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Bosch Plena Public Address Easy LineIt seems busy everywhere in Central Hall this year; the Bosch booth was dense with people at midday, especially around the conferencing and PA systems.

News includes the worldwide debut of the entry-level Plena Public Address Easy Line. This plug-and-play system has some reassuring ease-of-use features including Cat 5 loop-through call stations and wall panels. It sits on existing 70 volt PA and fire alarm systems with override to prioritize phones or alarms in an emergency.

Also new is the DCN Wireless Discussion System. While Bosch is well-known for their industry-standard, 32 channel wired and IR voice interpretation and translation systems, this new system with channel selection allows up to 10 languages plus 4 discussion channels all carried over a single channel on the 2.4 Ghz band.

The discussion system scaleable, and is ideal for multi-purpose locations such as school boards, council chambers, courtrooms, universities, etc. (including those of historical significance as there is no install impact). The units are great looking and systems can be scaled from one language to 10; additional languages are added through the purcase of additional units, so the system can be scaled over time and is relatively future-proof. Because it’s a discussion system and not a translation headset, it allows for more public role speakers of each language and a more equal environment for exchange. In an increasingly bi-lingual and multi-lingual world, this is a welcome option for handling multiple languages in discussion settings.

A key Bosch market move reflects cultural changes and realities, explains Aaron Chisena, product manager for Bosch public address systems (and until very recently of the conferencing products). Chisena’s first example was the US debut of the Bosch Praesidio voice evacuation. The debut of the system in the US (it’s deployed worldwide in some 4000 installations) reflects the fact that emergencies and evac situations have become more complex. In a school shooting incident, he says, a fire alarm may not only be an inadequate evacuation tool, it may even provide the wrong message—leave the building—when there is a safer option.

Already in use in places such as the Dubai airport and the Bangkok underground, it ties into existing fire alarm systems to provide a level of life safety and evac detail. it had a light launch here January 1, but this is it’s official debut. As schools, airports, shopping centers and other public and private buildings add mass messaging features such as emergency text messaging and computer pop-ups, voice evac becomes one more tool for safety. Although the US has not yet established standards, the Praesidio system has long complied with established European standards such SOLAS and IEC-60849.

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