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Press Releases For : January 6, 2015

Norway’s Critically-Acclaimed Susanna Switches To DPA

Susanna Wallumr¿d 2012
Norway’s Susanna, one of the most original artists currently working in the Nordic music scene, has been making the most of the DPA d:facto™ Vocal Microphone that she acquired last year from the company’s Norwegian distributor Lyd-Systemer AS.

“My d:facto Vocal Microphone gives the transparent sound I like, and gives me the best starting point for the work I am doing,” Susanna says. “Either I am singing with acoustic instruments like baroque harp and nyckelharpe [a traditional Swedish instrument], or I am processing my voice with electronics.”

The microphone came into its own during her recent tour, which visited USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria and the UK. Susanna also has a new album out – Meshes of Voice – a stunning collaboration with another shining light of the Nordic scene, Jenny Hval, on her own label, SusannaSonata.

As its title suggests, Susanna’s album is all about her vocals and how they blend with Jenny Hval’s voice. The project is based on an exchange of letters and then a live collaboration between the two artists, and stems back to 2009. It is, according to Susanna, a record inspired by Gaudi, bestiaries and Maya Deren’s short experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon, and the pair’s voices swoop and call over the evolving soundscapes that unfold below them.

“The d:facto is my new favorite microphone,” she adds. “For many years already I have been traveling with my own vocal microphones, because I deeply care about the sound of my voice and how it is mediated in the best possible way, from me to the audience.”

More tour dates are in the offing during which Susanna’s growing audiences can hear exactly why she rates DPA’s d:facto Vocal Microphone so highly – and why many critics rate her so highly as well. www.susannamagical.com


About DPA
DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theater or broadcast – with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for your tasks. DPA takes no shortcuts in the design processes nor makes any compromises in manufacturing, which is all done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability, and above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.
For more information, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com

Level 42 Adds DPA Microphones to its Tour Roster

Level 42s Mark King with DPA dfacto

British pop/rock band Level 42 has recently introduced a selection of DPA microphones into its live sound arsenal, including DPA d:facto™ Vocal Microphones, d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones for brass and toms, and a d:dicate™ 4011 Cardioid Recording Microphone for the ride cymbal.

One of the mainstays of the British music scene for over three decades, the band is currently undergoing an audio transition that has seen them switch to DPA microphones and introduce in-ear monitors so they can do away with a ‘whole stage full of wedges’. According to Mark ‘Joey’ Jowitt, who has been Level 42′s sound engineer since 1999, seeing the last of the wedges was a wonderful feeling.

“Thank technology that those days have gone,” he says. “It’s taken a while, but it’s all ears now. Musicians switching to in-ears find it quite disconcerting at first – as you move around the stage nothing changes in level, and that takes some getting used to. But the benefits are immense. In my experience bands become tighter, their pitching improves and obviously FOH engineers love it.”

Level 42 co-founder and one of the world’s leading funk bassists, Mark King, certainly appreciates the difference, especially when the stage set up is coupled with the renowned sensitivity of the d:facto Vocal Microphone.

“Most engineers will tell you that mic spillage is one of the hardest things to overcome during the performance, and I for one have spent far too much time trying to clean up vocal parts because of drums and monitors screaming down an open mic that is being driven too hard,” he says.

Jowitt adds: “With the d:facto, we were impressed by its overall rejection of unwanted residual noise. More often than not, condenser mics on vocals tend to become another drum overhead when you come off them, but there were no such issues with this mic.”

Mark King believes that the exceptional sensitivity of the d:facto Vocal Microphone is also allowing him to sing more freely during live performances.

“The definition in the lower registers has improved significantly for me since I started using d:facto,” he says. “It was such a difference that I bought two microphones to carry with us all the time in case the production team we were working with couldn’t supply them. Having the d:facto is like having a great studio mic onstage. I love it!”

The DPA microphones used during Level 42′s tour were supplied by Capital Sound Hire and DPA’s UK distributor, Sound Network. These included d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones that earned the respect of the band and the sound crew for their ability to ensure all 18 channels of Pete Ray Biggin’s titanic drum kit could be heard.

“With the kit being so large and such an important part of Level 42’s sound, tight miking is imperative,” says Jowitt. “The size and clip fitting of the d:vote 4099 was quick and easy, which is good as miking a kit of that size can become quite tedious after the first 10 shows! It also has a very big sound for such a small diaphragm.”

With 2014’s Sirens tour now behind them, Level 42 is looking forward to a busy 2015 that will see them touring Japan before moving on to the European festival circuit and wrapping the year up in a one-off show at London’s indigo at the O2. Quite what the kit list will be for the dates is, as yet, undecided, but Jowitt is confident it will include DPA microphones because ‘they sound fantastic’.


About DPA
DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theater or broadcast – with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for your tasks. DPA takes no shortcuts in the design processes nor makes any compromises in manufacturing, which is all done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability, and above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.
For more information, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com

Press Releases For : January 5, 2015


**** Photo: Altinex SP3502SC Interconnect Plate (middle), plus PNP408 (top) and TBL108 (bottom) ****

**** Photo: Altinex SP3502SC Interconnect Plate (middle), plus PNP408 (top) and TBL108 (bottom) ****

Brea, CA – January 2015… Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to announce the availability of the SP3502SC Interconnect Plate for the company’s PNP400 (Pop ‘N Plug) and TBL100 (Table Buddy) Series interconnect systems. This compact hybrid interconnect solution provides the perfect combination of audio, video, network access, and power / charging facilities to enable business and education professionals to quickly and conveniently connect their laptops, tablets, and other devices into a boardroom or classroom in order to make the necessary connections for the sharing of materials or to make presentations.

Featuring a black finish designed to blend aesthetically into any high-tech environment, the new SP3502SC Interconnect Plate features the following connectors:

• 2 US AC Receptacles 95~120V/5A, 9.5ft (2.90m)
• 1 VGA Computer Video (15-pin HD F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 1 Computer/MP3 Audio (3.5mm F/M ), 6ft (1.83m)
• 1 Digital video (HDMI® F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 2 Network (CAT6 RJ45 F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 2 USB (Type A F/M), 6ft (1.83m)

The plate itself is six slots wide and provides convenient access to cable ends or fixed connectors. All connectors are passive. Hence, the SP3502SC provides safe AC power for users to power laptops, projectors, or other presentation equipment.

The new SP3502SC Interconnect Plate is pre-configured for the Altinex PNP408 (black) and PNP408S (brushed aluminum) Pop ‘N Plug interconnect boxes as well as the TBL108 Table Buddy interconnect box. The PNP408 / PNP408S interconnect boxes are designed for installation into a conference room table while the TBL108 Table Buddy connects to edge of a table or desk and can be either a temporary or permanent attachment.

For those AV system designers and integrators in search of a more customizable interconnect solution, the Altinex SP1100SC Empty Standard Configuration Plate for the PNP400/TBL100 series interconnect systems is also available. The plate is pre-configured with two US AC Receptacles 95~120V/5A, 9.5ft (2.90m). The remainder of the plate can be populated with a wealth of connector choices via the SP1100SC’s product page on the Altinex website. Customized PNP400 and TBL100 products are identified as PNP408C or TBL108C.

Grant Cossey, Altinex Vice President of Sales, commented on the company’s new SP3502SC Interconnect Plate, “By offering both VGA and HDMI inputs that accommodate both new and not so new laptop computers, the SP3502SC provides the perfect combination of connectivity options for today’s business professional or educator. Add to this audio capability, network access, and both charging USB and conventional AC receptacles for powering one’s various devices, and the result is a comprehensive set of power and connectivity options that will integrate well into a wide range of environments. And by integrating this plate into both our PNP and TBL series interconnect systems, we have a ready to go connectivity solution for just about any project.”

MSRP for the Altinex SP3502SC Interconnect Plate is $195 while the SP1100SC Empty Standard Configuration Plate is $237. MSRP for the PNP and TBL interconnect systems is as follows:

• PNP408: $1,050
• PNP408S: $1,050
• TBL108: $445

All products are available now.

About Altinex
Founded in 1993, Altinex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®. The company offers a line of switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, furniture connectivity products, and control solutions. Altinex is a USA based ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation that conducts R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California. For additional information, visit the company online at www.altinex.com or contact them directly at 1.800.ALTINEX or 714.990.2300.


Sennheiser Lights Up H.O.T. Zone with Wireless Headphones as Hardgroove Brings ‘The Silent Jam’ to NAMM Show 2015

Interviews and ‘Silent Jams’ to Include Steve Morse and Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter

hotzoneAnaheim, CA – January 5, 2015 – Audio specialist Sennheiser (NAMM Show 2015: Hall A, Booth 6577) announced that its wireless headphone technology will support the H.O.T. (Hands On Training) Zone this year as Brian Hardgroove hosts ‘Silent Jam’ at the NAMM Show 2015. Hardgroove (Public Enemy) and host of the radio shows ‘Hardgroove’s Fuse Box” and “This is Hardgroove”, will host the ‘Silent Jam in the H.O.T. Zone stage on Friday, January 23, Saturday, January 24th and Sunday, January 25th. David Schwartz of the TEC Award Foundation will serve as producer for each event, which is limited to 140 attendees.

The sessions, which are an hour long and being co-produced by Sennheiser and Impulse Groove Foundation, will feature Steve Morse of Dixie Dregs fame (Friday, 1:00 p.m.) and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, known for his work with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers (Saturday, 12:00 p.m.). Sunday’s session at 12:00 p.m. will fea-ture special guests to be announced. Each session will be broadcast through Sennheiser wireless headphones to 140 attendees and consist of in-depth artist interviews, followed up by an impromptu jam session featuring Hardgroove on bass, Mike Boyko on drums and Robert Muller on keys.

ahardgroove“This event is an extension of the ‘From A Whisper To A Dream’ band competi-tion we did last summer, during which we used wireless headphones at the sug-gestion of Sennheiser’s Dave Missall,” commented Brian Hardgroove, who was inducted into the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his band Public Enemy. “It was a huge success there, so Dave asked me to bring it to NAMM and invite some extremely high profile musicians.”

On bringing Steve Morse and Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter to the H.O.T. Zone stage, Hardgroove says: “My choices are based on what inspires me. As a kid, I remem-ber Steve Morse and The Dixie Dregs coming to play where I lived — they were so progressive. Meanwhile, Skunk is a guy who can play anything. He can play heavy-hitting rock or the funk and soul like he created these genres.”

headphonelistenersLongtime IEM engineer Mark Frink will be mixing each of the lunch-time sessions, which will occur in the NAMM H.O.T.Zone’s Tec Lab (Room 202 B). Sennheiser RS 120 headphones will be provided for the audience, with the band using Senn-heiser EK 2000 IEM wireless monitors and Ultimate Ears custom molds. “I’ve used Sennheiser IEMs on all my tours and find them very musical,” Frink said. “We used the RS 120 headphones for the recent inaugural AES Live Sound Expo in Los Angeles.”

Interview content and post-session Q&A will be captured with Sennheiser e 835 wired and wireless dynamic microphones, while all instrumentation is fed into a Yamaha digital console via Radial JDIs. “Sennheiser, Yamaha and Radial and Ulti-mate Ears have been very supportive of all my recent trade show events,” Frink added.

For more information on the H.O.T. Zone, please visit the NAMM Show site at https://www.namm.org/thenammshow/2015/hot-zone-grid; to learn more about Sennheiser, please stop by booth 6577 during the exhibition, or visit www.sennheiserusa.com.

The Sennheiser Group based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1945 and has gone on to become a leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Sales in 2013 totaled 590.4 mil-lion euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,500 staff worldwide and operates plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hongkong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also has long-established trading partners in other countries. Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, a maker of studio microphones and monitor speakers, and Sennheiser Communications A/S, a joint venture making headsets for PCs, offices and call centers, are also part of the Sennheiser Group.

More up-to-date information about Sennheiser is available on the internet at www.sennheiser.com.

1) Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) in the studio
2) Sennheiser RS 120 headphones will be provided for the audience at this year’s Silent Jam at NAMM 2015.

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FOH Engineer Greg Walsh Chooses DPA Microphones For Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn Shows

Kate Bush Before The Dawn Show

Greg Walsh, Sound Design and Front of House Mixing Engineer, chose a selection of DPA microphones to capture the sound of Kate Bush’s hugely successful Before the Dawn series of concerts at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

After 35 years away from the live stage, these much anticipated concerts received high praise from reviewers and fans who frequently commented on the exceptional audio quality and the clarity of Kate’s vocals.

The decision to use DPA microphones was made following extensive testing by Greg Walsh and the production team, which included renowned audio engineer Stephen Taylor who was responsible for Kate’s vocal processing and monitor engineer Ian Newton, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

“I knew about DPA, having originally discovered Bruel and Kjaer [DPA's predecessor] in the mid-1980s,” Walsh says. “The larger capsule microphones such as the original B&K 4007 have been my first choice for acoustic guitar, drum overheads or ambient pairs for percussive and orchestral sources ever since.”

For the Hammersmith Apollo shows, Walsh specified DPA’s d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones for a number of instruments, including percussionist Mino Cinelu’s rig where they worked well on the Bougarabou, Djembe and Floor Tom.

“Their small profile allowed us greater positioning flexibility and the supercardiod pattern gave us tight focus on the sound source and excellent rejection,” he says.

Walsh also specified a DPA d:dicate™ 4011 Recording Microphone as a central focus mic for shakers and other hand held percussion, wireless DPA d:screet™ 4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones for the accordion and tambourine, and a wireless d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone for the djembe in the ‘minstrel’ sections of the show.

“Despite their small size the d:vote 4099s proved to be very robust and reliable. They were quiet, had excellent transient response and gave me a very workable natural sound,” Walsh says.

The Before the Dawn shows also gave Greg Walsh an opportunity to try DPA’s hand held d:facto Vocal Microphone for the first time.

“Finding a vocal microphone with a dynamic range capable of capturing the broad range of vocal performance and styles was obviously paramount,” Walsh explains, “We tested most of the available handheld microphones before deciding that the d:facto was the right choice. We opted for the wireless version, which we used with a Shure UHF-R system, and it proved to be very reliable and stable.”

In total, seven d:facto microphones were used on stage – five for the Chorus and two for Kate Bush. DPA also created a custom headset mic with a d:facto 4018V capsule that allowed Kate to perform with her hands free.

“We also used two DPA d:screet 4060 Microphones for the filmed segments of the show which were shot in a water tank at Pinewood.” Walsh says. “They were small enough to be concealed in a life jacket and were also very resilient to water ingress.”

Since completing the Before the Dawn shows, Walsh has been working on other projects, including a recent concert in Russia that involved a rock band and a 64 piece orchestra.

“I had no hesitation in specifying DPA d:vote 4099s for the orchestra, all members of which were individually mic’d,” he says. “DPA are an excellent company and provided fantastic support. I have known many of the team, in particular Ralph Dunlop and Pete Wandless, for many years and would like to thank them for their support.”

About DPA
DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theater or broadcast – with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for your tasks. DPA takes no shortcuts in the design processes nor makes any compromises in manufacturing, which is all done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability, and above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.
For more information, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com

Renewed Vision Drives Interactive Media Exhibit at John C. Maxwell Leadership Center

Velocity Productions integrates interactive video wall, custom iOS app with ProVideoPlayer2 software to maximize playback quality and flexibility

ATLANTA, January 5, 2015 — The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone Church in Atlanta honors the life and impact of John’s global and generational leadership as an internationally recognized leadership speaker, author and pastor. In celebration of his continuing legacy, visitors today enjoy interactive audio-visual presentations of John’s life and achievements across an immersive video wall controllable from several user stations. The engaging video and graphical content is driven exclusively by Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP2) software, bringing exceptional reliability and quality to a cost-efficient playback infrastructure.

Maxwell Center PVP2 w-iPad Station

RV PVP2 Maxwell Center

Velocity Productions, an Atlanta-based production and systems integration company, was tasked with building out the video wall on a curved wall, using a custom mounting system to cleanly integrate multiple 46-inch Barco monitors in a four-wide, three-tall configuration. The challenging integration project influenced the Velocity Productions team to evaluate technologies on the playback side that would not only deliver reliability and quality, but also bring balance to equipment and labor costs; and maintain operational simplicity moving forward.

“We primarily selected PVP2 for its low cost and ease of use, ensuring long-term value and a quick return on investment,” said Brian Morrison, director of AV integration, Velocity Productions. “It’s affordable, and straightforward operationally. The layouts are appealing, and the playlists are easy to create and manage. Simply put, we wanted something that works well on a daily basis and provides the quality of other high-end playback systems on the market — without the expense. That said, PVP2 is enabling the center to achieve some very interesting applications.”

The PVP2 software resides on a Mac Pro at the core of the operation, delivering two display port signals to a DVI adapter to transport signals to the video wall. With the video wall arranged in a 4×3 configuration, Velocity Productions programmed the PVP2 software to split the wall into two, 2×3 sections, sending each a 1920×1080 image. The video monitors then break up the video signal across all monitors in each 2×3 section. Next to the video wall, visitors can trigger content using a Savant Systems six-button controller to drive the first level of interactivity.

Velocity Productions also developed a custom Savant Systems iOS app to control the video wall content. PVP2 integrates with a Savant Systems controller via the DMX over Artnet protocol to add a second interactive element to the experience for the staff. This allows staff to scroll through and recall any of eight educational videos produced exclusively for the John C. Maxwell Center from an iPad, iPhone or Apple laptop. The eight videos otherwise rotate across the video wall on a continuous basis, all built around John’s leadership reputation with each video dedicated to a specific time in his life.

“PVP2 really gave us the flexibility to align the layouts and content to the screens, which was not easy given the unusual video wall format,” said Morrison. “The software provides a level of adjustability without complexity. While there is a feature that allows us to add layers for a richer output, we’re outputting a simple setup of layers where we’re matching outputs to signals coming and out. But, we could make every single screen unique, and that ability to adjust moving forward is pertinent to its long-term value.

“Beyond that, the interoperability between PVP2 and Savant Systems was key in really taking the experience to a higher level,” added Morrison. “From an integration perspective, it was easy as bridging the two systems together over the network. Visitors to the center benefit the most, using our custom iOS app to watch and listen to presentations across several personal stations. In the future, we anticipate adding 4K content to the video wall, which PVP2 natively supports. We see many interesting opportunities with this installation moving forward.”

About Renewed Vision
Founded in 2000, Renewed Vision’s mission is to offer reliable, purpose-built production software that enables organizations—spanning from churches to corporations—to create dynamic media experiences that enhance worship services, meetings and other special events. For more information on our product lines, including ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer, please visit our website at www.renewedvision.com.

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Electrosonic Provides AV Support to New “Scotland’s Time Lords” Exhibit at Edinburgh’s Our Dynamic Earth Attraction

timelords05-1Fifteen years after providing the complete audio-visual system for the Our Dynamic Earth attraction, Electrosonic returned to help the science center bring “Scotland’s Time Lords” to life. Electrosonic was charged with the design and systems integration of the AV elements, under subcontract to Studio MB, engineering the new exhibition with reliable components within a simple system architecture.

“Scotland’s Time Lords” introduces visitors to the Scottish scientists who laid the foundation for the modern paradigm of plate tectonics. Three new interlinked galleries take visitors from an 18th century themed classroom with magic blackboards and talking portraits back through Deep Time to the Big Bang and beyond. Visitors learn the impact of James Hutton and Arthur Holmes on the evolution of earth science, and celebrate the fact that scientific discovery is at the heart of Scottish culture.

The journey begins when the visitor passes through oak paneled doors and steps into a 19th century styled lecture room. Eminent geologist and ‘first Time Lord’ James Hutton demonstrates his theories on how the Earth was formed while large blackboards with animated imagery and text stand on either side. Hutton appears to be in the room through an application of the Pepper’s Ghost technique; his image is actually presented on a horizontally-mounted 63-inch Samsung LCD screen. He’s flanked by blackboard-style projection screens, fed by Optoma projectors, illustrating his talk. Portraits of later geologists, all with Scottish ties, are actually 55-inch Samsung LCDs, which come to life to comment on the importance of Hutton’s insights.

The second section looks at the contributions of Arthur Holmes, a professor of geology at Edinburgh University in 1942, whose studies led to the concept of plate tectonics. Visitors view a suspended globe presenting animations explaining plate tectonics and their relevance to earthquake and volcano zones. The globe is a Puffersphere, which uses a ceiling-mounted projectiondesign F32 video projector with a custom lens to project onto the internal surface of the sphere; a computer plays out source images and provides the geometric corrections required to deliver distortion-free images on the globe’s surface.

The Deep Time Machine comprises the third and final portion of the new exhibits. Styled as a large elevator operated by an AMX controller, the gallery transports visitors back in time to the Big Bang, showcasing giant images on 55-inch Samsung LCDs. In a collaboration between Our Dynamic Earth and ISO, new footage offers visitors the chance to witness the development of the universe and the early days of Earth.

When the “elevator doors” open at the conclusion of the journey, visitors exit to the science center’s existing spaceship-themed “How It All Started” show which features a new film produced by National Space Centre Creative (NSC Creative).

Audio equipment for the “Scotland’s Time Lords” exhibit includes Tannoy loudspeakers, Cloud and RSF amps and AMX Precis signal processing.

Most source and control equipment is housed in the existing AV racks in the central control room. HD players for the Time Machine are adjacent to the displays they serve.

The new exhibition was designed by award winning Edinburgh-based exhibition and interpretive design team Studio MB, and the fit-out contractor was Paragon Creative. Show content was conceived by Studio MB and produced by ISO Design of Glasgow. Project management and contract administration was also by Studio MB. Electrosonic supported the project through its local Edinburgh office.

About Electrosonic
Electrosonic, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is an international audio-visual company that creates tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of markets including theme parks, museums, control rooms, and corporate meeting rooms. Since its founding in 1964, Electrosonic has built a strong reputation for working on complex projects, both large and small, and has developed lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. Beyond complete integrated systems, Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of services including technical design, projector lamp sales, maintenance and operational support.

Learn more about Electrosonic. Visit http://www.electrosonic.com

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PMC at NAMM 2015

PMC to launch twotwo sub2 active subwoofer and showcase the new QB1-A

1PMCtwotwosub2LONDON, JANUARY 5, 2015 – UK-based reference monitor manufacturer PMC will be launching a new addition to its twotwo range of active nearfields at NAMM 2015 (Hall A, Booth 6598), as well as giving West Coast audio professionals another chance to see the mighty QB1-A large-scale studio monitor, launched in Los Angeles in Autumn 2014.

The new twotwo sub2 is a subwoofer designed to complement the twotwo range, providing greater headroom and dynamics than its smaller sibling, the twotwo sub1. The new sub2 is a low-distortion, active subwoofer featuring PMC’s unique ATL™ bass-loading technology, Class-D amplification and DSP-based filtering and bass management, which extends bass output significantly with negligible harmonic distortion. The sub2 also features a highly rigid, braced cabinet, ensuring that unwanted colouration is reduced to inaudible levels.

2PMCtwotwosub2The built-in amplifier delivers an impressive 400W of power to the LF driver, which has an active frequency response from 20Hz up to 200Hz, and as with all PMC ATL™ designs, the tonal balance of the output remains consistent at all listening levels, from whisper-quiet to levels you feel as well as hear. The sub2 can be deployed in a 2.1 configuration with twotwo series monitors to gain extra bass extension and headroom, or to reproduce the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel in a surround monitoring system. Used with the twotwos, the sub2 is also ideal where midfield performance levels are required, but where there may not be the space for large-scale reference monitors, such as in broadcast or post-production environments.

The long-throw bass driver employed in the twotwo sub2 — a flat piston design composed of a carbon-fibre/Nomex® sandwich — is a bespoke PMC design that delivers unparalleled transient response and potent performance for the speaker’s size when combined with the Advanced Transmission Line. The slim-line cabinet dimensions also make the sub2 far easier to place than typical cube-shaped subwoofer designs.

The sub2 features an AES3 input with a built-in high-quality sample rate converter, and can thus accept digital signals at sample rates between 32 and 192kHz. A pair of balanced stereo analogue XLR inputs also feature, and both sets of inputs are continuously active regardless of which sources are connected; switching between the sources is carried out from the rear panel or the optional desktop RC1 remote. The digital input is also passed through to the sub’s analogue and digital outputs for connection with other devices, allowing the twotwo sub2 to be used as a high-end digital-to-analogue converter to drive other analogue monitors from a digital stream, if required. A single parametric equaliser is provided to assist with in-room alignment, and the analogue and digital outputs can be high-pass filtered to feed satellite speakers in a 2.1 configuration.

In addition to the full twotwo range, PMC will also be demonstrating the recently launched QB1-A main studio monitor at the PMC booth (see http://www.pmc-speakers.com/ products/professional/active/qb1a).

About PMC
PMC is a UK-based, world-leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, the tools of choice in all ultra-critical professional monitoring applications, and also for the discerning audiophile at home, where they provide a transparent window into the recording artist’s original intentions. PMC products use the best available materials and design principles, including the company’s proprietary Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology, cutting-edge amplification and advanced DSP techniques to create loudspeakers that present sound and music exactly as it was when first created, with the highest possible resolution, and without coloration or distortion. For more information on our clients and products, see www.pmc-speakers.com.

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SoundTube Announces new Rep Appointments

SoundTube Entertainment has announced the appointment of two representative firms, effective January 1, 2015.

Cardone, Solomon and Associates, based in Northport, NY, will represent SoundTube and its sister companies Soundsphere, Rockustics and SolidDrive for commercial sound in upstate New York. Sales will be handled by Regional Product Manager Rich Trombitas, who has been with CS&A since 2008 and has extensive experience in both speakers and the AV industry. Michael Solomon, a founding partner of CS&A, will work with specifying consultants in the state. “Being appointed to become the SoundTube representatives for our Upstate New York region is a natural fit for us,” said Michael Solomon. “It works well with our ongoing strategic plan to continue to offer high quality products to our network of spec writing consultants, design-build, systems integration and sound contracting customers.”

Midvale, Utah-based Signal Marketing, Inc. will represent SoundTube and its sister companies in the Rocky Mountain territory: Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Montana, eastern Idaho and El Paso, Texas. Company principal Steve Trump along with Don Heisler and Corey Gale have over 62 years of combined experience working with dealers and contractors in the territory; Heath Gilbert will provide technical support and training. “Signal Marketing recognizes SoundTube as an industry leader in quality loudspeaker and related solutions,” said Steve Trump. “We are pleased to be joining their team.”

“We’re excited to work with these two excellent rep firms,” said Jill Levine, Northern States Regional Manager for MSE Audio‘s Commercial Division. “Both companies have a superb track record in maintaining customer satisfaction and building sales. They are a perfect fit for our company philosophy and goals.”
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About SoundTube Entertainment
SoundTube Entertainment, based in Park City, Utah USA, develops, manufactures and markets loudspeakers for installed sound. Our broad range of products includes RSi and RS-EZ open-ceiling, CMi, CM-BGM and CM-EZ in-ceiling, SMi surface-mount, XT outdoor, HPi high-power, Secret Sound sound-focusing, LA columnar line array and IP-addressable speaker models along with the WLL wireless delivery system, SolidDrive surface-direct and Rockustics speaker brands. SoundTube products are installed in many of the world’s best-known commercial operations. SoundTube is part of MSE Audio®, Overland Park Kansas USA.
www.soundtube.com / www.mseaudio.com

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Justin Lang Joins A.C.T Lighting As Director of Marketing

JustinLangContinuing A.C.T Lighting’s commitment to excellence, the company announces the appointment of Justin Lang as Director of Marketing. Lang will be working directly with Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brian Dowd, to increase market awareness of A.C.T Lighting and its partner brands. A.C.T Lighting is currently the exclusive North American distributor for MA Lighting, Clay Paky, Robert Juliat, MDG, Wireless Solutions and Chain Master.

Justin Lang has worked in all aspects of the lighting industry for 17 years, from sales to production design and most recently journalism. He began his professional career working in sales at Barbizon Lighting Company in Washington, DC. Lang later created the industry blog, iSquint.net, a successful technology and news website. In 2011, he was recruited by PLSN to take over as Editor.

“I am excited to join the A.C.T Lighting family and to be working with their partners,” says Lang. “They have been on the forefront of providing exceptional products and services in the North American market with truly unique product partners and a dedicated sales and support staff.”

Brian Dowd, A.C.T Lighting Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added, “We are very excited to have Justin as a member of our growing team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to our marketing efforts.”

Lang can be reached at 201-996-0884 or via email at Justin@actlighting.com.

About A.C.T Lighting

A leading importer and distributor of lighting products, A.C.T Lighting, Inc. strives to identify future trends and cutting-edge products, and stock, sell and support their inventory. The company provides superior customer service and value for money to all of its clients.

For more information call 818-707-0884.

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