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Harman Professional Debuts Next Generation HiQnet System Architect Version 2.0 at InfoComm 09

Press release

In an introduction that radically simplifies professional audio networking, delivers greater design and integration capabilities to audio professionals, and improves system performance and efficiency, Harman Professional debuted HiQnet System Architect version 2.0. A highly intuitive, highly functional audio configuration and control interface for designing specialized audio networks for a wide array of applications, HiQnet System Architect 2.0 takes a newer approach to system design than the previous generation by providing users with intelligent choices based on job function, system application and system sophistication. Read on at The Briefing Room

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Barix Brings IP Intercom to InfoComm

Andy Stadheim demonstrated the master controller for the Barix IP intercom system on the show floor today, and it became immediately apparent that one of the strengths in this system is the fact that it can be installed using exising IP networks without adding a significant amount of traffic. The Barix system of intercom over IP is an example of a system that was designed by a genius to be run by … a nontechnical person. IP is everywhere now, and Barix has designed its hardware to put voice communication on the IP wave.

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Symetrix Adds New Room Combine 788 to Popular Integrator Series

Symetrix Room Combine 788 at InfoComm 09Press release

Symetrix, a leading provider of audio signal processing solutions for the commercial, broadcast, and studio markets, announces the release of the Room Combine 788, the latest addition to its Integrator Series line of products. The Integrator Series now consists of four purpose-built processors, and is based on Symetrix’ SymNet platform for network audio DSP. Read on at The Briefing Room

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Extron on Education

Extron AnnotatorIt was interesting to hear my pal, Bennett Liles, chat this morning with Extron Marketing VP Lee Dodson about some of that company’s many new products geared toward the education market, especially since Bennett works in that field. (See here, here, and here for Bennett’s comments on a couple of those Extron products.)

While we were talking, I asked Lee how Extron was viewing the education market and its vibrancy in the current economy. Having two elementary-age children moving through California’s suffering school system, I had a natural prediliction to presuming that not a lot was happening on that front. But Lee, and others I talked to in the last couple days, suggested that wasn’t exactly the case. He agreed with what others said, which I mentioned on the blog said yesterday. Namely, that schools and universities large and small are making, or are about to make, modest infrastructure expenditures and are seeking technology with long lives and upgrade paths from major manufacturers. Thus, a lot of technology on display in Extron’s typically gigantic booth, such as its new Annotator annotation graphics processor and its VoiceLift infrared mic system, is drawing intrest from the educational crowd. more…

Crestron’s DigitalMedia Mantra

You won’t find a more passionate evangelist for Crestron‘s new DigitalMedia initiative than PR chief Jeff Singer, and he presented an interesting case to me that the history of Crestron’s development of the initiative, and resulting family of products on display this week at InfoComm with more coming shortly thereafter, represents a mission to be on the bleeding edge of the industry’s current paradigm shift into the digital universe. more…

Telex RadioCom launches the BTR-80N Narrow Band Synthesized Dual-Channel Wireless Intercom System at InfoComm 2009, Booth #6100

Telex RadioCom BTR-80N at InfoComm 09Press release

The Telex RadioCom BTR-80N Narrow Band wireless intercom system offers the most comprehensive, user friendly and versatile set of features available in wireless intercom systems anywhere in the world. Providing an unprecedented 25kHz of modulated band width, the BTR-80N Narrow Band system will allow more users per channel in the cramped UHF spectrum. Combining the award-winning performance of the BTR-800 wireless intercom system with revolutionary Narrow Band technology and additional innovative features, the BTR-80N is the best-performing, most versatile wireless intercom system ever made. Read on at The Briefing Room

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Managing Power

IsoCenterThe growing partnership between Middle Atlantic (booth 5701) and Exact Power (6341) was on display, and educational for me, when Middle Atlantic PR guru Kevin Handerson introduced me to Exact Power’s president/chief engineer/resident genius, Bob Schluter. Bob proceeded to explain the new IsoCenter Isolation Transformer System built by Exact Power, but which will shortly be distributed by Middle Atlantic, and I found myself, for maybe the first time, understanding a little bit about power management, and more importantly, finding it fascinating. more…

Chief Set to Release New Mini RPA Elite and Mini RPA Series Projector Mounts

Chief Mini RPA Elite at InfoComm 09Press release

Chief Manufacturing, an industry leader in projector, monitor, and flatpanel TV mounting solutions, is excited to announce a new line of mini projector mounts available late summer 2009. Read on at The Briefing Room

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Extron’s Retractor Eases the Load on Cables

Extron RetractorExtron‘s people have been out in the real world and one of the things they’ve come up with is a handy widget that installs out of sight to automatically take up cable once it has been disconnected and safely stores it on a hidden reel. On a university campus with 90 classrooms, I replace at least a half-dozen VGA cables every week because of people disconnecting and then dropping them on hard floors, bending the flanges. The new Extron Retractor that Lee Dodson showed me solves that problem. It’s a unique, patent-pending retraction and management system that works with Extron’s Cable Cubby access enclosures. Clearly, Extron’s people aren’t just a bunch of guys in white coats wandering around in windowless labs.

Extron Shows its New IR Microphones

Extron VoiceLiftThe education market is a prime spot for infrared wireless microphones and Extron has responded with its new VoiceLift IR mic system. Marketed centrally for K-12 classroom use, the VoiceLift system has no problems with the DTV changeover, and there are no worries concerning unauthorized interception since IR is light-of-sight. The technology has matured with the VoiceLift system in that these no longer resemble the clunky old monsters of just a couple of years ago. They easily pick up, and the instructor has a new freedom of movement that was impossible with IR microphone systems before. With the DTV transition, there has been a definite shift in interest toward IR mic systems, and the buzz around this part of Extron’s booth is an indicator.

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