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Rebroadcast of InfoComm 2010′s Keynote

Weren’t able to attend InfoComm’s 2010 Keynote this year? You can find the rebroadcast of the Cisco’s Marthin De Beer’s presentation here.

Session: Campus-wide IP Video Delivery

Next week, industry colleagues will present “Campus-wide IP Video Delivery” at the at the Association of Higher Education Campus Television Administrators  (AHECTA) Annual Conference in Minneapolis. Presenters include Scott Katzenoff, Haivision Network Video’s vice president of U.S. commercial sales; Rick Brown, network systems engineer at North Carolina State University; Jonathan Graves, business and technology application technician at University of North Carolina Wilmington; and Bruce Myers, business and technology analyst at University of North Carolina Wilmington. Scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on June 17, the hour-long session will examine strategies for distributing HD across campuses cost-effectively with IP video delivery technology. Read more at The Briefing Room

SSL DV Gravity Web Mobile

ssl-dv-gravity-web-mobile-browser_infocomm-2010This week at InfoComm, booth N2919, Solid State Logic’s SSL DV division is showing its new Gravity Web Mobile app that provides smartphone users with access to the entire Gravity archive and production management solution. It allows users to search, browse, play, and bookmark clips remotely, as well as import clips from the phone to the Gravity system. Read the full release in The Briefing Room.

BidMagic Project Calendar Connects with Smartphone Calendars

BidMagicCalendarGroupiphoneBidMagic is showing its updated Schedule and Dispatch Center at InfoComm this week. The Project Calendar integrates with smartphones via Outlook Exchange to allow project managers, installation crews, and service techs to access crucial timeline information in the field. Check it out at booth C4126 if you’re at the show.

We’re Blogging at InfoComm

SVC blogs live at InfoComm 2010

Not attending InfoComm this year? Or maybe you are and want an extra dollop of tradeshow news? Be sure to check out our BlogLive at InfoComm. We’ll be posting news from the show as well as giving you our take on happenings. You can also check out the latest product news announcements from the show at The Briefing Room.

Road to InfoComm Newsletters

Miss our Road to InfoComm enewsletters in your inbox? You can still catch up and get all the InfoComm preshow goodness by clicking on the links below:

May 19: EdTech Summit at InfoComm

May 25: Digital Signage and 3D Education Tracks

June 2: The Green Issue

AV Sustainability Taskforce

greenleaf_50At InfoComm 2010, a sustainability rating system for AV and electronic systems will be announced. It is the product of work done by the Green AV Task Force and the current AV Sustainability Task Force.

In 2009, the InfoComm board of directors authorized the creation of a Green AV Task Force. The mission of the group was to create a body of green AV knowledge and associated best practices. While a lot of good work was performed, the group was unable to meet its mandate because there was/is no generally accepted definition of what a green AV system is, and there is no clear way to measure or compare a green AV installation against a standard nongreen AV system.

As a result, the InfoComm board of directors has decided to de-emphasize the association’s pursuit of LEED innovation points for green AV and instead create its own AV sustainability rating system.


True Story

My husband and I moved into our new house almost two months ago. We watched it be built from the ground up and we couldn’t be prouder. I’m sorry to say there’s almost no networking in our house with the exception of our WLAN. But this house isn’t as dumb as its older bretheren. When our contractor told us about the smoke/fire alarm sytem that was being installed, I was pretty excited. The system is tied into the house’s electrical and “networked” together. So if one goes off, they all go off so as to alert the entire house and hopefully get to safety in the event of a fire. I liked the sound of it after years of living in an apartment with detectors with questionable detection skills (would it really wake us? would it detect smoke fast enough?). But what sounds good verbally, doesn’t necessarily sound good at 3:30 in the morning when the alarms are going off all over your house.

There was no smoke. There was no fire. And considering that the detectors were brand-new with brand-new batteries, it most likely wasn’t the battery (although for safety’s sake we did test each detector). Adding fuel to the fire, we had no idea which detector was the faulty one—the one initiating the alert. Although I like the idea of a whole-house alert in the event of fire, how do you troubleshoot when there’s no intelligence behind the system? Not only were we uncertain of which detector to check, but what was the source of the problem? I wanted my alert system to go one step farther and be part of a network where I can see how each of these units were functioning, where battery life can be monitoried and notices sent out when it’s time to replace them, and most of all, I wanted to know the source of the problem since it wasn’t the battery.

I didn’t tell you that my husband and I own tools, but they’re just for looks. We can feel our way around a network (we are, after all, Generation Y and Xers) but beyond that, carpentry and electrical work, it’s a lost art. “What do we do now?” we asked ourselves. The only solution was checking each one individually. After taking apart each detector, we found the problem child and discovered that it wasn’t the battery; it was the wiring. I had to shake my head. An almost-intelligent system is worse than a dumb one. In fact, I later read forum posts that told of homeowners ripping out these systems and replacing them with battery-operated versions (if they replaced them at all). There’s a lot of lost potential there, not to mention the risk to safety.

At InfoComm 2010, on Thursday, June 10, register for the “AV in the Life Safety Market” InfoComm Academy Training from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (2RUs) with presenter Barry Luz in room N258.

Green AV Award Winners

greenleaf_50At the Green AV 2010 InfoComm Academy session (1.5 renewal units), the 2010 Green AV Award winners Christie Digital; AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions; and Scott Walker, CTS-D, LEED AP, Waveguide Consulting, will present their projects and products as case studies, introducing sustainability concepts for audiovisual systems and businesses. Following the presentation, you’ll be able to ask the award winners questions.

Wednesday, June 9
12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., Room N252