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I Am T-Pain

i_am_tpainHave you ever been in church or in the car and thought: “Gee, I could really use Auto-Tune“? No, me neither. But if you can’t get enough of the ubiquitous effect, you can now carry it in your pocket—provided you have an iPhone 3G. Smule I Am T-Pain offers a simplified GUI for auto-tuning your voice live and even comes bundled with T-Pain tracks to sing along with. The results can be recorded and then shared via MySpace, Facebook or email all for $2.99. Purchase directly from the iTunes store.

Are your images cover worthy?

005svcFCOver here at SVC, we’re thrilled when we run into amazing installation art we can put on the cover. We pride ourselves on being able to send you a cover that’s exceptional. And it’s not without working our sources to get this done. It’s easy to think that just because everyone owns a digital camera nowadays that they’re a photographer, but before you press that shoot button too quickly, here’s some things to think about if you’re aiming for cover-quality material. Afterall, having your installation on the cover of SVC is a great marketing tool for your business. So take heed:

1. Take vertical images. Probably 90 percent of the time, we receive horizontal images. Naturally, when you’re looking at a space, you move your eyes across the room from left to right, but try some tightly focused vertical images.

2. Format: Send EPS, TIF, or JPG. Web-only formats like GIFs and PNGs won’t be big enough, which leads to the next step: Read the rest of this entry »