Alcorn McBride LightingPad

alcorn-lighting-pad-rgbThe LightingPad iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app from Alcorn McBride is designed for controlling lighting for small shows or for installing and testing lighting systems and to program Alcorn McBride’s LightCuePro.

Available from the Apple App Store for $9.99, the LightingPad controls 512 channels of DMX and stores up to 100 cues with independent fade times. With the Art-Net DMX-over- Ethernet protocol it can automatically search and display any Art-Net device. For the iPhone and iPod Touch, the horizontal screen displays the slider view; users may flick left or right to display more channels. Rotating the iPhone or iPod Touch vertically will bring up a scrolling list of 100 cues. Touching “Save� names the cue and memorizes fade time and slider positions, while pressing the “Go� button allows a user to run through cues in the cue list from a single button.

The iPad version includes all the features of the iPhone version; all sliders and cue lists fit on the iPad screen. The iPad version also has the ability to assign and edit slider names and can copy cue lists to and from iTunes for backup and storage.

Read the full announcement in The Briefing Room

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