Royal Projection

projection-studio-nfa-nfa-logoaThe Projection Studio created a 90-minute video show featuring archival World War I and II footage charting the history of The Not Forgotten Association for projection at Buckingham Palace.

Using eight Christie 18K HD projectors and an OnlyView control system server, the show formed a fully immersive wraparound projection onto all four walls, with a stage at one end, and the ceiling of the palace ballroom.

Ross Ashton from The Projection Studio had to deal with several challenges to make the projection work in the room. Eight enormous chandeliers grace the room, all of which cause huge shadowing problems for projectors, and there are almost no flat surfaces around the room.

To combat this, the images on the two long walls were created from two projectors positioned at each end of each wall, cross-focused and blended back into the center of the walls. The other four projectors were pointing upwards at 50 degrees, almost vertical, and cross-shooting onto the ceiling, positioned and focused to minimize the chandelier shadows. All machines were fitted with short-throw lenses.

The crew had 13 hours the day before the show, and another 13 hours on show day itself before the performance started to rig this intricate system.

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