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AV Sustainability Taskforce

greenleaf_50At InfoComm 2010, a sustainability rating system for AV and electronic systems will be announced. It is the product of work done by the Green AV Task Force and the current AV Sustainability Task Force.

In 2009, the InfoComm board of directors authorized the creation of a Green AV Task Force. The mission of the group was to create a body of green AV knowledge and associated best practices. While a lot of good work was performed, the group was unable to meet its mandate because there was/is no generally accepted definition of what a green AV system is, and there is no clear way to measure or compare a green AV installation against a standard nongreen AV system.

As a result, the InfoComm board of directors has decided to de-emphasize the association’s pursuit of LEED innovation points for green AV and instead create its own AV sustainability rating system.


Look for the Green Leaf

greenleaf_200We’re starting something new here at SVC: We’re making it easier to find green AV resources on our website. First, we’re adding the green leaf image you see on the right to all our green-related stories. This is a visual indicator that you’ve struck green. We’re also collating all these articles in one place: In this blog, you can find green content by clicking the Green AV Category on the right in the list of categories. Find the category “Green/Sustainable” over at The Briefing Room for products and news in this arena. Keep checking back as this topic continues to grow for the AV industry.

Green Projector

greenleaf_50GreenSlim_WebsiteOne of the most power-hungry, resource-intensive, and waste-generating products in our industry is the projector lamp. Now Casio has taken a baby step toward a lampless future: The company has introduced a projector with a new solid-state light source.

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Green AV Award Winners

greenleaf_50At the Green AV 2010 InfoComm Academy session (1.5 renewal units), the 2010 Green AV Award winners Christie Digital; AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions; and Scott Walker, CTS-D, LEED AP, Waveguide Consulting, will present their projects and products as case studies, introducing sustainability concepts for audiovisual systems and businesses. Following the presentation, you’ll be able to ask the award winners questions.

Wednesday, June 9
12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., Room N252