True Story: Upgrading to Blu-ray

When I last left you, I recounted how we finally upgraded our old tube television for a sleek Panasonic plasma. We still can’t get over the size and the picture quality, especially watching our pre-season Chiefs football games. Just to remind ourselves how good we’ve got it, we’ll click over to the non-HD channels and then pick our jaws up off the floor. We know now what we’ve been missing out on all these years.

Now we’re almost ready to jump aboard the Blu-ray ship—almost literally. When we purchased our flatscreen, we still weren’t sold on Blu-ray (we already had a lot of money invested in DVDs), but a trip to our neighborhood Target changed all that. We often peruse the DVDs for good deals, but that day, we looked at prices on flatscreens there to see if we could have found a better deal. (We didn’t.) I was already walking away when my husband called me back over to one particular flatscreen. Reading the specs (I can’t recall now if it was an LED or LCD), I couldn’t understand why he was glued to the TV.

“Look at what’s playing,� he said.

It took me a minute to figure out it was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl because the footage looked like something you would see on an History Channel reenactment. (It was the scene where dear old dad Governor Weatherby Swann has just shoved the undead hand into the drawer and it’s wrestling to get out.) It didn’t look like a movie with special effects. It looked like I was watching live action. It was a profound “Ah, ha!� moment for both of us.

Watching a movie this way is a departure from how I’m used to seeing them, and I think it’ll take some adjusting to get to used to watching Blu-rays now that we’ve decided to make the upgrade. The crisp look was so vastly different that the viewing experience is changed.

I’m not sure we can fully commit to buying and watching everything in Blu-ray just yet (having an SD viewing experience might be a welcome thing from time to time). Instead, we’re heeding Jason Bovberg’s advice and having a mix of DVDs and Blu-rays, picking and choosing what we should buy in Blu-ray and buying a when it’s a good deal.

We’re on the hunt for a Blu-ray player, but unfortunately after my husband saw a preview of the Mafia II videogame, I’m certain we’ll end up with a PlayStation 3.

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