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Amerisports Bar’s Live Entertainment Relies on HARMAN Professional Solution with AKG Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System and Mics

VIENNA, Austria – With live entertainment every weekend ranging from legendary classic rock to top 40 covers by local bands, Ameristar Casino’s Amerisports Bar located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, recently added HARMAN’s AKG IVM4500 IEM in-ear-monitors to improve sound for every act in its uniquely shaped room. With a full HARMAN support system, including a Soundcraft digital console, Crown amplifiers and JBL Professional loudspeakers, FOH engineer Dan Allen ensures that casino patrons will enjoy their time eating, drinking and dancing in the bar.

With the multiple sets of AKG IVM4500 IEM’s and its room simulation program, Allen says the performing artists have become more comfortable in the large room, which is octagonally shaped at the stage and dance floor end. The remaining area of the room – approximately 150 feet long – is rectangular and contains an island bar about 100 feet back. The room’s technical staff had struggled with acoustical issues for years before the HARMAN audio overhaul and a sound-dampening renovation. With the internal processing selections of IVM4500 including 8 compression, 8 EQ and 8 room simulations settings, moving onstage acts to the AKG in-ear monitoring system has yielded positive results.

“AKG thought of everything when it developed the IVM4500’s,” stated Allen. “The in-ears are easy to set up and have very low signal latency. Even artists who have no previous experience with in-ear monitors are easily adjusting to them, allowing for their best performances every week.”

Within the casino, wireless communication signals are very dense, as security and other departments utilize numerous free frequency channels. Allen’s AKG WMS470 wireless mic systems are always clear and have never dropped signal during a performance.

The Amerisports Bar’s audio reinforcement system also includes an AKG Rhythm Pack with a D112 kick drum mic, C430 condensers for overheads and D40’s for toms. A Soundcraft Si Expression 3 digital console and JBL STX800 series loudspeakers powered by Crown XTI amplifiers round out the concert sound system.

“I’ve really grown fond of the Soundcraft Expression,” Allen continued. “The user levels, recall and scene setups work well and can be easily used by our IT personnel if I’m not there. It’s easy to train those engineers on the Expression who are used to analog boards. And, the JBL speakers are very honest, leaving the entire system quite transparent, especially in the atypical-shaped room. I have been a JBL fan for life and every time I see that orange sticker, I know we’ll have great sound.”

HARMAN (www.HARMAN.com) designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, and Mark Levinson® and leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. The company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 14,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and reported sales of $4.3 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre Performs with Community

Founded in 1966, Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre (ASGT) is an outdoor community theatre in Historic Downtown Annapolis, Maryland. With its all-volunteer staff and actors, ASGT hosts three major productions each season in an outdoor garden setting. While most ASGT productions are musicals, the venue also hosts Shakespeare, improv and educational programs.

The outdoor garden setting is pleasant for theatre goers, but it presents ongoing challenges to actors and staff ranging from lingering afternoon heat and inclement weather to noise from boat engines and horns at the nearby City Dock. Scott McCormick, one of two Technical Directors at ASGT, says the theatre’s previous loudspeakers weren’t weather-resistant and had to be bagged or removed from the theatre when it rained and after each performance. In addition, they had poor directional control which contributed to on-stage feedback issues and neighborhood noise complaints.

Last summer, McCormick and members of the tech team approached the board of directors with a request for a new loudspeaker system. He wanted to fly the system on a truss that could double as a lighting truss. He wanted high-performance loudspeakers that were weather-resistant and could be left in place throughout the year. And, he wanted good directional control to provide even coverage in the theatre and reduce sound levels in the neighborhood.

McCormick contacted David McLain of CCI Solutions who modeled the theatre and recommended weatherized Community iBOX model iHP-1226WR loudspeakers for left and right front-of-house, i-212SWR’s for subwoofers and WET W2-228 loudspeakers for stage/foldback monitors. The mains and subs are suspended from the truss at stage left and right and the monitors are suspended behind the mains to cover the stage while minimizing their visual impact.

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre with Weatherized Community iBOX Loudspeakers

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre with Weatherized Community iBOX Loudspeakers

The theatre uses Shure UHF wireless microphone systems with Countryman headsets. On a typical production, all actors are equipped with wireless. The system is powered by QSC amplifiers and uses a Community dSPEC226AN loudspeaker processor for equalization and loudspeaker management. McCormick says the Community dSPEC is a “joy to work with” and he especially loves the amplifier calibration feature. He plans to use dSPEC presets to set up differing equalization for weather and humidity changes.
McCormick says the modeling was very accurate so that coverage is consistent throughout the theatre and they no longer receive neighborhood complaints. When the system was first turned on, everyone loved the sound. “Their jaws dropped,” said McCormick. “Everyone in the theatre can hear clearly and this year’s reviews are all positive about the sound.” He also noted that the stage monitor coverage was greatly improved while feedback was virtually eliminated. One actor commented, “I’ve never been able to hear anything like this on this stage!”

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HARMAN Professional Enhances Coke Studio at MTV’s Live Performances with Audio Support from Flying Carpet Productions & SOUND.COM

MUMBAI, India – The Coke Studio at MTV India is a premier platform for showcasing a fusion of India’s best musical talent. Now in its third season, the popular television broadcast events bring together the country’s top independent, classical, folk and popular artists and their creative energies into one entertaining series. Sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company, the show invites musicians from different genres to jam together while recording the resulting collaboration on the spot. The series has gained massive popularity with more than 40 million viewers in the second season alone. This year, the season has pushed the envelope by providing leading-edge music that features world-renowned composer AR Rahman with top artists like Sivamani, Amit Trivedi, Clinton Cerejo and others for listeners across the globe. The iconic AR Rahman is a global endorsee for HARMAN’s JBL brand, and Sivamani is an AKG endorsee.

The show is being supported by India’s leading audio & music production company Flying Carpet Productions (FCP), the sonic architects and turnkey audio solutions provider. Led by Audio Director, Ashish Manchanda, the company has supported broadcast music formats like Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged and has mixed for movie soundtracks like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Dev D. In turn, the company collaborates with leading sound reinforcement provider SOUND.COM for The Coke Studio’s artist and production monitoring requirements at the shoot and during rehearsals. The MTV series also features Grammy™ Award winning engineer Stephen Fitzmaurice, who is leveraging his expertise from having worked with renowned artists like Seal and U2.

Commenting on the successful opening of Season 3 of Coke Studio at MTV, Ashish Manchanda, Audio Director & Engineer, FCP said, “With over 200 musicians and over 45 original songs, Season 3 of Coke Studio at MTV presents a plethora of musical flavors, enthralling audiences with unique combinations of music genres and versatile musicians. Thanks to the premium range of microphones & headphones by AKG and Soundcraft mixing consoles, we are able to capture life- like performances of the wonderful artists featured on the show- be it vocals or instruments. Considering the live nature of the program and the expectation for audio clarity, we are very pleased to collaborate with SOUND.COM. Their HARMAN Professional equipment deployed at the show has delivered flawless sound output, receiving very encouraging comments from the musicians and composers.”

SOUND.COM, with a track record of handling audio for some of the most illustrious live events in India, has provided the entire range of audio equipment and the backend support for the stage equipment setup along with RF technicians. For the demanding project, Ashish Manchanda along with Warren D’souza, Managing Director of SOUND.COM, decided upon the Soundcraft Vi 6 console for use at the audio mixing position along with a Soundcraft Vi1 as a sub-mixer for larger acts. JBL LSR 4328’s are in use for monitoring during recording. “Coke Studio at MTV is a testimonial to our company’s commitment to cult musical shows on television and the internet,” confirmed D’Souza. “We have the experience and equipment for the artists and producers to deliver successful productions that are enjoyed by the viewers. Our synergy with Flying Carpet Productions is a testimonial to our work on MTV Unplugged & Coke Studio and we will continue to deliver our best by exploiting technology to the limit.”

“The Vi6 console has a remarkably intuitive Vistonics interface which made it easy to handle almost 60 inputs on each episode of the show with relative ease,” noted Mark Thomas, Systems Engineer for the project. “We chose to work on the Soundcraft Vi6 this year due to its ViSi iPad app. During the recording sessions each musician in the house band was given control over his/her mix using the ViSi remote app on an iPad.This enabled them to tweak their mixes for every song, based on their individual requirements, while the engineer concentrated on handling the in-ear monitor mixes for the guest musicians and singers. The musicians were ecstatic about being able to control their own personal mixes with no learning curve. We used up to 12 iPads simultaneously on the Salim- Sulaiman episode, without a single re-sync issue or network glitch.”

“As far as monitoring is concerned for the series, the amount of inputs we had to cater to was challenging. The Soundcraft Vi6 definitely made life simple in terms of monitoring, having the flexibility to make all of the busses into auxiliaries as per the requirement of individual producers,” added Ezekiel Tyle, Monitoring Engineer for the show. “It was an absolute pleasure to work on this board.”

For microphone technology, the show is outfitted with an assortment of AKG models including AKG DSR 700 V2 wireless systems, D7 and D5 microphones for back-up vocals. Other microphones such as C414’s for drum overheads and piano, and C451’s for cymbals and guitars have been deployed at the show. Both mics have been favorites on this show, with the C451 being the permanent microphone on the hi-hats due of its excellent HF reproduction. C414’s are used on everything from Percussion/Drum overheads to shakers and piano, whereas the AKG D 112 was chosen for its excellent fit with the low end of the Cajon, the kick, and the duff. For consistency, all artists on the show are using the AKG K171 MK II headphones.

“This association exemplifies HARMAN’s commitment to quality and our ability to deliver on any stage,” said Prashant Govindan, Director – India Operations, Harman Professional. “HARMAN’s AKG, Soundcraft and JBL products combined with the experienced professionals from Flying Carpet Productions & SOUND.COM, provided perfect and reliable sound for yet another successful edition of Coke Studio at MTV India.”

“We are very excited to be a part of the Coke Studio at MTV, India’s unique exploration of India’s rich musical landscape,” concluded Ankush Agarwal, Director – Marketing & Business Development, HARMAN Professional India.

HARMAN (www.HARMAN.com) designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, and Mark Levinson® and leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. The company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 14,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and reported sales of $4.3 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

HARMAN Professional Offers Scalable, High-Performance Audio and Lighting Systems for The World’s Most Prestigious Stadiums and Arenas

NORTHRIDGE, California – Whether it’s a match-winning goal in Brazil, a walk-off homerun in New York City, a touchdown in Denver, a slam dunk in Los Angeles or a gold medal race in China, the sonic atmosphere of any stadium or arena are vital to the sports viewing experience. HARMAN Professional’s top-of-the-line microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixing consoles and lighting solutions have been installed in the most prestigious venues across the globe and entertain millions of fans each year.

“HARMAN has been on the field and in the stands for decades as the latest awe-inspiring stadiums have taken shape year after year,” states Scott Robbins, Executive Vide President of Sales, HARMAN Professional. “We offer full-scale solutions with products from our various brands, including AKG, BSS Audio, Crown, JBL, Soundcraft and Martin Lighting, to enhance the customer experience while ensuring installation capabilities are efficient and can exceed the expectations of system integrators, designers and stadium owners. We understand the importance of sound, video, and lighting during a sporting event and work to help bring an acoustically and visually stunning experience for every game on the schedule!”

HARMAN is uniquely positioned to provide complete audio and lighting systems that deliver world-class results and ease-of-use across the signal chain, from microphones to loudspeakers and everywhere in between. High-quality design and reliable performance ensure that all venues, with capacities ranging from a few thousand to 100,000, are covered. HARMAN Professional brands manufacture a broad range of products that can scale up to match the size and needs of any venue, from the high school to the professional and Olympics level.

Noteworthy venues across the globe that rely on HARMAN Professional’s sound reinforcement technology include: Yankee Stadium, STAPLES Center, Georgia Dome, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, MetLife Stadium, Arcadia University Sports Field, BBVA Compass Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium, Hong Kong Stadium, PGE Arena, the Water Cube, Sydney Football Stadium, Simonds Stadium and Manchester United Stadium, and many more.

In addition, HARMAN Professional provides a wealth of web-based resources for customers, including free software, white papers, application guides, and online training on audio topics and system design. These resources are used by professional consultants and integrators and are accessible to anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable about audio and lighting technology and applications.

For more information on HARMAN Professional’s offerings for stadiums and other sports venues, please visit www.harmanpro.com

HARMAN (www.HARMAN.com) designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, and Mark Levinson® and leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. The company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 14,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and reported sales of $4.3 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

The Church at Liberty Square Gets a Custom Fit with VARIA

Cartersville, GA – October 2013… In 1936, a small group of 15 faithful joined together to found the first Cartersville Church of God. The congregation grew slowly but steadily, and in 1980 the church moved to a new sanctuary with educational facilities. Since then the church has experienced phenomenal growth, and in January 2003 they moved into their new campus at Liberty Square, rechristening the church to reflect the new facility.

The 1700-seat sanctuary is an impressive, fan shaped auditorium with high ceilings and an open, inviting seating arrangement. But despite its exquisite aesthetics, the room’s acoustics have been an ongoing challenge, and the original audio system had long struggled with inconsistent coverage and poor intelligibility.

“There was a tremendous change in tonality from the main floor to the balcony area,” explains Kent Morris, Principal of Canton, Georgia-based Cornerstone Media Group. “The main floor was very bright — almost excessively so in some areas — while the balcony seats were getting almost no high frequency content. The mix position is located in the balcony area, which made it very difficult for the tech team to mix.” Morris adds that the old system also created a visual impediment for some of the balcony seats.

The new sound system centers on left and right arrays of the new VARIA modular point source line array system from Renkus-Heinz. Each array is comprised of eight VARIA VA101-series boxes, with coverage patterns ranging from 7 to 22 degrees. “We looked at a number of different options, and they were won over by the VARIA system,” says Morris. “Their technical director Nathan Roach and audio head Ben Tomlinson are very astute, and the fact that VARIA enables you to taper the coverage pattern was a key factor for us. It really provided the most consistent tonality, with no harsh spots and no dead zones.”

Lead Programmer Jeremy Alison was able to map out consistent coverage to the room’s most challenging areas. “With the VARIA, we were able to get articulation to the back rows of the balcony, and great coverage under the balcony as well, without having to add near fields or under balcony speakers,” says Morris. VA15S and PN212 subwoofers add low frequency power and punch, and three CF61 compact two-way boxes provide front fill.

“Being able to select among several boxes with different coverage patterns, and particularly being able to choose transitional boxes in between the fixed ones, makes a tremendous difference in designing a system,” Morris observes. “It’s almost as if every box is custom, but you don’t have to wait six weeks or pay top dollar.”

The entire system is networked via Dante over Ethernet, with several manufacturers’ technologies playing nicely together. “We installed a Yamaha CL5 console at FOH, connected via Dante to two Rio stage boxes,” says Morris. “That enabled us to add a monitor console down on the floor and tie it all together with RHAON so they can monitor from FOH. We also added some devices to their existing Media Matrix NION system. Once we worked through the usual clocking issues, the system functioned flawlessly. You expect a lot of hair pulling, but it was so easy. It all worked out beautifully.”

“The VARIA system has really been an ideal solution for the church,” Morris concludes. “It’s a great looking system, and the cost factor and configurability made it a great fit. I just love working with Renkus-Heinz.”


Headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, Renkus-Heinz, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of audio operations networks, digitally steerable arrays, powered and non-powered loudspeakers, system specific electronics and fully integrated Reference Point Array systems.

SES Supports Southern Ground Festival With Martin Audio MLA

Nashville, TN––Besides the finest in American music and cuisine, Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Music & Food Festival featured the largest Martin Audio MLA system ever deployed for this type of event.

Over 15,000 people a night attended the outdoor event at Nashville’s Lawn in Riverfront Park to see headliner the Zac Brown Band, Willie Nelson & Family, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Eli Young Band, Kacey Musgraves, The Head and the Heart, and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Special guests Kenny Chesney, John Fogerty, Jason Mraz and others also sat in with Zac Brown each night.

The music was augmented by an “Eat and Greet” food component with some meals prepared by festival organizer/headliner/foodie supreme Zac Brown and executive chef Rusty Hamlin. Celebrity chefs such as Chicago’s Guiseppe Trentori and 2013 James Beard award winner Stephanie Izard were also showcased along with local Nashville favorites. In addition to the on site food stalls, 14 private boxes, each holding tables of 24 gourmet aficionados enjoying catered meals, were situated directly in front of the stage for maximum eating and listening pleasure.

SES (Special Event Services) of Nashville and Winston Salem deployed a massive Martin Audio MLA setup for the event consisting of 22 MLA, two MLD (downfill) and 12 MLX subs flown per side. 12 MLX were ground-stacked under center stage with three W8LM per side for lip fill. A DiGiCo SD7 console was at FOH and two DiGiCo SD10s were used for monitors.

The crew included Zac Brown FOH engineer Eric Roderick along with ZBB monitor engineers Mark Frink and Andy Hill. The crew from SES included system tech Preston Soper, Alex Ritter and Joe Lefevbre.

Asked about the reaction to the MLA system, SES Director of Touring Operations Michael Brammer responded, “Eric always has a good night when he’s behind MLA and even though Zac was having some vocal issues because of a head cold that weekend, we were able to compensate for that with the PA and really make those problems disappear.

“Then the fact that we could walk outside of the festival site and have no noise pollution in terms of the nearby residential areas and hotels was ideal. We never got a phone call about it being too loud.

“All the guest engineers were absolutely blown away, especially when they walked the field and found out the mix still held together 600 ft. away from the stage with no delays!”

For more about Martin Audio, please click to www.martin-audio.com.

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Masque Sound Brings the Songs of Jeff Buckley to Life in the New Rock Musical, The Last Goodbye

Masque Sound - The Last Goodbye1 - Photo by Matthew Murphy

When The Last Goodbye said hello to The Old Globe in San Diego on October 6th, sound designer Ken Travis wanted to make sure that the audience knew this wasn’t going to be your typical musical. In order to create the edgy, evocative sound he was looking for, he turned to Masque Sound, a leading theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design company, to provide a custom audio equipment package.

The Last Goodbye is a new musical fusing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with the incendiary songs of the legendary singer-songwriter and late rock icon, Jeff Buckley. Conceived and adapted by Michael Kimmel, the rock musical is directed by two-time Tony Award nominee Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson). This unique work of theater is a remarkable synthesis of the classic and the modern, melding Shakespeare’s tragedy, in its original text, with Buckley’s no holds barred rock music.

Masque Sound - The Last Goodbye2 - Photo by Matthew Murphy

Travis’ goal in designing the sound was to go big. “Even though the theatre is only 600+ seats, the show calls for a large rock and roll rig,” says Travis. “It’s definitely not musical theater sounding, and that was something I was adamant about. We hung probably three times the amount of PA than they previously had in the house and the producers were great about it. I never have to worry about the equipment with Masque Sound. They are one of those family companies that you just call up and they are there, and that is one of many reasons why I use them for most of my shows, and knew they were the right choice for this rock musical.”

In addition to a large rig, Travis also wanted a flexible system that allowed him the ability to be edgy, while remaining somewhat conventional, without compromising the audio. His vision required additional equipment and in order to achieve the flexibility he was looking for, Travis utilized a d&b speaker rig from top to bottom. Travis used five d&B line arrays across the proscenium, instead of sticking to the traditional left, right and center setup. “The stage is zoned, so every position is timed out,” adds Travis. “At points in the play when we need to convert back into the traditional music theater world, it transitions really well and doesn’t sound like a rock PA. Then, when it’s time to go into overdrive, it’s really easy for us to open up the whole PA and go for it. My sound team, including engineer Cassy Givens and associate Justin Stasiw, did a fantastic job.”

Masque Sound also provided Travis with a Digico SD10T digital console, which he likes for its quick programming capabilities. Since The Last Goodbye is an extremely physical show with lots of sword fights, smaller but powerful Sennheiser MKE-1 mics were employed and hidden in the hairline of the actors, allowing Travis to capture the vocals over the action. Travis also employed a wireless package from Sennheiser.

One unique aspect of the sound design is the large band source speaker system on stage. “We have a d&b Q7 rig on stage built into the set, which is not typical for a musical,” adds Travis. “But since we feature a rock band on stage, it is necessary. There are times when that system is really ripping to make sure everyone knows the band is playing. We can’t have the guitar amps on stage, because the actors wouldn’t be able to hear, so all of the guitars and amps are remote.”

When using such a large speaker rig in a small theatre that is not designed for a rock and roll style musical, there are always going to be challenges. Since The Old Globe has a very wide stage and not a lot of height to hang the PA, one of Travis’ biggest obstacles was getting even coverage everywhere. In order to overcome that challenge of the height restriction, the PA had to break the portal, and although not ideal, nothing was obstructed visually and the show still sounds great.

Masque Sound - The Last Goodbye3 - Photo by Matthew Murphy

“Dennis Short, Scott Kalata and the rest of the team at Masque Sound always make sure that everything is taken care of and we get all the gear that we need,” says Travis. “For The Last Goodbye, we had a limited budget and Masque Sound made sure that we didn’t compromise on anything, and that’s rare when working on an out-of-town show. They did a great job once again. The audience is enthralled and every performance plays to standing ovations.”

The Last Goodbye’s limited engagement run officially opened on October 6 and is slated to close on November 3 at The Old Globe in San Diego.

About Masque Sound
Founded in 1936 by a trio of Broadway stagehands, Masque Sound evolved into one of NYC’s most successful theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design companies specializing in theatrical, house of worship, sporting, corporate, TV broadcast and live concert events. Celebrating more than 75 years in the industry, the company is lead by Geoff Shearing, the firm’s 3rd generation owner, and Vice President and General Manager Stephanie Hansen. The company also operates Florida-based Professional Wireless Systems, a leader in the development and implementation of wireless technology. Credits range from major Broadway shows and tours including “Phantom of the Opera,” “Mamma Mia!,” “Lion King,” “Jersey Boys,” “Memphis,” “The Book of Mormon,” “Newsies,” “Once” and “Kinky Boots” to yearly Super Bowl broadcasts and installations of varying sizes, including New York’s New Victory Theater and historic St. Bartholomew’s Church. Masque Sound’s 70,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters and main assembly facility is located at 21 East Union Ave., East Rutherford, NJ, 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan. For more information, call (201) 939-8666 or visit www.MasqueSound.com.

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L-ACOUSTICS Delivers Sweet Sound for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Reporters and ticket winners outside the Wonka factory gates in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (photo credit: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg)

KARA chosen for live production at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane

LONDON — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a musical production based on the classic 1964 book by Roald Dahl, has been delighting audiences of all ages at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane following its premiere in May 2013. Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Douglas Hodge as Willy Wonka, 70,000 people saw the musical in its first month with its premiere attended by top celebrities from the acting world, and its run has now been extended until May 2014.

For sound reinforcement, L-ACOUSTICS equipment was specified by award-winning sound designer Paul Arditti following his successful shows – including London Road and The Magistrate – using the product in the Olivier Theatre since its installation in July 2012. “Having heard L-ACOUSTICS KARA in the challenging environment of the Olivier Theatre in London, I knew that this was the loudspeaker system I wanted to specify for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” he says. more

HARMAN Professional’s Crown and JBL Professional Provide Major Improvement to Minor League Stadium

SOUTH BEND, Indiana – South Bend, Indiana’s Four Winds Field at Coveleski Stadium is the home of the South Bend Silver Hawks minor league baseball team. The 5,000-seat stadium, known locally as “The Cove,” opened in 1987 with a sound system that was good by 1980s standards, but not up to the requirements of the stadium’s recent renovation and expansion. When systems integrator Communication Company of South Bend Inc. (www.communication-co.com) was contracted for the stadium’s sound system upgrade, it turned to HARMAN’s Crown and JBL to meet the specific audio needs of the project.

“Our goals for this project were not just to significantly improve the sound quality at the stadium but to make the games a better, more fun-filled experience and equip the stadium to accommodate other events that are held throughout the year,” said Rick VandenBossche, Systems Engineer at Communication Company. The renovation ran from 2011 through 2013.

All the speakers inside the stadium were replaced with 16 JBL Control 29AV full range indoor/outdoor loudspeakers to cover the main seating areas, complemented by 31 Control 24CT in-ceiling loudspeakers in the upper deck and 48 Control 25AV high-power compact loudspeakers in the walkways and on light poles. A series of luxury suites and an area for private parties and meetings were added to the stadium, all equipped with JBL Control 24CT loudspeakers and high-definition video displays.

One of the key components of the renovation was the creation of a park-like environment that surrounds the facility and allows patrons to walk a full circle around the stadium. The walkway is lined with video screens, loudspeakers and lighting that are designed to bring the play-by-play action inside the ballpark to the outside of the property and 30 JBL Control 29AV loudspeakers are deployed throughout this area.

All the loudspeakers are powered by five Crown CTs 2000 and four XTi 4000 amplifiers, which are connected to the facility’s system control network by three Crown IQ3 PIP-USP3 network interface modules.

“With all outdoor facilities you are going to encounter acoustical challenges,” said VandenBossche. “First, we needed to respect the residents in the neighborhood next to the facility. Second, with outdoor venues it’s best to distribute audio from multiple points instead of hurling sound from one place and blowing some people out while others don’t hear enough sound.” Hence the use of multiple smaller JBL loudspeakers, deployed in a distributed audio system that took into account areas with reverberant sound and outdoor walkways with high environmental wind noise into account. The output of the loudspeakers was time-delayed as necessary according to their locations.

VandenBossche chose JBL Control Contractor Series outdoor loudspeakers for their presence, clarity and ability to deliver wide coverage from smaller enclosures. “They’re dynamic loudspeakers with great sound.” Crown amplifiers were used exclusively because he feels they offer the best quality and value on the market.

Another curveball for Communication Company was the fact that they had to install the system in the offseason and not interfere with season play, which meant all the work had to be done in Indiana’s late winter. “Let’s just say the installation would have been more fun if it wasn’t so cold out!” VandenBossche noted.

The result was worth it. “With a setup like this, the fans find it hard to contain their excitement once the music and game-day sounds start,” concluded VandenBossche. “The ballpark experience is completely transformed and games are much more fun and exciting.”

HARMAN (www.HARMAN.com) designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, and Mark Levinson® and leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. The company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 14,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and reported sales of $4.3 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

Martin Audio Appoints Colon As Western Regional Sales Manager

Left to right: Michael Colon, Rob Hofkamp

Waterloo, ONT––Martin Audio has announced the appointment of Michael Colon as Western Regional Sales Manager for North America.

Colon, a respected industry veteran with a highly successful track record in audio, first began his affiliation with Martin Audio in 1998 when his company MC Marketing represented the brand in southern California and southern Nevada.

More recently, Michael served as National Sales Manager for Group One Ltd., working with brands such as XTA and MC2 Audio. He also worked as Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Lake Technologies, Dolby Laboratories.

Prior to that, Colon was Western Regional Sales Manager for Crest Audio where he brought to fruition a number of high-profile sound reinforcement installations in the region, including the convention center at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas and a series of major live sound venues and night clubs in Hollywood, CA.

Commenting on Michael’s appointment, Martin Audio Director of U.S. Operations Rob Hofkamp said, “Having had the opportunity to work with Michael when he was a rep and later in a factory role, my decision was easy. I am thrilled to have him join our team at Martin Audio and convinced that his knowledge and passion for excellence will work to support our partners.”

Asked about his new position, Colon stated, “I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Martin Audio sales team. It’s such an honor to be working with one of the most respected loudspeaker manufacturers in the world. I look forward to this opportunity and a great future with the company.”

For more about Martin Audio, please click to www.martin-audio.com.

About Martin Audio®
Founded by audio engineer David Martin in 1971, Martin Audio pioneered the use of all-horn-loaded bass designs in world-class touring loudspeaker systems for groups such as Pink Floyd, ELP and Supertramp. Located outside of London, Martin Audio now embodies a sophisticated mix of acoustic design, research, mathematical modeling and software engineering for a wide range of products in the installation, cinema and touring sound markets.


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