Zigbee RF4CE Update

LG and Toshiba have joined the ranks of the ZigBee RF4CE (Radio Frequency For Consumer Electronics) Alliance steering committee. These companies join ranks with Panasonic, Phillips, Sony, and Samsung, which originally developed the alliance in 2009 to jointly create a specification standard. This new standard uses ultralow power that last years not hours via radio chips, making it a green option to send simple data such as TV remote commands.

The ZigBee RF4CE standard will replace the old infrared remotes that we all grew up with. No longer will you have to aim your remote at your TV, set-top box, or home theater controller to change stations, set up record and play on your DVR, raise or lower volume, etc. As radio goes through cabinets, walls, and floors, you can hide the set-top box away and control your entertainment system from anywhere in your home.

ZigBee RF4CE provides two-way communication and supports interactivity. The new RF4CE remotes can support a view screen so that you don’t have to watch the TV screen to see what you are adjusting—you can monitor the changes on the remote’s viewscreen.

In addition to remote controls, ZigBee RF4CE can be used for a variety of other smart home and entertainment applications as well. The same remote can also be used to control the home’s lighting, heating and air conditioning, security systems, energy use, etc.

Learn more about RF4CE at www.zigbee.org.

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