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True Story: Upgrading to Blu-ray

When I last left you, I recounted how we finally upgraded our old tube television for a sleek Panasonic plasma. We still can’t get over the size and the picture quality, especially watching our pre-season Chiefs football games. Just to remind ourselves how good we’ve got it, we’ll click over to the non-HD channels and then pick our jaws up off the floor. We know now what we’ve been missing out on all these years. Read the rest of this entry »

LiteTouch iPhone App

litetouchScheduled to be available Sept. 23, LiteTouch‘s new iPhone app allows homeowners to use their iPhone to control their lighting, HVAC, security, window blinds, AV and other home systems that are integrated into their LiteTouch FIVEk lighting control and automation system.

The app will allow homeowners to activate any button of any LiteTouch keypad in their home. It will also allow them to assign and quickly access “My Favoriteâ€? functions; get the status of any lighting load; remotely adjust light levels; and activate other integrated automation systems. Read the rest of this entry »

True Story: First Flatscreen

My husband and I bought our first flatscreen just last month. It’s a 46in. 1080p Panasonic plasma. It replaces our old reliable and still working 27in. Toshiba my husband purchased back in 1998, before we even had met. We had been holding out on purchasing a flatscreen until prices came down and for technology to develop. But when we moved into our new house in April, we both had a new flatscreen at the top of our to-buy list (along with a sectional, appliances, and a new dining table—it’s been an expensive few months), especially since our new house is a modern open-concept floorplan. Our great room has a soaring ceiling, and although our 27in. had really seen us through, it looked diminutive in such a grand space. We need something bigger, sleeker, and shiny like the rest of our new house, something that went with our dark hardwood floors. Read the rest of this entry »

Zigbee RF4CE Update

LG and Toshiba have joined the ranks of the ZigBee RF4CE (Radio Frequency For Consumer Electronics) Alliance steering committee. These companies join ranks with Panasonic, Phillips, Sony, and Samsung, which originally developed the alliance in 2009 to jointly create a specification standard. This new standard uses ultralow power that last years not hours via radio chips, making it a green option to send simple data such as TV remote commands. Read the rest of this entry »

Royal Projection

projection-studio-nfa-nfa-logoaThe Projection Studio created a 90-minute video show featuring archival World War I and II footage charting the history of The Not Forgotten Association for projection at Buckingham Palace.

Using eight Christie 18K HD projectors and an OnlyView control system server, the show formed a fully immersive wraparound projection onto all four walls, with a stage at one end, and the ceiling of the palace ballroom. Read the rest of this entry »