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BM AUDIO Equipment FZE Appointed Distributor for Crane Song in GCC and Pakistan

Superior, Wisconsin, USA and Dubai, UAE (February 28, 2015) — Crane Song is very pleased to announce that BM Audio Equipment FZE in Dubai has been named the exclusive distributor of the company’s award-winning line of products in GCC and Pakistan regions.

“I have known Dave Hill for nearly a decade, and I know the excellent quality products that Crane Song manufactures,” says BM Audio Equipment company founder Beata Mablad. “I’m excited to be able to bring Crane Song’s line of products to my customers here.”

BM Audio Equipment will distribute the entire line of Crane Song products in the regions, including the Avocet II monitor controller, the newest version of Crane Song’s best-selling hardware product which features an entirely new DAC and offers significantly improved jittery performance, as well as the INSIGNIA Tube Equalizer, the third generation 500 Series module from the company.

“It is wonderful to have Beata, with her vast industry knowledge and experience, bring the Crane Song Brand to new customers in this region,” adds Crane Song Founder Dave Hill.

About BM Audio Equipment FZE
BM Audio Equipment started October 2009 in the United Arab Emirates, as a distributor for Avalon Design known as Avalon Middle East. Three years ago, the company added several other brands and became known as BM Audio.

BM Audio Equipment is the now a premiere distributor of products for professional audio, broadcast and stage serving dealers and system integrators in the Middle East. In addition to the full line of Crane Song products, BM Audio Equipment distributes products from Avalon Design, Brauner Microphones, Monkey Bananas, SPL, Telefunken, Teenage Engineering and VoVox. For more information, visit: www.bm-audio.net.

About Crane Song
Crane Song began in 1995 by Dave Hill and the company edict is all about loyalty – loyalty to their valuable employees, to the audio industry and especially to supporting their local community in Superior, Wisconsin. The company currently has eight full time employees, three of whom were with the company since its doors opened a decade ago.

Today Crane Song has a dealer network which covers the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. All Crane Song products, including their compressors, limiters, digital signal processors, converters, mic preamps and plug-ins are manufactured to the highest-quality sonic standards. All Crane Song products come with a three-year warranty; however, the company has a less than 1% repair rate with any of its products – once a product leaves the Crane Song warehouse, it works so well that is this manufacturer rarely sees it again.


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Ergonomic Surge Protection and Diagnostic Energy Intelligence for Digital Signage

AT DSE 2015, SurgeX will demonstrate the benefits of its power protection technology and highlight its energy intelligence platform in a variety of compact, install-friendly form factors.

Las Vegas, NV – Digital Signage Expo 2015 – March 11-12 – Booth 3028 –

At DSE 2015, SurgeX, will address the number one cause of digital signage downtime and failure worldwide, power quality issues. The SurgeX MultiPak and FlatPak product lines represent the most advanced power protection and energy diagnostic technology available for safeguarding digital signage equipment from disruptive and damaging surges, spikes, and electrical transients. SurgeX will also demonstrate its energy intelligence platform that delivers critical data in real time and offers remote power monitoring and management capabilities.

Digital signage installations can be found in inhospitable environments, often sharing the same circuit as industrial HVAC systems, IT equipment, elevators, appliances, and other power hungry devices. The constant barrage of low-level surges from systems cycling on and off affects the power line causing transients and other issues that affect daily performance and deteriorate unprotected digital signage equipment over time.

“Digital signage downtime is a crisis for many businesses. The cost of missed sales and unhappy or inconvenienced customers, can add up quick,” said Shannon Townley, president of SurgeX. “SurgeX offers the only defense a digital signage installation will ever need against common power issues and catastrophic events. We also provide energy diagnostics data that can be used to identify small issues before they become big problems.”

Energy intelligence gathering is a growing trend in digital signage as companies seek to reduce downtime and prolong the lifespan of digital signage investments. Energy diagnostics solutions from SurgeX measure and record power conditions in real-time, presenting data in detailed, date-stamped reports that can be used to correct and prevent power issues, before they cause damage or disruption. Technicians can easily identify preexisting power issues and analyze real-time power anomalies like transients and sags, to better protect digital signage investments more effectively.

While many believe surges only come from events like lightning or blown fuses, more commonly they originate from within a building via HVAC units, office equipment, or other electronics constantly cycling on/off. A UPS provides back up power in the case of outages and brownouts, but offers no protection against surges and transients. Surge strips are merely power outlets/power distribution, and do not provide professional grade surge protection strong enough to protect the life of a sophisticated digital signage solution.

SurgeX products offer a unique balance of premium power protection and energy intelligence, and they are ergonomically designed to install conveniently behind multi-panel displays and other signage solutions for minimal visual impact. If you’re interested in learning more about SurgeX and digital signage energy management at DSE 2015, please visit SurgeX in booth 3028.

For more information about SurgeX, please visit www.surgex.com.

About ESP/SurgeX

ESP/SurgeX is the leader in energy intelligence and power protection products. Our comprehensive product portfolio offers a complete line of AC power solutions for surge protection, power conditioning, diagnostic analysis, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. Backed with 42 patents/patents pending, ESP/SurgeX products are engineered to safeguard against power anomalies that can “confuse” the circuitry in digital equipment and cause both equipment degradation and downtime. Independent research proves that ESP/SurgeX technology can improve equipment performance, profitability, and ROI. For 30 years, business leaders worldwide have trusted ESP/SurgeX to protect and improve their electronic systems. For more information visit www.espei.com.

ESP/SurgeX products are manufactured in Knightdale, North Carolina. Visit www.surgex.com or www.espei.com for further company and product information.

Press Contact:  Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080

Nick Brown: nbrown@castercomm.com

For digital images log on to www.castercomm.com


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API A2Ds Making Headlines at NBC Network News

NBC_News_A2Ds_Closeup2LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: NBC Network News relies on six of API’s A2Ds when filming popular news programs such as Morning Joe, The Today Show, and Nightly News with Lester Holt in their Los Angeles studio. The six A2D mic pre amps are put to work all day long, and are used in both the “Newsroom Set” and “Studio W” or Studio West. Audio engineer Stan Ouse explains: “The backdrop of the Newsroom Set is a functioning news room. In Studio W we support all of the NBC networks and we do shows and live shots all throughout the day. For example, last week we did Hardball with the host plus the guests. That studio can do a single live shot or a whole show, whatever we need.”

Ouse says he’s known about the API brand “since the ‘90s – I had a recording studio of my own here in Burbank.” NBC’s selection of API gear, according to Ouse, was a natural progression after NBC’s recent relocation from the studios in Burbank to Universal Studios. “The previous NBC studio had the API 200 series [processing] and the mic pres. In designing the new racks, I looked again to API for something with an AES signal flow. The APIs had that and an analog out so I could DA the microphones, and they would be available to other control rooms in the building. That basically sealed the deal for me.”

Considering the studio belongs to a major news organization, it is always busy and the work unpredictable. “We never know what we’re going to have to do, it all relies on the news,” Ouse says. That unpredictability makes it “necessary for any of our mics to be available at any time in any of the control rooms for maximum flexibility. We’re starting to implement a Dante system in the studios and we will continue to use our API A2Ds in the process.” Ouse also appreciates his new upgrades even though he had gotten comfortable with the API 200 series, “I like the controls on the A2Ds better.”

NBC purchased all six A2Ds from RSPE in L.A. NBC Network News is owned by NBC Universal.

Established 45 years ago, Automated Processes, Inc. is the leader in analog recording gear with the Vision, Legacy Series, 1608, and THE BOX recording consoles, as well as its classic line of modular signal processing equipment.


Metric Halo’s Thailand Distributor Kimleng Audio Hosts 2015 Competition

KIMMIX_ArtSAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA – MARCH 2015: Metric Halo’s distributor for Thailand, Kimleng Audio, is hosting KimMix 2015, a Sound Engineer Mixing Competition. The contest is running now and ends March 8th. There is no purchase necessary. Contestants receive a brief training about the Metric Halo product line, which includes high-end multi-channel interfaces and beautiful-sounding plug-ins, and then mix a song provided by Kimleng Audio using a Metric Halo interface, Metric Halo plug-ins, Focal studio monitors & headphones, and the DAW of their choice (Logic, Cubase, or Pro Tools). The training and mixing take place at Kimleng’s demo studio in Bangplee, Thailand.

First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to both students and professionals. Students can win a Metric Halo 2882 2D Expanded interface or a Metric Halo ULN-2 2D Expanded interface, as well as Metric Halo plug-ins and Focal loudspeakers and headphones. Professionals can win a Metric Halo LIO-8 interface or a Metric Halo ULN-2 2D Expanded interface, as well as Metric Halo plug-ins and Focal loudspeakers and headphones. Complete prize details are here: http://ow.ly/JR7TV

ABOUT METRIC HALO Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.


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Joseph Cornwall Named to InfoComm University Faculty

Joe CornwallFairfield, NJ —Middle Atlantic Products, a Group brand Legrand, announced today that InfoComm International has awarded Joseph Cornwall status as a Faculty Instructor for InfoComm University.  A widely recognized industry trainer, published author and the 2014 InfoComm Educator of the Year, Cornwall has worked in the commercial AV industry for over two decades and today is the Technology Evangelist for Legrand which includes the Middle Atlantic, C2G, RapidRun® and Wiremold® product lines.

Chosen for his dedication to the industry and leading education on advancing technologies, industry trends, and AV connectivity, Cornwall has created over two dozen training programs in the last two years alone, most of which are certified by InfoComm as well as BICSI, NSCA and AIA for continuing education credits. He has delivered over 60 trainings to groups of industry professionals within the past year surmounting nearly 1,000 renewal units delivered towards InfoComm’s continuing education program. In addition, Cornwall has written several white papers and articles that have been published in major industry publications.  Previously an Adjunct Faculty member of InfoComm and a frequent presenter at BICSI, AIA and other industry events, Cornwall is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and holds CTS-D, ISF-C, FOI and DSCE certifications.

“The future success of our industry hinges upon the preparedness and training of its members, and I’ve been asked to help to contribute to that end,” shares Cornwall.  “Being chosen to work with the InfoComm Faculty is very exciting and I am delighted that my efforts are seen as valuable in this context.  I’m also aware that I have a responsibility now to work harder and with more focus in order meet the high standards the AV industry demands.”

The InfoComm Faculty Program was created to recognize the contributions of its dedicated instructors and to contribute to the professional development of those providing instruction to the audiovisual industry.  Faculty members are nominated by the InfoComm Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC), with final selections made by the association’s Board of Directors.

“InfoComm University’s mission is to support AV industry excellence through the training of professionals in need of advancing or updating their skills,” said Melissa Taggart, InfoComm Senior Vice President for Education, Certification and Standards. “Thanks to the strong contributions and expertise of our faculty, we are continuing to serve these goals.”

As Faculty, Joe Cornwall will be presenting on behalf of InfoComm.  A complete listing of his trainings can be found posted on the InfoComm website, www.infocomm.org.  He can also be found presenting at various industry events such as InfoComm Connections and InfoComm 2015.  In addition, Cornwall has built a program with Middle Atlantic Products, C2G, and Legrand in which monthly certified webinars are delivered to arm attendees with information needed to meet the A/V needs of today and prepare them for the ever changing facilities of tomorrow.  Registration for these courses can be completed at http://www.middleatlantic.com/resources/industry-certified-training.

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Train Your Employees with Style…Corporate Car Leasing Training Center Goes Interactive!

2015 has started with yet another unique corporate project.
One of the leading companies in the business of car leasing, fleet operation and management for businesses and organizations, as well as a representative for rental companies, Dollar and Thrifty, has standardized on TecPodium Lecterns.

The company’s training department team, completing a 35 million dollar corporate HQ building and logistics center, was searching for a high-end, functional design and technologically advanced lecterns for their training rooms at the new facility.

Tecom Lite

The team sought and found all they desired in Tecom TIL-81HD, also known as TecPodium LITE. The Pre-wired, fully integrated, All-in-One LITE AV lectern supports a stylish and sleek design and is easy and fast to install. The interactive pen display allows trainers to annotate directly on their materials in class.
One of the comments heard after the installation was completed: “Now trainers’ work is much simpler. They can better focus on training their sales and support teams rather than fiddling with the AV equipment”.


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Platinum Tools® Debuts Net Prowler™ PRO Test Kit

NEWBURY PARK, Calif., March 2, 2015 – Platinum Tools(R) (www.platinumtools.com), the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation and hand termination of wire and cable, is proud to announce that it will debut the Net Prowler™ Pro Test Kit during 2015 ISC West, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from April 15-17 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, booth #5036. The Net Prowler Pro Test Kit (P/NTNP850K1) is now shipping with an MSRP of $999.95. A tester only kit (P/N TNP700) is also available with an MSRP of $799.95.Platinum Tools Net Prowler

“The Net Prowler™ combines network testing (physical layer and link), IP device address mapping, cable troubleshooting and PoE voltage testing in a handheld tester with a full-color display…all with the capability of saving and printing test results from a personal computer,” explained George Jang, Platinum Tools product manager. “The Net Prowler™ provides full cable testing on any category network, coax, or telephone cable. It will display wire map, numbered ID remotes, and any faults, including shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs, and reverses.”

The full-featured Net Prowler™ measures cable length (using TDR technology) and generates tone levels for signal tracing and cable identification on all pairs, a selected pair, or a selected pin. The unit also enables quick identification of a network drops link capability and current link status. Net Prowler™ also tests the presence of PoE on the network drop and what class of PoE per IEEE 802.3 af/at with load test for voltage drop. These network tests can also be saved for record keeping and printing using the companion software application.

Packed together with different adapters in a hard-shell carrying case, the Net Prowler™ Pro Test Kit offers the professional installer a complete and versatile solution at a significantly reduced price than if each component was purchased separately.

The Net Prowler Pro Test Kit (p/n TNP850K1) includes:
• Net Prowler™ Main Unit
• #1-8 Network/Tel Test and ID Smart Remotes
• #1-8 ID and Test Coax Remote Set
• #1-12 ID-only Data Remote Set
• Micro USB Cable
• No-Fault Cable – (Qty 2)
• RJ45 Port Saver
• RJ45 Alligator 12 Inch
• F Female to F Female Adapter F81 – (Qty 2)
• BNC Female-to-F Female Adapter
• BNC Female-to-F Male Adapter
• Durable Plastic Case
• Quick Start Guide
• Warranty Activation Card

For pricing and more information on Platinum Tools and its complete product line, please visit www.platinumtools.com, call (800) 749-5783, or email info@platinumtools.com.

About Platinum Tools
Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon two very simple objectives. First, develop the absolute best possible solutions for the preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable. Second, implement an operational infrastructure that can deliver these products in an efficient, timely, and high quality manner.

All of our products must absolutely satisfy three critical benchmark criteria…utility of function; quality of function; and economic value. Our people are our company. They, too, must be focused on and work to satisfy three critical benchmark criteria…customer satisfaction; product knowledge and expertise; and willingness to learn and adapt.

# # #

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BrightSign Unveils Plans for 2015 Digital Signage Expo

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage players, today unveiled details of its upcoming presence at the 2015 Digital Signage Expo, which runs from March 10 through 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. BrightSign will be ever-present at this year’s show, highly visible on the show floor and even showcasing one of its recent installations at a nearby hotel & casino.

Product Demonstrations
BrightSign will arrive at DSE with its most comprehensive portfolio of digital signage media players in the company’s history. In late-2014, BrightSign released the next generation of its award-winning HD and XD product lines, offering greatly increased performance while maintaining existing price points. The company will also showcase its new BrightSign LS product line, a pair of very affordable, full-featured devices for commercial audio and price-sensitive digital signage applications. Lastly, targeted at the higher end of the industry demanding unsurpassed performance, the company will prominently feature its flagship line of 4K players. Since shipping in late-2014, BrightSign’s 4K players earned multiple industry awards, including its recent win of NSCA’s Excellence in Product Innovation Awards in the “Most New Revenue Potential” category. To learn more and to witness a demonstration of the full line of media players, visit BrightSign’s booth #2131.

Broad Partner Involvement
As BrightSign is well known for its signature reliability and ease of use, and also still the only company to offer a solid-state, commercial-grade digital signage media player that delivers true 4K content at 60 frames per second and 10-bit color, many exhibitors have again turned to BrightSign to power their booth demos. BrightSign’s players will be working behind the scenes in dozens of booths, including BenQ America (booth #2242), Insteo (booth C2), Keyser Retail Solutions (booth #3031), Panasonic (booth #1519), Philips Signage Solutions (booth #1624), Planar Systems (booth #1018), Premier Mounts (booth #2521), Reflect Systems (booth #3132), Tightrope Media Systems (booth #2631), Wovenmedia (booth #2040) and many more integration and distribution partners.

BrightSign Featured in the official DSE Tech Tour
BrightSign is proud to be featured in DSE’s 10th Annual Digital Signage Guided Installation Tour. On March 10 between 9am and 3:30pm, the tour will provide a limited number of attendees with customer-facing views and behind-the-scenes insights into some of the best digital signage installations in Las Vegas, both on and off the Strip. BrightSign’s work with Boulder Station Hotel and Casino will be one of a small handful of venues visited during the escorted, six-hour pre-show coach tour. In 2013, BrightSign was instrumental in Boulder Stations’ major renovation, which caught the eye of the DSE tour selection committee. All told, BrightSign’s players now feed content to more than 150 screens located throughout the hotel. BrightSign is honored to be included in this highly sought-after DSE event.

About BrightSign
BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign 4K players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit www.brightsign.biz. Follow BrightSign at http://twitter.com/brightsign and http://www.facebook.com/BrightSignLLC.

# # #

BrightSign and the BrightSign logo are registered trademarks of BrightSign, LLC in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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New York, March 2, 2015: Adder Technology, the high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, will be demonstrating the latest additions to its IP-based solutions range at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 11-16 at booth SL8320.


Among the products to be displayed will be the AdderLink Infinity Dual 2020, one of the newest IP-based high performance KVM solutions from Adder Technology. Developed in line with customer feedback, this solution compliments the AdderLink Infinity range as a dual head, single link digital KVM extender that can form part of the AdderLink Infinity matrix.


“When designing the new AdderLink Infinity Dual 2020, we wanted to make sure our customers’ voices were heard,” said Tim Conway, vice president, Adder Corp. “This new cost-effective solution is ideal for customers that don’t require the full functionality of the AdderLink Infinity Dual and is an excellent complement to the range.”


In addition to the 2020, Adder will unveiling version 4 of the AdderLink Infinity Manager (A.I.M.). The new version of A.I.M. provides users with an easy and powerful centralized management solution, which features a new hardware platform with increased power over previous versions, configurable user access rights with a full audit trail and enhanced security. Its updated design not only provides a sleeker look, it also allows two of the units to be rack mounted back to back in 1U of 19 inch rack space.


Adder also plan to showcase the AdderLink XD150, a 150 meter, single head DVI extender featuring high-speed DVI and USB extension. The XD150 capitalizes on ease of use with its plug and play capabilities, offering extension using any standard structured cable (CATx). Unlike most traditional DVI extenders, the XD150 is immune to external interference, allowing the device to provide mission critical reliability in virtually any environment.


Similarly, Adder plans to demo the AdderLink CCS-PRO4 at the show. The CCS-PRO4 is a state-of-the-art command and control switch which enables users to create a single workspace from multiple computers. With just a single mouse and keyboard, the user can control up to four computers utilizing its integrated Free-Flow software to switch seamlessly between the different devices. The device also delivers a new set of features, such as redundant power, an ergonomic low profile design and an integrated web server allowing administrators to view and monitor CCS-PRO4 devices around their installation.


About Adder Technology

Adder Technology is a leading developer and thought leader in connectivity solutions. Adder’s media networks, extenders and keyboard, video and mouse switch solutions enable the control and distribution of IT systems around the world. The company distributes its products in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. Adder has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, China and Singapore.


Adder’s user base ranges across markets such as Retail, Financial, Industrial, Medical, Broadcast, Air Traffic Control, Digital Signage, Military and Server Management. Adder manufactures products under its own brand as well as for a number of OEM customers and its products are marketed and supported by a global network of resellers and distributors.


For more information please visit www.adder.com




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Canterbury Church Gains Invisible Intelligibility with Renkus-Heinz Iconyx

 Mountain Brook, AL – March 2015…  Established in 1950, Canterbury UMC has grown to embrace both traditional and contemporary worship styles, with separate sanctuaries for each on its Mountain Brook, Alabama campus. Recently, the church engaged Twist Technology of nearby Birmingham to address its ongoing issues with intelligibility of the spoken word in the main (traditional) sanctuary.

For Twist CEO Lynn McCroskey, there were two challenges to be overcome in this design/build project. “First, we had to create articulation in an extremely reverberant environment,” he explains. “At the same time, aesthetics was a primary concern. This is a beautiful worship space, and they did not want to see a big speaker cluster or anything like that.”

Two Iconyx IC24-R-II digitally steerable column arrays cover the entire room, delivering advanced digital beam steering to direct the sound to the seating areas, and away from the side walls, balcony facings, and other reflective surfaces. And the Iconyx slim, low-profile design enabled Twist to create a system that sounded great, with minimal visual impact.

 “The IC24 column is 10 feet tall, but only about six inches wide, so it’s really more like an architectural element than a loudspeaker,” says McCroskey. “It’s designed to be flush-mounted to the walls, so there is no interference with the congregation’s sightlines. With the precision color-matched paint job, they really just look like part of the building. Most people don’t even realize that there are two 10-foot tall speaker columns behind the altar. The church elders are very pleased and impressed.”

Iconyx steered beam technology enabled Twist Technology to meet Canterbury’s seemingly conflicting goals of preserving the sanctuary’s big sound while creating exceptional intelligibility. “We’ve used the Iconyx successfully in several architecturally sensitive installations,” McCroskey reports. “The directional control is a huge help with articulation, and really helps control reverberation. For a large space like this, with high, vaulted ceilings, a balcony, and hard surfaces everywhere, beam steering is the perfect solution. The pipe organ and choir music still soars, but now the spoken word can be clearly understood from every seat.”


About Renkus-Heinz - Headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, Renkus-Heinz, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of audio operations networks, digitally steerable arrays, powered and non-powered loudspeakers, system specific electronics and fully integrated Reference Point Array systems.


Stay up to date on the latest technology news. Select press representatives post company news several times a day. Check back often to get the latest news on product releases, mergers and acquisitions, and product applications. To be included in this virtual press conference, please contact The Wire.


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