latest Intercom Product Releases at the 135th International AES Convention

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 18, 2013 – Clear-Com® will show its latest range of intercom solutions at the 135th International AES Convention (Booth 3030). The company will display its enhanced Eclipse HX Digital Matrix System and HelixNet™ Partyline Intercom System. It is also highlighting its new RS-700 Series Analog Partyline Beltpacks and ICON Connectivity Solutions, as well as the most recent updates to its Tempest® Wireless Intercom System.

“At Clear-Com, we are constantly developing communication systems and adding features that allow our users to have a more efficient workflow,” says James Schaller, Regional Sales Manager, Northeastern U.S., Clear-Com. “Our latest set of wired and wireless intercoms give users increased speed, capacity and scalability. With hundreds of high-quality products in our portfolio, customers have the opportunity to design communication infrastructures to address nearly every application.”

The Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Systems, comprising the Eclipse HX-Omega, Eclipse HX-Median, Eclipse HX-Delta and Eclipse HX-PiCo, offer simplified setup, user operation and administration. The Eclipse HX intercoms have large system capacity for many audio and user connections. All of the systems provide new capabilities, including Ethernet/IP Intelligent Trunking with IVC-32-HX card redundancy and dual-labels for multi-language preferences on V-Series user keypanels. Additionally, the recently introduced Eclipse HX-Delta offers the high capacity of Clear-Com’s larger matrices in a compact, cost-effective 3RU frame, providing a new connection paradigm for everything from small OB trucks to large performing arts complexes.

The RS-700 Series Analog Partyline Beltpacks are being introduced in celebration of Clear-Com’s 45 years of intercom innovation. Designed for everyday use, the reliable RS-700 Series beltpacks have an ergonomic and durable housing, intelligent functionality and exceptional audio performance, making them perfect for a variety of environments or applications, such as rental/staging, performing arts centers and houses of worship. High headroom with low-noise audio enables the RS-700 Series to deliver the industry-leading, crystal-clear “Clear-Com Sound,” while recessed controls and bright LED indicators ensure quick and easy use. The beltpacks also require a lower operating current for additional beltpack drops and are fully compatible with Encore Partyline, PL Pro and TW Partyline.

The new family of ICON Connectivity Solutions is a collection of communications products that link local or globally distributed intercom systems over Ethernet/IP networks and/or optical fiber. ICON, which stands for “Intercom CONnectivity,” provides high performance solutions for reliable and secure connections on common infrastructures and is also cost-effective for scalable multi-system networks.

The latest version of HelixNet Partyline provides a multi-system linking capability over Ethernet and fiber to permit a more sophisticated and cost-effective digital partyline intercom network for large stadiums or multi-campus venues. This function enables the distribution of many digital partyline channels, program audio feeds and auxiliary interfaced audio over a single XLR cable to a digital beltpack user. Enabling the system linking capability are two modules: the HLI-ET2 Ethernet Module, for Main Station-to-Main Station networking over a LAN and the HLI-FBS Fiber Module, for daisy-chaining fiber interfaces to link Main Stations over long distances.

Further developments to the Tempest Digital Wireless Intercoms include the new CCT-RT-EX Remote Line Extender, which is used to increase the maximum distance between a Tempest BaseStation and the Remote Antenna Transceiver. Also featured in the latest offerings is the Tempest2400’s Seamless Roaming feature, which allows Tempest2400 BeltStation users to move freely between as many as 16 different BaseStations (coverage areas or zones) without interference or dropouts. These further extend Tempest’s wireless communications capabilities for mobile productions, multi-level facilities and sports arenas staged in RF-heavy environments.

About Clear-Com®
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since 1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast, performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communications solutions. For more information, please visit www.clearcom.com.

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Autoscript Goes Back To School for William Patterson University

17-Inch On-Camera Prompters Provide Professional Studio Environment for Communications Department Upgrade

WAYNE TOWNSHIP, NJ, OCTOBER 1, 2013 — When the William Patterson University Communications Department was looking to upgrade its broadcast studio facilities, it turned to Diversified Systems, a nationally recognized AV design integration company, to provide six Autoscript 17-inch TFT on-camera prompters (LED17TFT) for use within the departments’ media studies and production program.

The media production track at William Patterson University introduces students to the methods and techniques used to create aural/visual messages in a variety of mass media. Sequences of introductory and advanced courses in theory and practice of film, television and radio provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics and techniques of media production, and prepare them for professional roles in different media fields. The production facilities give students hands-on practice in two television studios, a radio station, a film production lab, a digital audio production lab and several digital video and audio editing rooms.

“This upgrade was about moving from the academic environment to a professional environment as seamlessly as possible, and what we keep saying is ‘what you are seeing here either in the studios or the control rooms is what you will be seeing when you move into the marketplace,’ ” says Al Clarke, television studio manager, William Patterson University. “There is no tape; everything goes to a 72-terabyte centralized storage area that is available in two control rooms, as well as in 20 different edit bays. It’s the real deal here and Autoscript’s teleprompters are a wonderful component to this upgrade.”

With three teleprompters in each of the school’s two studios (Studio A & B), along with Autoscript’s +ClockPlus+ timecode display, students have the ability to gain hands-on experience in a professional broadcast studio environment similar to those of major television studios throughout the country. The Autoscript LED17TFT prompters are used with Sony HXCD-70k high definition studio/EFP cameras. The camera setups utilize products from several companies within Vitec Videocom, including Sachtler tripods and Video 60 Plus unit heads. The university also employs Vinten pedestals throughout the studio. In addition, the studios, control and engineering rooms and physical spaces were revamped. Also part of the multi-million-dollar renovation was the installation of new computer floors, along with rooms reconfigured to better service student needs.

“We used the prompters for the first time at the start of this school year,” adds Clarke. “When setting them up, I was really impressed with how easy and intuitive the setting menu was to use. I was able to figure out how to tweak the monitor view within seconds.”

Autoscript’s LED17TFT wide-angle, on-camera prompter incorporates the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology, the TFT (thin-film transistor) LED system. Unlike CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes), which take many minutes to reach full efficiency and light output, the LED17TFT warms up instantly to full brightness. LEDs also provide superior display longevity, reliability, and performance, all of which enable Autoscript’s LED17TFT monitors to provide top-notch light distribution, higher contrast levels, and better overall picture quality. In addition, the LED17TFT comes with a wide-angle hood, making it optimal for news- or studio-based productions.

Autoscript’s ClockPlus is an LED SMPTE/EBU timecode display that can change color from green to red when a suitable tally input is applied. The clock face has 2.25-inch tall digits that display HH:MM:SS A/P in 12-hour mode or HH:MM:SS in 24-hour mode. The timecode input is taken from either VITC embedded in the video input or from LTC. When a timecode source is connected, the clock will instantly set itself to the input time. If the timecode source is removed, the display will continue to update the time under control of an internal crystal oscillator.

About Autoscript
Autoscript is the world leader in the prompting industry, providing professional teleprompting equipment to broadcasters across the globe. Established in the UK in 1984, with headquarters in the UK and the US, Autoscript designs and builds innovative hardware, PC cards and software to meet real world needs and continually enhance the production process. A prime example of this is Autoscript’s latest product, the E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre), an all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor that vastly simplifies studio equipment, reduces power consumption and enables easier location prompting. Autoscript is a member of the Vitec Group.

For more information visit www.autoscript.tv

About Vitec Videocom
Vitec Videocom brings together some of the most respected, most innovative and most sought-after brands in the industry: Anton/Bauer, Autoscript, Camera Corps, Litepanels, OConnor, Petrol Bags, Sachtler, Vinten and Vinten Radamec. It acts as an endorsing brand for these market-leading broadcast, film and pro video products, encouraging multi-brand system sales and simplifying the way that customers worldwide do business.

Vitec Videocom is an operating division within the Vitec Group, an international business serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military aerospace and government markets. Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers rely on worldwide.

Vitec Videocom – advancing the quality and science of media production.

Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge Finds Enlightened Sound with DPA Microphones

Music for the TV mogul and alternative medicine practitioner’s latest venture recorded using d:dicate™ 2011C Cardioid and d:vote™ 4099 Instrument microphones

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 1, 2013 – This summer, nearly 700,000 people participated in the online launch of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Miraculous Relationships. For co-producers and composers Rich Tozzoli and Scott E. Moore, recording the music for this production proved to be as much of an adventure as the challenge was for the listeners. Featuring over two hours of original compositions across many genres with multiple musicians, the duo needed to create a unique and natural sound for each song, and it had to be as enlightened as each day’s meditation. To do this, they consistently called upon DPA Microphones’ d:dicate™ 2011C Cardioid Microphones and d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones.

Now available as a CD and as an online download, the 21-Day Meditation Challenge is an interactive transformational three-week guided meditation journey hosted by Winfrey and Chopra. At the start of each session, Winfrey introduces the focus of the mediation and Chopra then leads listeners in a mantra that explores one self-discovery topic, with a unique soundtrack for each meditation. The selection of instruments for these segments included a 100-year-old cello, an 1830s double-reeded flute known as a flageolet, Tibetan singing bowls, a vibraphone, vintage analogue synthesizers and vintage acoustic guitars.

“We approached the project very much like a film score,” says Moore. “Each piece had to be a specific, organic and beautiful cinematic experience.”

In order to ensure each song was true to the sound of the instrument and performance, while still sensitive enough for the nature of the relaxing music, Tozzoli, the primary engineer, relied on his DPA 2011C compact twin diaphragm cardioid microphones and d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones.

“I chose the DPA 2011C for this project because it has low noise and incredible clarity,” explains Tozzoli. “We recorded in various studios and also at a gorgeous remote lodge-like home on a lake, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any ambient noise because it was just the bare instruments in the mix. The fact that the 20011C is cardioid is also a big reason for my selection as I needed the recordings to be very focused on the sounds directly in front of me. The 2011C provided me with that nice, narrow path. It’s just a beautiful microphone.”

“It was absolutely heavenly to hear my 1930s Martin acoustic guitar captured with every nuance of that special tone for which those guitars are so cherished,” adds Moore.

Tozzoli and Moore carried a mobile rig – comprising both types of microphones and a Millenia HB-307 pre-amp – to each location. Tozzoli credits the compact size of the DPA mics as being perfect for mobile rigs and said the combination of DPA and Millenia products was such an ideal solution for this project that even the artists took notice. “All of the musicians commented, literally across the board, on the sound in their headphones and said it made them perform better,” says Tozzoli.

“I’m new to DPA Microphones, but when I set them up to record in my studio all I could say was ‘wow,’ ” adds Ray LeVier, drummer/percussionist for the 21-Day Mediation project. “They’re just so good at reproducing exactly what you put them up against. You get the exact same sound back. There’s a clarity and a focus about the mics that is just apparent to everyone who hears them, whether they’re a musician or not.”

In order to ensure that the sound was as natural as possible, Tozzoli used Altiverb reverbs, which is a recording of the actual sound environments of historical buildings and structures around the world, as opposed to signal-processed simulated reverbs. For example, an ancient Indian temple provided the perfect deep and multi-dimensional reverberations for recording the flageolet and other delicate instruments. In addition, he relied on Sonnox Reverb and Eventide Space to help achieve the lush audio experience.

“The combination of DPA Microphones and these other elements created this incredible atmosphere for which the musicians could make their music,” continues Tozzoli. “One challenge we had, musically and technically, was to keep the soothing and lush music continuous after Deepak’s voice dropped out and before it came back in. The DPA mics literally, without question, helped us make such beautiful music that we could balance the bare instruments and have it carry one clear message.”

The 21-Day Meditation Challenge features a wide variety of musicians, including Moore on electric and acoustic guitars; Tozzoli on guitars and keyboards and LeVier, on percussion and vibraphone. Other featured artists on the project include Akua Dickson, who played the 100-year-old cello; Andy Munitz on violin; Laura Josephson on the flageolet and various other flutes; Kristen Hevner-Wyatt on acoustic piano and Bruce MacPherson on analogue synthesizers. David Ondrick performed vocal chanting tones and played Tibetan singing bowls.

The Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Miraculous Relationships is currently available on CD, in two forms: the original guided meditation challenge and the simple music and mantras version. It can also be downloaded from Chopra’s mediation website: www.chopracentermeditation.com or from Winfrey’s OWN Network website: www.oprah.com/own.

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to always provide its customers with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. When it comes to the design process, DPA takes no shortcuts. Nor does the company compromise on its manufacturing process, which is done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.

For more information on DPA Microphones, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com.

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Clear-Com Tempest Line Extender Wins “STAR” Award from Editors of TV Technology Europe

ALAMEDA, CA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 – Clear-Com® is pleased to announce that its Tempest CCT-RT-EX Remote Line Extender is the recipient of a prestigious 2013 STAR Award (Superior Technology Award Recipient), which was presented by the editorial staff of TV Technology Europe magazine at the 2013 IBC convention in Amsterdam.

The STAR Award is designed to celebrate and showcase technological innovations available to the broadcast industry. TV Technology Europe’s editor reviewed a variety of products, examined the technical applications and their overall contribution to the industry, and then chose 25 winners.

“STAR Awards are given to interesting new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way,” says Mark Hallinger, Editor of TV Technology Europe. “This year in particular we also looked for smaller incremental improvements in established products, as these improvements generally reflect a manufacturer responding to customer input, a laudable thing. The products selected help advance the industry; some were chosen because of technical novelty or innovation, some because they filled an important gap in the production or transmission chain, and others because they were just cool products.”

Shown for the first time at IBC, the new Tempest CCT-RT-EX Remote Transceiver Line Extender is used to increase the maximum distance between a Tempest BaseStation and the Remote Antenna Transceiver. The CCT-RT-EX expands the distance of a BaseStation signal to a remote antenna by as much as 914 meters (3,000 feet) with one Line Extender or 609 meters (2,000 feet) per Line Extender if using more than one Line Extender. A total of three Line Extenders can be connected to provide total coverage of up to 2286 meters (7,500 feet). These solutions further enhance the system’s application for users requiring ultra-portable wireless communications in RF-rich environments.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized by TV Technology Europe, a prestigious industry publication, for this innovative product for the professional broadcast industry,” says Judy Cheng, Director of Global Marketing, Clear-Com. “The CCT-RT-EX Line Extender provides the extra coverage required, particularly on large productions to ensure that critical directives are heard regardless of location in a venue/facility. As the only intercom-focused product honored in this year’s awards program, Clear-Com is excited to continue to be recognized for its efforts to be at the forefront of providing cutting-edge intercom technology”

About TV Technology Europe
TV Technology Europe is the region’s leading magazine for broadcast technology. The magazine is published by NewBay Media. See www.nbmedia.com.

About Clear-Com®
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since 1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast, performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communications solutions. For more information, please visit www.clearcom.com.


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