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Poll: 3D Training

Will you invest in 3D training?

  • No. 3D needs more time before I'll invest. (67%, 4 Votes)
  • Yes. It's important to be ready for the next feature set of video. (33%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

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Kramer Matrix

kramer-matrix-iphone-app-1Kramer Electronics has announced the new Kramer Matrix iPhone app (free), which is a product search engine to locate Kramer’s products. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Watch: Inside NSCA

Host: Chuck Wilson, executive director of NSCA
In Chuck Wilson’s most recent post from Sept. 14, 2010, titled “$*IT Contracts…â€?, he hypothesizes that much of recent “ridiculousâ€? contracting language he has seen is coming from IT. He examines how the interplay with IT departments has intermingled IT and AV business models, but with no appreciation for AV’s historically traditional contracts. The language in these contracts often leaves AV companies vulnerable to shouldering the entire cost of the transaction should anything go awry, including the client walking away from the project. Read the rest of this entry »

InfoComm Report: Telemedicine and AV

Despite a wobbly economy, the U.S. health care sector has seen increasing demand, resulting in doctor shortages and longer wait times at offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms. Older people, with a higher incidence of injury and illness, will become a higher percentage of the population between 2010 and 2018. Read the rest of this entry »

Crestron iPaneL

Crestron iPaneL

Crestron iPaneL

Crestron has introduced the iPaneL, a glossy black sheath for the iPad that adds tactile buttons for quick access to functions such as volume up/down, mute, and channel guide navigation.

Designed for use with Crestron’s Mobile Pro G control app ($99.99, available now), the iPaneL is lightweight and comes with a charging docking station. The company claims future models will feature streaming media.

SIM 3 Training and System Design Seminars Coming to Europe

Pearson_seminar_009_hiProfessional audio expert Bob McCarthy—whose book Sound Systems: Design And Optimization has recently reached 10,000 copies in sales—will bring his four-day seminar SIM 3 Training and System Design to the European cities of Vilnius, London, and Berlin this month. Read the rest of this entry »

Yamaha StageMix

Yamahamixer-screenReleased at PLASA 2010, StageMix is an application for the Apple iPad that allows remote control of M7CL mix functions via a simple, intuitive graphic interface from anywhere within wireless range. The application enables the engineer to set up monitor mixes from a performer’s position on stage directly controlling mix parameters via the iPad. To run StageMix on an iPad, a wireless connection from the iPad to a WIFI access point and an Ethernet connection from the WIFI access point to M7CLv3 is required. Initial M7CLv3 controllable parameters scheduled to be implemented in StageMix are Sends on Faders, Input Channel Faders, Input Channel On/Off, Input Channel Parametric EQs, Input Channel Cue, Mix Master Faders, Mix Bus On/Off, Mix Bus Parametric EQs, Mix Bus Cue, Last Cue/Mix Cue Mode, and Clear All Cues. Graphic EQs will be available in a subsequent version. Display only parameters implemented are Input Channel Names, Input Channel Meters, Mix/Matrix Bus Names, Mix Bus Meters, EQ Input Meter, and EQ Output Meter. The app will be available this fall for free through the Apple App Store.
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Lutron Home Application

lutronappIntended for the residential environment is the Lutron Home Application, an iPhone/iPod Touch app that interfaces with the RadioRA 2 system to provide control over lights and shades. Available for free in the Apple App Store, the Lutron Home Application allows homeowners, via RadioRA 2′s Away Mode feature, to automatically turn lights on and off while they’re away to simulate occupancy and deter breakins. The company is also working to develop an iPad version of the app, which it says is coming soon.

WallWizard ControlWand

ControlWand App_iPhoneAt CEDIA Expo, WallWizard released its ControlWand app, a software application that permits remote control operation of the brand’s motorized mounts from Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone via Wi-Fi, and smartphones via Bluetooth. WallWizard’s Control System is a two-piece solution that consists of the brand’s proprietary ControlWand software application and a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth accessory. ControlWand allows the user to toggle among Auto, Manual, and Gyro Modes. In the Auto mode, the mount can detect whether the TV is on or off, and move the mount up and down or left and right (depending on the type of WallWizard mount). It will be available in the fourth quarter for $9.99, and a a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth accessory will be available from authorized dealers for $119.99.
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