Archive for the ‘Mobile Apps’ Category for the iPad, a developer and provider of web-based enterprise resource management tools designed to automate and streamline production planning, financial management and event operations for the entertainment, broadcast and digital content creation markets, is now compatible with the Apple iPad. The DisplayMgr interface brings resource, asset, facilities, and service management information from the company’s suite of applications to the iPad, offering a portable option for on-location productions and allowing users to access the tool from anywhere at any time. The iPad app also allows users to review and manage budgets and schedules in realtime from conference rooms, studios, and stage productions. Read the rest of this entry »

Savant iPad App

SavantiPad-L-Party_ClimateSavant’s iPad App supports all the capabilities of Savant’s suite of touchpanels, as well as additional interactive features. Designed for automation control for residential, commercial, education, and government applications, the app offers a navigation bar to switch between rooms, systems, and subsystems; a central UI for active services; and user-defined backgrounds and categories. The company also offers in-wall and tabletop iPad docks to charge the device’s battery while controlling the home. The app is now available at the Apple App Store for $4.99.

Apple iPad and iPhone Encoding from Digital Rapids

flux_6510_with_stream_rgbWith the new version of Digital Rapids’ Stream encoding and live streaming software, users get enhanced iPad and iPhone encoidng, script command insertion, option caption overlay, and Vobile VideoDNA fingerprinting support.

Designed for use with Digital Rapids’ StreamZ, StreamZHD, and DRC-Stream encoding solutions, version 3.3 expands the functionality and flexibility of the optional iPhone encoding and segmenting module with enhanced support for the iPad; increased control of encoding and output parameters; support for audio-only streams with associated image files; and parallel output to multiple servers or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for redundancy.

Read the full anouncement in the Briefing Room

Pioneer VSX-1120-K with iControlAV

iControlAVRapp_OVERVIEWPioneer’s new VSX-1120-K AV receiver ($799) will work with the free iControlAV iPhone app to offer home audiophiles complete control from the palm of their hand. The app has controls for master and per-zone volume, and room calibration, and it uses the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer controls to control balance and emphasis—no confusing sequence of remote buttons to remember, just tilt and maneuver your Apple portable device until the sound is right where you want it.

I Am T-Pain

i_am_tpainHave you ever been in church or in the car and thought: “Gee, I could really use Auto-Tune“? No, me neither. But if you can’t get enough of the ubiquitous effect, you can now carry it in your pocket—provided you have an iPhone 3G. Smule I Am T-Pain offers a simplified GUI for auto-tuning your voice live and even comes bundled with T-Pain tracks to sing along with. The results can be recorded and then shared via MySpace, Facebook or email all for $2.99. Purchase directly from the iTunes store.

Studio Six Digital SPL, SPL Meter, RTA

studio_six_splWhile many iPhone software developers try to balance utility and entertainment value, Studio Six Digital has taken a decidedly more serious approach with apps that cater to the engineering side of music production. One that’s very handy is SPL (V. 1.4, $5.99), which is a full-featured decibel meter that uses the iPhone’s built-in mic or an external one. Studio Six Digital also makes the lower-priced SPL Meter (V. 1, $0.99), which is designed to emulate a familiar, budget-priced, analog decibel meter from a popular electronics-store chain. Read the rest of this entry »

Touch Panel Control TPControl

amx-category-ipadTouch Panel Control has updated its TPControl home-automation app for use with the Apple iPad. Designed to interface with AMX system platforms, TPControl offers realtime touch control of AV systems, lighting, shades, and room temperatures. It connects as a native AMX device to an AMX NetLinx Master to ensure easy integration. Users can start a 21-day free trial from the App store after requesting a trial token from the Touch Panel Control website; only AMX dealers and distributors can buy the full version from the company.

Inner Ear Solutions iTinnitus Solutions 1.1

itinitusUsing validated sound-therapy techniques applied to dynamic tinnitus tracking, iTinnitus Solutions can improve the degree of perceived tinnitus. It helps users pinpoint the frequencies of their tinnitus. Once done, the frequencies can be tracked on a graph and emailed to a specialist or insurance company. The program also uses that dynamic information to guide users on how to mask and even inhibit the irritating noise they experience so they can find periods of quiet relief.

As a tinnitus sufferer himself, Dr. Robin LeBlanc created iTinnitus Solutions to help the many people who seek help for the affliction. The doctor has put the sound-therapy package into a private application that users can take advantage of anytime from their iPhone or iPod touch. Of course, the application is not recommended as a substitute for a physical exam to rule out medical causes of tinnitus, nor should it be considered a proper hearing exam. Read the rest of this entry »

McDSP Retro Recorder

retro_recorderRetro Recorder has been updated with new features including stereo recording capability and a high-quality (44.1kHz) recording mode. The updates are free to existing Retro Recorder customers, and new customers may purchase it for $0.99.

Retro Recorder features distortion-free audio zoom-in capability, geared for meetings, dictations, interviews, voice memos, and music recording. The patent-pending Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology improves recording quality beyond what can be had with handheld recorders. Recorded files can be exported individually or in batches. Exported files can then be downloaded to a PC or Mac using a Wi-Fi network.

The app supports iPhone and second-generation iPod touch. An external mic is required on a second-generation iPod Touch.

SSL DV Gravity Web Mobile

ssl-dv-gravity-web-mobile-browser_infocomm-2010This week at InfoComm, booth N2919, Solid State Logic’s SSL DV division is showing its new Gravity Web Mobile app that provides smartphone users with access to the entire Gravity archive and production management solution. It allows users to search, browse, play, and bookmark clips remotely, as well as import clips from the phone to the Gravity system. Read the full release in The Briefing Room.