for the iPad, a developer and provider of web-based enterprise resource management tools designed to automate and streamline production planning, financial management and event operations for the entertainment, broadcast and digital content creation markets, is now compatible with the Apple iPad. The DisplayMgr interface brings resource, asset, facilities, and service management information from the company’s suite of applications to the iPad, offering a portable option for on-location productions and allowing users to access the tool from anywhere at any time. The iPad app also allows users to review and manage budgets and schedules in realtime from conference rooms, studios, and stage productions.

DisplayMgr turns the 0.5in.-thick, 1.5lb. iPad into an essential portable production device with the scheduling management tools, allowing technicians to clock in and out, know what task is happening where, at what time. It shows mission-specific information including the scheduling of resources, equipment, and facilities.

The company also offers CrewMgr, FacilityMgr, JourneyMgr, VenueMgr, and VendorMgr.

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