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A virtual press conference from Sound & Video Contractor

Press Releases For : March 11, 2015

Grammy Award Nominated X Producer Adds Audient

”ASP880 has a wonderful true clarity to its sound”

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DPA Microphones is In Sync with Natalie Merchant

DPA Microphones is In Sync with Natalie Merchant
Veteran audio engineer George Cowan relies on a variety of
company’s mics to capture folk-singer’s artistry

DPA Microphones_dfacto_Natalie MerchantNEW YORK, MARCH 11, 2015 – Whether folk-rocker Natalie Merchant is on tour or in the studio, the musician’s long-time audio engineer, George Cowan, relies on DPA Microphones’ d:facto™ Vocal Microphone to provide the singer with the purest sound possible. Additionally, a combination of the company’s d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones highlight the supporting live-string quartet, while d:dicate™ 4011A Cardioid and 4006A Omnidirectional Microphones have been used for the musician’s recent recording projects.

Cowan was first introduced to DPA Microphones while engineering at the renowned Bearsville Studios near Woodstock, NY. It was there, in 1989, that he met Merchant and the two have been working together ever since. For Merchant’s current tour, the singer added a new element, a string quartet, which required proper amplification. Cowan turned to DPA to find a low-profile miking solution with high-quality sound.

“I have mixed for a variety of live audiences, from stadiums to small clubs, so I know the importance of having a good microphone,” says Cowan. “Based off my experience and the company’s reputation, I knew that DPA would be the best solution for close-miking the quartet as the d:vote mics allowed us to get an isolated sound on the string instruments, which can be difficult to do with other brands. The d:votes solved every problem we had and are great microphones for live music because they just sound clearer. We prefer a subtle attachment mic, and its unobtrusive design allows us to eliminate clutter from the stage.”

In addition to the 2014 summer tour, Merchant, Cowan and co-engineer Eli Walker were busy working on the 20th anniversary re-recording of the singer-songwriter’s hit album, Tigerlily which features new arrangements and sensibilities.

“We used a d:dicate 4011A on the viola and seven d:dicate 4006As on the strings for the recording session for Tigerlily,” continues Cowan. “We also used the 4006As for ambience at the Club House, a studio in Rhinebeck, NY. The string mount that comes with the mics is the best in the business; I’ve never seen anything better. They’re not clumsy at all and they are really well thought out.”

In addition to using DPA to isolate the instruments, Cowan switched Merchant to DPA’s d:facto Vocal Microphone. “It was a no brainer when we tried the d:facto capsule on Natalie’s vocals,” adds Cowan. “It sounded better than anything we were using prior. I’m a big fan of DPA, every time I hear a performance using their mics, I’ve been impressed. I want to thank the crew at DPA for being so wonderful to work with. Natalie was also very appreciative and she plans on crediting the company on her next record.”

Cowan additionally expressed interest in trying out more of DPA’s mics for future applications. With more than 30 years of experience in the music business, Cowan has toured the world live-mixing for the likes of Joe Jackson, Joan Baez, Aimee Mann and Todd Rundgren. In addition to his work as a FOH engineer, Cowan served as a studio engineer for many years.

Merchant released her sixth solo album (also recorded with Cowan and Walker, using DPA microphones) in May, a self-titled and self-produced collection of 10 new and original songs, named Album of the Week by The Daily Telegraph, along with a debut at number 20 on Billboard’s Top 200. Additional albums include Tigerlily (1995), Ophelia (1998), Motherland (2001), The House Carpenter’s Daughter (2003) and Leave Your Sleep (2010). The 20th anniversary release of Tigerlily, due out next year, will also be accompanied by a live concert video that was filmed over two days at the Tarrytown Music Hall.

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to always provide its customers with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. When it comes to the design process, DPA takes no shortcuts. Nor does the company compromise on its manufacturing process, which is done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.

For more information on DPA Microphones, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com

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Mariners Church Upgrades to SSL Live

“I’ve worked on many different digital consoles; when I was told that SSL was being considered, I knew it was the right way to go”

SSL L500 and the team at Mariners_SmallforCCIRVINE, CA Mariners Church recently upgraded its sound system with a pair of SSL Live. L500 consoles for their 3,400-seat, 81,000-sq. ft. worship center. Nestled on a scenic hilltop next to the Newport Coast, Mariners Church features contemporary Christian worship and averages 14,000 attendees per week. This is a substantial increase from its humble start in the 1960s, when the church held worship at the homes of Newport Beach families and a series of rented locations, including Mariners Elementary School after which it was named. Since building its current worship facility in 2006, Mariners has opened additional locations in Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, San Juan Capistrano and Santa Ana.

It was nearly a decade since the church first installed its audio system, which included a 48-channel analogue FOH console, and the audio team knew it was time for an upgrade. They turned once again to CCI Solutions, the integrator on their original sound system, which this time supplied a pair of new SSL L500 consoles for both FOH and monitors.

“The clarity of the console and the way we can separate the mixing functions has been spectacular,” says Mariners Network Technical Arts Director Jeff Stewart, who joined the church at the same time as the consoles. “It’s not just me who feels this way, everyone has been telling me that it’s a night and day difference over the old console, which was gone before I got here.”

Previously a systems engineer at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Stewart was tasked with consulting on the purchase prior to the move. “During my transition from Willow, the team was still deciding what console to choose and I said, from an engineering standpoint, that I’d go with the SSL,” he says. “I told them that SSL has been making consoles for 45 years, so they know what they are doing. My first day on the job, I installed the two L500 consoles.”

Among the people on Stewart’s team who have noticed the difference is Scott Clement, who has been mixing FOH at Mariners for the past year. “I’ve worked on many different digital consoles at other venues and with other acts, so when I was told that SSL was being considered, I knew it was the right way to go,” he says. “It’s been a lot easier to mix and I’m using much less EQ, especially for our pastor, who doesn’t like head-worn microphones, but instead uses a lavalier mic. On the old console, we had to do a lot of carving just to get enough gain before feedback. I’m not spending time getting the sound to cut through; it just does it automatically. I can hear everything, and I don’t have to gain it up a lot to get what I want.

“The first time we used the console was for our Christmas production, during which we had a choir and string percussion and horn sections, and still, with all of those things going on, I could still hear the shaker from the percussionist coming through,” he continues. “The SSL Live has both a clarity and warmth that gives me what I call the ‘soul of the music,’ in the low- to mid-range.”

While Mariners has a recurring core worship band each week, individual guest performers are a frequent staple for services. “The ability to save channel profiles for recurring guest performers is a great time-saver,” Clement adds. “When a musician returns, I can simply load the settings for their instrument or vocal and we’re up and running. Even if we have to patch them to a new channel, it only takes seconds.

Mariners’ two Solid State Logic L500 consoles share four 32-channel ML 32.32 analogue stageboxes, for a total of 128 stage inputs. “We haven’t had to use the full 128 yet, but we wanted something we could grow into as well,” Clement explains. “For Christmas, the main stage had close to 100 people on it, and there was also a small ensemble out in the middle of the house, so we were pushing around 80 inputs. We know that our productions will keep getting bigger.”

SSL’s Live Recorder, which can support 64-channels of 96 kHz record and playback, is being used in conjunction with the SSL Live consoles. “Our Live Recorder has already paid for itself,” declares Clement. “Since I can instantly playback the audio, I use it to discuss with Jeff and our music director, what adjustments they’d like me to make. I haven’t been able to do that with other consoles because they just don’t have the tools. Now, it’s so easy for us to transfer over into virtual sound check. It’s literally a push of a button, and you’re ready to go, which is amazing. It’s also useful for times when someone has to cover for me. They can just fire up the tracks from the previous week use them to set their EQs and dynamics to their preferences for a quick and simple setup before rehearsal Saturday.”

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: www.solidstatelogic.com.

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Press Releases For : March 10, 2015

DT Research’s new line of Multi Screen Digital Signage Appliances, the MA series, this week at DSE 2015

MA Signage Appliances Power Multiple Digital Signage Screens

Rugged, Compact Players for Menu Boards and Transportation Schedules

SAN JOSE, Calif. & DSE Las Vegas, NV – March 11, 2015 – DT Research™, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, today announced a new line of digital signage players, the MA Multi Screen Appliance series. The rugged and compact embedded system players are packaged with the intuitive WebDT Content Manager (WCM) software suite, which includes a menu board design tool, Menu Board Editor, for a turn-key digital signage package to quickly deploy menu boards, transportation signage, and other multiple screen applications.

The MA Signage Appliances provide multiple video connections with 2 to 7 HDMI ports for up to 1080p or 4k high resolution, dynamic digital signage applications. The MA1363C/1363B offers the Intel® Celeron®/Core™ i7 CPU, integrating 3 video out connectors with 3840×2160 (@24Hz) or 1920×1080 (@60Hz) resolution in a fanless package weighing less than six pounds. The MA1367C/B offers the Intel® Celeron®/Core™ i7 CPU, integrating 7 video out connectors with 3840×2160 (@24Hz) or 1920×1080 (@60Hz) resolution, packaged in a sealed chassis with an external fan for protection from airborne contaminants. The MA1352/1356 is powered with the Intel® Celeron® Quad Core CPU and has 2/6 video out connectors housed in a solid-state, fanless design weighing less than three pounds. The MA102/104 has video-friendly ARM CPU with Android operating system and can power 2/4 screens with 3840×2160 or 1920×1080 resolution to each screen. With Microsoft® Windows® Embedded 8 Standard or Android operating systems, the MA Signage Appliances are flexible to integrate with existing database and management systems, and offer an optional Wi-Fi dipole antenna for network connection.

Combined with the industry-leading WebDT Content Manager software, these rugged appliances are capable of driving multimedia and database content to displays in digital menu board, video wall and ribbon, and other signage applications that require high resolution graphics and video. WebDT Content Manager (WCM) 6.2 Pro software provides intuitive remote management of content and hardware functions. Bundled with all WebDT signage appliances, WCM offers an easy-to-use interface for organizing, scheduling, and distributing content, and supports numerous media formats (e.g., images, videos, Flash, remote URL’s, RSS, executable applications, ZIP, and Microsoft PowerPoint). Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers enable a multi-screen video wall to be divided into multiple areas with different content in each zone to mix images, text, and real-time video through an RTSP or MMS stream, or through an optional video capture card. This management software allows quick updates over a network connection for real-time or scheduled content playback and automatic content download recovery to prevent downtime. The newly released WCM 6.2 Pro now offers a powerful Menu Board Editor (available for download online), enabling efficient menu board design, enhanced player management interface, extended browser support, and fully frame-synchronized multi-screen video playback with frame-synchronized audio/video. The Menu Board Editor offers a tool to streamline the layout and scheduling of menu board content with templates and plug-ins for fast deployment.

The compact, rugged design of the MA Multi Screen Appliances make them ideal for installations in tough environments such as restaurants, retail, concessions, sports and entertainment venues and transportation stations. The MA Multi Screen Appliances will be available April 27th 2015 from DT Research resellers worldwide.

DT Research will be at booth 122 at DSE 2015 in Las Vegas March 11th and 12th.

About DT Research
DT Research™ develops and manufactures web-enabled information appliances for vertical applications. The WebDT family of products is based on embedded computing platforms for secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing. WebDT products include digital signage solutions, wireless tablets, point-of-service handhelds, compact modular systems, and display-integrated information systems. These systems emphasize mobility, wireless connectivity and touch displays. Powered by Windows® Embedded and Android operating systems, WebDT systems offer durability and ease in integration, leading to solutions that can be remotely managed with the comprehensive WebDT Content Manager and WebDT Device Manager software. For more information, visit www.signage.dtri.com.

DT Research and WebDT are trademarks of DT Research, Inc. All other brands and product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


menu board digital signage

menu board digital signage

SSL Appoints Set Square to Lead Live Console Sales in UAE

DUBAI – Solid State Logic is pleased to announce the appointment of Set Square as its Live Console partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company, owned and operated by Dave Lee, who has worked in the Dubai live industry for over 15 years, has purchased an SSL Live. L300 for rentals and will handle distribution of both the L300 and L500 throughout the UAE.Dave Lee with SSL Live. L300

“Set Square is proud to become SSL’s UAE partner for distribution of the SSL Live. L500 and L300 consoles,” says Lee. “There has been an increasing buzz about the new SSL Live consoles in the Gulf, and it is exciting that we are now able to showcase these consoles in the region. With the growing live music scene and plans for new venues, it is perfect timing to introduce SSL Live. Additionally, our having an L300 available for rental in Dubai will make it possible for live engineers and system integrators to experience firsthand the full capabilities of the console. I’m eager for all of the prospective opportunities to educate customers about its great features.”

“We were very selective when naming Set Square as the SSL UAE Distributor for Live products as we needed a company that could provide potential clients with the very best purchasing experience,” says Paul Lindsay, SSL Vice President of Sales for Middle East. “With Dave’s exceptional experience and background in the region, we are certain that we can also offer the superior level of support and training expected by SSL clients. I’m very much looking forward to working with Set Square as we grow the market for SSL Live solutions.”

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: www.solidstatelogic.com.

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Professional Wireless Systems Provides Premium Frequency Management at Latin Music Awards Show, Premio Lo Nuestro

MIAMI, MARCH 10, 2015 - When Univision presented its 27th annual star-studded spectacular, Premio Lo Nuestro, at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) was on-hand to deliver its expert frequency management services to this year’s Latin music awards show. In total, PWS coordinated and managed close to 200 frequencies for the entertainment program, including the red carpet festivities and main event.PWS Helical Antenna

For this year’s production, the PWS team, led by James Stoffo, lead RF coordinator and Gary Trenda, wireless intercom technician, worked closely to ensure that the evening’s performances remained free from interference. All parties were in constant communication with one another, particularly during the red carpet to main show transition, in which Stoffo allocated frequencies to the red carpet team for intermediary intercoms, wireless mics and IFBs.

During the main event, one of the challenges that PWS faced dealt with deflecting interference from the stage’s many video and lighting walls throughout the night’s performances. “Awards shows are continuing to use several large video and lighting walls to create enhanced effects while the talent is performing on-stage, which commonly transmits RF noise onto the in-ear monitors,” says Jim Van Winkle, general manager, PWS. “This is problematic for live performances as the artist needs to be able to hear themselves clearly through the in-ear monitors.”PWS behind scenes

To address this, PWS ran the in-ear transmit antennas under the stage, instead of backstage, in order to get as close to the artist as possible and successfully block out incoming interference from the video and lighting walls. “I chose the PWS Domed Helicals for this because I needed to be working with antennas that were circularly polarized and had a nice, wide pattern to cover the whole stage,” says Stoffo. “Additionally, the Shure PSM(r) 1000 personal monitor systems have an automatically adjustable amp that, paired with the antenna, has the ability to push the noise from the video walls down, which is crucial in this application.”

PWS supplied an equipment package that included Shure UHF-R(r) wireless microphone systems, as well as Sennheiser systems to accommodate those artists endorsed by Sennheiser. Two PWS Helical Antennas covered the wireless mics on stage, with one positioned stage-left and the other stage-right. 20 Telex BTR-800 beltpacks were used for the lighting department and producers, running through PWS DB-IC multicouplers and PWS GX-8 combiners. Additionally, the stage personnel relied on 30 Sennheiser in-ear transmitter receivers, operating on two channels, for monitoring.

All of the stage managers and audio team relied on Radio Active Designs UV-1G VHF Narrow Band(tm) Beltpacks. COMTEK BST-25s were utilized for the talent IFBs. Both of these systems operate in the VHF spectrum, which proved crucial during the main show performances. “It is important to free up as much space on the UHF spectrum as possible,” Van Winkle says. “Having several comms and IFBs working in the VHF band allowed us to smoothly fit the audio mics and in-ear monitors on the UHF band, which need to be operating within that spectrum for its higher audio quality.”

PWS managed the show’s frequencies with its own Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS), as well as one of its 36-channel monitor listening stations. Stoffo used the station to monitor all the microphones, as well as select intercoms for the duration of the evening’s array of performances.

“I would like to thank the PWS team for a job well done and another successful show,” says Van Winkle. “On shows of this magnitude, there is always the potential for last-minute problems to arise with how congested the RF landscape has become. Our team has to react quickly, changing certain frequencies last-minute to keep everything operating smoothly. Thanks to all involved in this show’s execution for another successful year.”

As television’s longest-running Latin music awards show, Premio Lo Nuestro has been entertaining audiences across the Americas since 1989, featuring dynamic performances and appearances from famous Latin American personalities, including Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and Pitbull, among others.
For more information on the awards show, including for a full list of the night’s winners, visit


For more information about Professional Wireless Systems, visit http://www.professionalwireless.com.

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Press Releases For : March 9, 2015

Shotoku to Commemorate Milestone 70th Anniversary with New Pedestal ‘Smart’ Rail Camera System at 2015 NAB Show

Company to Demo Advanced Lightweight Pneumatic Pedestal Along with Full Range of Studio and Field Camera Support Gear

Torrance, CA • Shotoku Broadcast Systems, the well-established leader in manual and robotic camera support, and virtual reality tracking, is marking its 70th Anniversary at this year’s 2015 NAB Show with a celebration in its Booth C7033. Along with showcasing its full range of advanced and high-performing control solutions, pan & tilt heads, robotic and manual pedestals, and virtual reality products for OB, studio, field production and legislative applications, the company is also officially launching its new TP500 compact and lightweight pneumatic pedestal as well as showcasing its well-received SmartTrack ‘smart’ rail camera system that addresses the demands of daily TV studio use.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to celebrate a milestone anniversary at NAB this year as we mark 70 years providing the industry with advanced technology and solid, high-performing products,” said Tony Hanada, Shotoku managing director. “NAB also allows us vital time to learn more about the needs of our US and global customers, while sharing our latest solutions such as our new pneumatic pedestal and rail system. As always, we look forward to showcasing our full-range of remote camera systems for TV live news, sports and current affairs as well as government and legislative applications at this year’s show alongside our series of manual support gear used by production professionals around the globe.”

TP500 pneumatic pedestal
Shotoku’s new TP500 is a compact and lightweight pneumatic pedestal capable of supporting camera payloads of up to 121 lbs. (55 kg.), and ranges from 26.2” (665mm) to 58.5” (1,485mm) in height. It is suitable for multi-location use such as OB, studio or event production. The robust modular design allows simple transportation of the TP500 between locations, without compromising its ability to provide a stable platform for camera operators. In addition, the TP500’s integrated inflation pump offers flexibility and freedom, regardless of the broadcast location. The pedestal is ideally paired with Shotoku’s SX300 and SH100/120 pan & tilt heads for optimal performance.

SmartTrack ‘smart’ rail camera system
At this year’s NAB, Shotoku is highlighting its new SmartTrack system, a fully integrated product based on the core track-based technology of MAT, Germany. In combination with Shotoku pan & tilt heads and control systems the MAT system is turned into the perfect solution for TV studio use, day after day. It is highly adaptable, supporting floor or ceiling operation and a range of height column configurations, in both upright and inverted modes. The high quality engineering of the MAT and Shotoku systems ensure that the system is robust and stable, designed for long-term use in demanding applications such as 24/7 news or TV.

About Shotoku Broadcast Systems
Shotoku Broadcast Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and marketing of a full range of camera support products with emphasis on manual and robotic pedestals and pan/tilt heads for the television broadcast industry. The Company also provides robotic camera systems capable of interfacing with third-party equipment. Established as an engineering design firm specializing in advanced mechanics and electronic control systems, Shotoku maintains headquarters in Japan with offices in Staines, UK and Torrance, CA. The Company’s robotic camera systems are designed, developed and manufactured in Staines, UK. For further information: www.Shotoku.co.uk

US Shotoku contact: Keiko Watson
1-866-SHOTOKU / kwatson@shotoku.tv

Europe Shotoku contact: James Eddershaw

Japan Shotoku contact: Tony Hanada

Press contact: Desert Moon Public Relations & Advertising/ Harriet Diener
+1-845-512-8283 / mailto:Harriet@DesertMoon.tv

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Press Releases For : March 7, 2015

Symetrix SymNet Radius DSP Boosts Reliability, Flexibility at Florida International University Football Stadium

FloridaIn its second FIU-related project, Icor International Systems implemented a Dante-based processing infrastructure at the large-capacity college football venue.


DORAL, FL — MARCH 2015: As the biggest university in Southern Florida and one of the top ten largest in the US, Florida International University places a premium on maintaining technological standards at its various facilities. The 21,000-seat FIU Stadium for college football matches is no exception, and the venue is currently the subject of a substantial and ongoing AV upgrade.

Having solicited possible solutions from a variety of audio specialists, FIU ultimately appointed Doral, Florida-based Icor International Systems Design & Integration to provide the replacement for an elderly, CobraNet-oriented audio system. In the first phase of the overhaul, the company focused its efforts on revamping the processing and distribution hub in the stadium’s control room.

“The old set-up had become unreliable and had a habit of failing at the worst possible moment,” says Scott Pearson, VP of engineering at Icor International Systems. “Having used Symetrix processors for many years, and the Audinate Dante media networking technology on several recent projects, we determined that a Dante-compatible Symetrix DSP-based solution would represent the best way forward.”

The ability to implement Dante on the building’s existing fibre backbone was a primary advantage of the final design, which revolves around a single SymNet Radius 12×8 open architecture Dante-scalable DSP and a pair of SymNet xOut 12 I/O expanders. In addition, a Yamaha Dante-MY16-AUD card has been provided to connect an existing Yamaha LS-9 mixer to the network.

A keen advocate of Dante, Pearson describes the increasingly ubiquitous technology as “the cleanest, most versatile and most economical way to handle complex audio systems. With many AV departments being managed by IT professionals now, we have found great acceptance for Dante as IT managers understand the technology well and appreciate its capabilities for control and expansion.”

Similar praise is reserved for Symetrix’ Dante-supporting DSPs. “I have been using Symetrix products for over 25 years and have only had one product requiring a return for repairs, which is quite a remarkable achievement and a testament to the durability of their designs,” he says. “The products are also very feature-rich, and we have Symetrix SymNet Composer software installed on a local PC that we can access remotely. With this setup, we can monitor, control and troubleshoot all stadium audio functions from anywhere with an Internet connection.”

Providing an FIU perspective, Anthony King – who is the assistant director of athletic facilities and operations – comments: “We could not be happier with our move to Symetrix. The reliability, power and broad functionality of our new system components has been an absolute home run for us. Having the peace of mind that comes with such high quality products is a welcome change in the hectic world of athletic facility management.”



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Press Releases For : March 6, 2015

Precision Planting® Upgrades Their Mobile Planter Technology Institute with PixelFLEX FLEXTile LED Screens

VideoTrailer- FLEXTileInstall-1397Nashville, March 5, 2015 — Agricultural technology manufacturer and educator Precision Planting updated the user experience for their unique Planter Technology Institute, a mobile educational and promotional 53-foot trailer that travels to growers nationwide, with the high definition PixelFLEX LED FLEXTiles.

After utilizing high-maintenance short throw projectors and televisions, Precision Planting engaged AV partner AVSC to improve the visual impact of the mobile display. PixelFLEX was chosen to create a dynamic and mobile visual environment.

“We thought this would be the best solution for our trailer moving forward, because we had seen it in action, we had seen the clarity and the definition, and we felt like it would be the best bang for our buck,” said Precision Planting Marketing Manager Sean Arians.

The lightweight LED tiles are a perfect match for the application, saving time and money in conjunction with the video trailer’s full and constant touring schedule. PixelFLEX also managed the integration of the old system with new technology components to give Precision Planting more capabilities with their system as their teaching program platform continues to grow. The video wall was comprised of 30 LED panels to create a 15.75-foot-wide by 4.725-foot-tall space that was built onto a custom shock-mounted frame to minimize vibration from constant coast-to-coast travel.

The FLEXTile LED proved to be the high standard of flexibility and roadworthiness Precision Planting needed. With the 3.75mm LED tile, the quality of the video footage and viewing distance grants growers an engaging and dynamic educational setting

“Customers are impressed when they see something that’s that sharp and clean when they get into the trailer, so it’s an enjoyable experience for them,” said Arians.VideoTrailer- FLEXTileInstall-1231

After starting its educational tour through Indiana, Michigan, the Dakotas and more of the Midwest region, the Precision Planting video trailer will continue through March picking back up again in June to reach more farmers with assistance in producing their best yield whether that be through mechanical or technological solutions.

“The flexibility of the FLEXTile is a big part in what makes this tile stand out from the rest of the LED market,” said PixelFLEX Director of Marketing David Venus. “This product is a long term solution that will enable Precision Planting’s mobile Planter Technology Institute to thrive while assisting growers in reaching their goals.”

For more information on PixelFLEX and its growing line of lightweight LED video screens, visit PixelFLEX at pixelflexled.com. Follow them @LEDCurtain and on Facebook.



PixelFLEX Creates Custom LED Video Displays for True Religion Jean’s Bold New Message

Nashville, March 3, 2015 — “Be So Bold” is the catchphrase surrounding luxury brand True Religion’s new marketing campaign. While encouraging consumer’s personal statements of daring fashion, True Religion made their own bold statement with the introduction of custom PixelFLEX FLEXDisplay LED video stands in a group of their top stores.JZocco_NYC_8699_HiRes

The FLEXLite 3.9mm LED screens reside in custom displays built to be a part of the store design concept and create a more compelling and immersive digital signage experience compared to traditional televisions and paper signage. True Religion built dynamic, customized content to display promotions and immersive experiences for increased customer foot traffic. The capabilities of the screen and the imaginative content combine to create what Vice President of Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Innovation John Hazen at True Religion, calls a “Trojan Horse.”

“They get people to stop and look at a brand when they otherwise might not be interested,” Hazen said. “And that’s what we’re trying to do. The content we display is complleing on its own, it’s not a hard sell. It is brand right and compelling visuals.”

PixelFLEX installed the FLEXDisplays in order to increase foot traffic and revenue just in time for the 2014 holiday season, and True Religion has decided double down on another group of additional stores. The change marks a more efficient option for promotional material versus printed signage of the past.

“It [paper signage] is incredibly expensive,” Hazen explained. “These are large cardboard or foam signs that we are usually overnighting or mailing two-day air to stores across the entire United States and Canada. So the idea of not doing that any more and being able to change out the signage library color palette four times a year is incredibly attractive.”

The content management system provides headquarters the ability to change all signs at a time, a few, or even a single sign to deliver content or promotions based on a geographical area. Making the changes digitally means a faster turnaround at a much lower cost.

“By the end of the first quarter, we’re going to have these in 30 out of our 100 full-price stores, so when it comes to our full-price business, we are going to have the ability to turn our content on a dime and allow us to be much, much more nimble than our competitors,” Hazen said.

JZocco_NYC_8690_HiRes“In today’s fast-paced world, you only have a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye as they pass by. You have to rise above the advertising congestion,” said PixelFLEX Director of Marketing David Venus. “Using LED signage gives you the ability to create a much more personalized, interactive and impactful message, and we only see this market continuing to grow.”

“Providing flexible LED solutions is a hallmark of PixelFLEX,” said PixelFLEX Chief Operating Officer Monty Rains. “In this case, we listened to what True Religion was trying to accomplish and developed a customized solution for their digital signage needs. Our flexible design allows the client to increase or decrease size, add mobility and wireless updating to the FLEXDisplays based on changing needs.”

“The PixelFLEX team bent over backwards when it came to the installation of these,” said Hazen. “They put in a really herculean effort to get these done before the holidays. Every store that we went into had an unexpected issue that could have easily been a showstopper that day, and the guys worked around it for us. So the service provided in installing these things with some wacky hours, unique circumstances and a unique set of problems was absolutely amazing.”

For more information on True Religion and their Be So Bold campaign, visit TrueReligion.com.

For more information about the FLEXLite and other PixelFLEX products, visit pixelflexled.com. Follow PixelFLEX on Facebook and on Twitter @LEDCurtain.



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