Studio Six Digital SPL, SPL Meter, RTA

studio_six_splWhile many iPhone software developers try to balance utility and entertainment value, Studio Six Digital has taken a decidedly more serious approach with apps that cater to the engineering side of music production. One that’s very handy is SPL (V. 1.4, $5.99), which is a full-featured decibel meter that uses the iPhone’s built-in mic or an external one. Studio Six Digital also makes the lower-priced SPL Meter (V. 1, $0.99), which is designed to emulate a familiar, budget-priced, analog decibel meter from a popular electronics-store chain.

Another Studio Six Digital product is RTA (V. 1.2, $9.99), a real-time analyzer that has calibration settings for either the iPhone’s built-in mic or an external measurement mic. (It plans to release its own iPhone measurement mic soon.) The company’s other apps include Generator (V. 1.3, $5.99) signal generator and FFT (V. 1.3, $19.99), an audio-analysis tool.

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