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We Built This City

When I read about what’s happening in Songdo, South Korea, Starship’s “We Built This City” ran through my head. But what’s happening there has less to do with rock and roll and more about grid intelligence, major grid intelligence. In a recent article in Business Standard, it reported on how the city is being examined for its use of telepresence networking technology and becoming possibly the first intelligent city and working prototype for other cities. Using Cisco‘s telepresence technology, the city plans to incorporate more than 20,000 telepresence units in not just its schools and governmental buildings, but its homes as well. It’s one of the first steps we’ve heard of in a real-world application of residential telepresence. For its part, Cisco will collect a servicing fee (on top of the development costs), securing an ongoing piece of the profit pie. Smart for the city and smart for Cisco.


Inner Ear Solutions iTinnitus Solutions 1.1

itinitusUsing validated sound-therapy techniques applied to dynamic tinnitus tracking, iTinnitus Solutions can improve the degree of perceived tinnitus. It helps users pinpoint the frequencies of their tinnitus. Once done, the frequencies can be tracked on a graph and emailed to a specialist or insurance company. The program also uses that dynamic information to guide users on how to mask and even inhibit the irritating noise they experience so they can find periods of quiet relief.

As a tinnitus sufferer himself, Dr. Robin LeBlanc created iTinnitus Solutions to help the many people who seek help for the affliction. The doctor has put the sound-therapy package into a private application that users can take advantage of anytime from their iPhone or iPod touch. Of course, the application is not recommended as a substitute for a physical exam to rule out medical causes of tinnitus, nor should it be considered a proper hearing exam. Read the rest of this entry »