RTI RTiPanel for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

RTIPanelApp_iPad_MusicServer-largeAvailable in Q4, 2010, the new RTiPanel app from Remote Technologies (RTI) will allow users to control RTI’s XP series of remote processors—including the flagship XP-8 and upcoming XP-3 and XP-6—and all connected electronic systems from virtually anywhere in the world using an apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Offering customiztion via the company’s Integration Designer software, RTiPanel will allow integrators to apply a style to the Apple interface that is similar to that of an RTI handheld or in-wall controller, so that users may enjoy the same familiar look across all interfaces, including their Apple devices.

Multiple licensing options for controlling the XP-8, XP-6, and XP-3 include LAN licensing for local RTI system control, and Internet licensing for system control from virtually anywhere. Pricing for the licensing options will be announced when the app is released later this year.

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